It’s the 2nd of April and my husband is still pulling April Fool’s pranks on me. LOL. I can’t with his silliness. Here to blow our fashionable minds with today’s Style Diary feature is the bodacious black beauty of Blogaholic 88. Meet Melody… Continue reading “Style Diary: Melody of Blingaholic 88”


I’m having a moment this week. But what always puts me in a good mood is this Style Diary segment. Thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to express interest and others who have responded to my bugging emails; I have garnered a handful of diverse stylistas to keep your Thursdays spicy here on ABY. So stay tuned! For a chance to be featured, email Today’s fashion killer is none other than the sizzling London-based Olivia of Olivia Gold. I stumbled upon Tumblr over a year ago and she was sooo good, I just had to get her to spare a few moments for ABY! Here’s what she had to divulge: Continue reading “Style Diary: Olivia T of Olivia Gold”

Style Diary is a weekly feature on ABY which offers different bloggers from different walks of life and serves to introduce us to new bloggers and new style inspirations 😉 Interested in a feature? Please email for details. Today’s Style Diary is the very sexy Spaniard Isabel who is repping for London! Offering its easy and effortless style with no care in the world. This is what she had to divulge me in:  Continue reading “Style Diary: Isabel S of Un-Likely”

It’s Friday and celebrating my kick-off into the weekend with a Style Diary of the very elegant and beautiful Priscilla of Prissy Savvy. The Style Diary segment throws more light on the fashion & style dos and don’ts of fashion bloggers on the scene. It’s also a way to introduce your blog to new audiences. If you’d love to be featured on Style Diary, please email for details! 

But first, let’s get to know Prissy: Continue reading “Style Diary – Priscilla A of Prissy Savvy”

Today’s Style Diary is QUEEN and I can’t get enoughg of her portraits. Check out Paola Mathe’s diary:

ABY: Give us a little bio stats

My name is Paola. I’m originally from Haiti. I used to be an executive in hospitality management. I have opened, managed, and operated hotels and restaurants in NYC, but recently, I decided to quit my day job to only focus on the creative side of me. My hobbies include hiking, hula hooping, reading, blogging, traveling, hosting fun/lavish gatherings, and always learning new things. I am now the creative director/owner of Fanm Djanm, a headwrap line  and movement to empower and inspire women around the world. The line is about dreamers and doers. Fanm Djanm means strong woman in my Kreyol language, and that’s what the brand advocates. It’s a celebration of strong women everywhere.

ABY: How would you describe your style and what influences your style?

My style is influenced by my Haitian background, African culture, and various cities around the world I’ve visited and dream of visiting. I love colors and mixing patterns, prints, textures, and cultures. My eyes always fall on things that most people don’t bring attention to. I love looking at older African women in their traditional gears in Harlem. I love staring into the sky at colorful balloons floating above my head. And I love old buildings and architecture. I fall into a daydream whenever I’m out, and that’s where I get my style. It’s all over the place. From sequins, to leather, to basics, to African prints, stripes, and florals. And I love vintage!


ABY: I can tell. You look good in them! Your favourite high end and high street brands?

I’m not sure because I would always say a favorite thing is something I’ve already tried, and I have not been able to afford any of these things yet. I have two great DVF (Diane Von Furtenberg) dresses I scored from consignment boutiques, and I’m in love with them. So I would say, she’s definitely up there. Her dresses are classics, and they will never leave my closet until I have a daughter, and she starts stealing from me like I used to do to my mom. I’m pretty sure very soon, I’ll have a beautiful Chanel purse. To me Chanel screams class, femininity, and chicness. Although I don’t always appear chic or feminine, but I love the classic purse. I also want a (statement) Louboutin shoe. Yes, I do! Everything else to me is either too expensive or tries too hard. 


ABY: If you had the power to, which one fashion store would you wipe out from the face of this earth and why??? 

Maybe the ones that make a fortune and force humans to work in poor conditions. All of those would be wiped off and their owners would be exiled to an island where THEY would do all the hard labor and see what it feels like to treat another person like crap. But it seems like most fashion brands already do that.. So does that mean, I should just hire personal tailors for my clothes? Maybe… In due time! 

ABY: You make a good point! What do you splurge on?

Cosmetics! I love good makeup! I’m obsessed with lipsticks. I would pay $50 for a good lipstick if I think it’s worth it. I splurge on food and having a good time. I’ve spent $50 on a good hula hoop before too. I want an LED one, and that one costs over $100, I’m pretty sure I’ll get it soon.

ABY: I can tell you now that it’s worth it. You look amazing! Which brings me on to my next question. You look flawless. Any beauty secrets or tips you’d like to share. Favourite make-up brands and all that.

Ahhhh! Flawless is a stretch! I use mostly natural products on my skin and hair now. African black soap, different oils and butters. But I love the Clinique super hydrating face lotion. I’ve been using it for years. I love Chanel, MUFE, MAC, Nars makeup!

ABY: I added this one because your hair is on point FAB! Share with us any natural tips you’ve got. Your favourite products and go to styles 😉

Well, now that I’m doing a #30dayheadwrapchallenge. That’s my go to! But I love the high puff and pinning my hair up. I say go with a good leave-in (I love Kinky Kurly Knot Today) for my hair, and some good oils. I love the Haitian brand Kreyol Essence for castor oil and Pomad Kreyol. Check them out!

 ABY: What fragrance are you loving at the moment?

I have a collection of Chanel perfumes I rotate around. My favorite of them is Chance.

 ABY: Your favourite music tracks right now…? 

I’m all about Azonto ( I think I’m a Naija at heart), Belo and Emeline Michel (Haitian artists). I have them on REPEAT!

ABY: Aren’t we all? LOL. Your favourite trends currently? 

My favorite trends? I’m not really sure what’s trending. But if pastels, fringe, florals, African prints, and bright lips are… then those are my current favorite trends because well, they’re always my favorite trends. I wear them no matter what!


ABY: The trends I just don’t get are…

The long pointy nails. I just don’t know about those… I don’t care how feminine the nail polish is, it still reminds me of witches’ hands, which is cool if girls want to look like witches. You can be a hot witch! Go ‘head girl. 

 ABY: I am so guilty, haha! Your ultimate fashion no-nos are…

I guess I would say no to panty lines. And I don’t like seeing bras worn with backless clothing. And it’s all about wearing clothes that FITS! I don’t like when girls fidget too much because they purchased something they clearly can’t fit into, and they’re uncomfortable the whole time they’re out. Being comfortable is the sexiest thing. 

 ABY: I concur about fitting. Very necessary.Your top 5 wardrobe must-haves. 

-Leather jacket


-boyfriend jeans

-pretty wrap dress

-statement necklace…

Do I only have to choose five? No? OK, I’ll add

-vintage hats

-maxi skirts

-and dresses, denim shirts and dresses, and platform shoes.  

ABY: Your best fashion buy EVER…

I got this awesome green and gold sequined jacket from the Goodwill in Austin texas, and it’s so(ooo) cool! And it only cost me about $9! I freakin’ love good deals! I don’t know if that’s EVER! But I can’t think of anything else at the moment. 

ABY: Your fashion icons…

Definitely Solange Knowles (without a doubt), Grace Jones (for her awesome hats), my mother when she used to be the life of the party in Haiti, and old stylish ladies I see randomly on the street. They make me think of how fabulous I can be even when I’m much older. 



ABY: Your favourite quote/saying 

“Anpil men chay pa lou.” Old Haitian proverb that means “many hands lighten the load.”

ABY: Stay in touch! Your contact info

Blog –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Site –

 I think she’s flawlessly and effortlessly stylish. Serve Paola. I need all of her jewellery.

What do you think?

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Hey ABYers, I’m finally back from my holidays/honeymoon 😦 As sad as I am to have left the blissful haven that is Spain, I couldn’t wait to restore life to my blog. Helping me do that today is the ever hot Miss Fauzia or as we all know her on Instagram, Ms_Fawwie. With over 25K followers on Instagram, I just had to tap Miss Fawwie for my Style Diary slot. She is very sweet and obliged. We had  a lovely chat on Whatsapp a couple week ago and here’s what the bombshell had to say about her slamming style.

Hi there doll! Tell us a little bit more about yourself…

My name is Fauzia Abdulkadir. I’m a Kenyan Somali. I’m a Somatologist by profession which means I’m into health and skin care.



ABY: Good thing you’re a skin care expert.I was just about to ask what’s your skin care routine? You skin looks flawless!

I use Kiehl’s dermatologist solution, it’s simply the best. Clears and corrects dark spots from acne and hyper pigmentation. I use the whole range!

ABY: Oh I’ve sampled Kiehl’s once. The face scrub. It felt great. What’s your beauty routine?

My favourite routine is mask. I love any hydrating mask as it helps restore moisture into the skin.

ABY: Who are your favourite designers ?

Allegra Versace, Pierre Cardin, Vera Wang

ABY: What about high street brands?

No high street faves! I can’t think of any now :/


ABY: What would you describe your style as?

Classy mixed with trendy.

ABY: Well said, with a hint of sexy too. Hehehe 😉 What do you splurge on? Your big spenders.

Shoes & bags! 

ABY: I can’t resist a good pair too. Shoes for me definitely.

ABY: What trends are you loving at the moment?

SUITS! I need to get one in shorts. Lol. Ladylike and floral.I also love shirt dresses. Champagne colours. 

ABY: Yea those are definitely hot. Pastels are my top ones.

Yeah pastels for me too. *Great minds 😉

ABY: True dat! What are your top 5 must haves?

-Pencil dresses in plain colours


-Pigalles 😉

-A plain black clutch bag

-and a wig 😉

ABY: ROTFL. I can’t…

Hahahaha! That always saves me though 😉 LOL

ABY: I have been there trust me. What is your ultimate fashion no no?

That’s a tricky one. Mixing gold and silver was a no no but for the past 5 years it’s been a yes for me. As well as them jelly shoes from back in the day. But I love them now.

ABY: Jelly shoes? I’ll have to look those up…

(Fawwie sends image link)

ABY: Oh these shoes…Hmmm.I can’t pull these off. Who’s your fashion inspiration/icon?

Solangeee! I love her.

ABY: What’s your best buy ever?






ABY: Nothing tops that. Stay in touch! Where can we keep up with Fawwie?

Find me on Facebook and Instagram @fawwie_for_you

Thanks Fauzia for this lovely chat.

It was such a pleasure. As for your style rating…10/10.

What did you think guys?


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Stay tuned for my holiday snaps!

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All the Met Gala drama is simmering down, my bday is come and gone, it’s not Friday yet…but don’t fret, there’s still a lot to look forward to! Let’s pick up where we left off with a hot Style Diary from the beautiful Naja Diamond. I’ve been a fan of her work and was so elated when she was down for an ABY collaboration. Let’s get into Naja’s style dos and donts.

ABY: Hi there! Tell us about yourself.

Hi I’m Naja Diamond, a Jersey girl living in the DMV area. I work in the IT field as an Application Developer by day and fashion/beauty blogger by night. I’m a lover of fashion, makeup, family and friends, a major foodie, wannabe wine connoisseur, proud doggie mommy and zombie lover. An interesting fact about me is I’m prior Active Duty Air Force and served one tour in Iraq. I document my fashion journey and style evolution From Combat Boots 2 Stilettos on my fashion/beauty blog


ABY: Wow, what a journey! You must be so proud of yourself for serving your country. What are your dressing styles? What influences your style choices?

I would certainly describe my style as girlie glam mixed with combat chic. I am influenced heavily by street fashion, celebrity style and my mood.

ABY: Fashion wise, Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most?

I have always been a fan of BCBG for their fabulous prints, quality pieces, and bright bold colors. I also love Alexander Wang shoes and clothes for his chic designs and clean lines.

ABY: What do you splurge on?

Shoes, I am a complete shoe freak so I will drop a pretty penny on shoes.
ABY: You have the best skin! Like seriously. Any beauty secrets?

Always, always, always wash your makeup off at night. Also spend some time getting down a good skincare routine. For me, it was after a LOT of money and products I found that good ole Dove soap and water works best for me. I swear by moisturizer and exfoliate like once a week. Also, pick a good moisturizer, for me it is truly essential. It doesn’t have to be super expensive but shop around and pick one that works for your skin. I slather in on at night and wake up with soft, smooth skin. Your face is the first thing someone sees when they meet you so make it a pleasant experience.

ABY: Absolutely. Any stand out make-up brands for you?

I have so many but my favs are MAC foundations and eye shadows and at the drugstore I LOVE Revlon and L’Oreal everything and Maybelline has the BEST lippies/lipglosses.


ABY: Favourite Fashion Magazine.

InStyle mag is my fav with Elle and Marie Claire are a very close second. I love how InStyle does celebrity style, trends to watch, styling tips, Street Style from regular folks like myself (I’ve been featured a few times) styles for under $100 bucks; they have it all.

ABY: I’m a Marie Claire girl at heart myself. What fragrance are you loving at the moment?

I rotate fragrances daily according to my mood and outfit. Lol, I know sounds crazy but if  I’m feeling sweet it’s Jessica Simpson, particularly trendy I like Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, Edgy I wear Lady Gaga Fame, Fabulous and Glam I go for Givenchy or Burberry. Everyday wear I keep a L’Occitane rolling ball perfume, it’s soft and fresh and perfect for work without being overbearing.

ABY: Heels, wedge, pumps, or flats?

Heels, ALWAYS, most of the time I prefer a pump with a platform. I’m only 5’1 in real life, however in my head I’m at least 5’7. lol

ABY: Your favourite music tracks right now…?

Oh wow, this one is hard I don’t think I have a favorite. I love all kinds of music from Beyonce to Lana Del Ray to Macklamore to Juicy J. People might be surprised to know that I REALLY love ratchet rap songs, it’s awful but I’m woman enough to admit that Sage the Gemini’s song ‘Red Nose’ & ‘Gas Pedal’ makes me twerk like Mylie Cyrus, in my head, while driving in the car or at the gym.

ABY: Your favourite trends currently?

I’m loving the MOD trend right now, I have a ton of outfit ideas in my head I want to try and wear for the blog. I’m also really feeling pastels, surprisingly enough. I’ve never really been a fan but this season I’m really enjoying soft, pretty colors.

ABY: Your ultimate fashion no-nos are…

Bed clothes, bedroom slippers and hair rollers outside the house. Also chipped nail polish and worn out heels that looks like you’ve been walking on gravel for days. I see absolutely NO reason for you to be out in public looking like that.

ABY: If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you?

It would be called From Combat Boots 2 Stilettos for sure which describes me perfectly for so many reasons. To me From Combat Boots 2 Stilettos represents a transition, stages in life, and evolution; this phrase definitely describes different aspects of my personality, my journey from military to fashionista, and the evolution of my style. People tell me I resemble Gabrielle Union and Shanice the singer a lot but I think I would like to be played by Sanaa Lathan or Kerry Washington.
ABY: I love that title! What are your top 5 wardrobe must-haves?

-Black pumps


-great fitting jeans

-perfect fitting T-shirts

-and a stylish and comfy flat.


ABY: Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? Wow, good question, this actually happened to me about 3 years ago and is the reason why I started my blog. I came home from a weekend out of town to find my home in flames. It was truly devastating but because of it I started my blog to document my journey of rebuilding my wardrobe which has truly been a blessing. The experience taught me a lot and ultimately has made me a better person. It also taught me that while devastating, stuff is just stuff and I wouldn’t save anything out of my closet unless that’s where my dog and laptop were. Those are the only things I would save in that situation.


ABY: Wow, that must have been tough. Sorry to hear 😦 Your all time fashion icons are…

Audrey Hepburn for her classic and sophisticated style, Diane Ross for her glitzy and glamorous style and today Michelle Obama because she is just so modern and flawless. I LOVE me some First Lady.
ABY: Your favourite quote/saying 

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous” –Coco Chanel


What’s the verdict guys?

I say H.O.T. Curvy hotness personified!


ABY: Stay in touch!


Instagram:       @NajaDiamond





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I’ve been on a blog hiatus, but that didn’t all go to waste! I’ve spent time putting together a lot of hot collabos and new fun posts for you all. Stay tuned for them please.

To enter this weekend with style, let’s take a look at the fabulous Louisa of La Passion Voutee‘s Style Diary:

ABY: A little intro…

 My name is Louisa Moje, a shortened version of my last name that I use on my blog. I was born and raised in Nigeria and spent most of my teenage years in Edo state where I attended an all-girls catholic school.Being the last of 7 girls and having a twin sister who was crazy about fashion, I quickly picked up an interest in fashion. My blog focuses on simple, chic and affordable clothing.

ABY: Oh you’re a twin! Fun. What are your dressing styles and what influences your style choices?My dressing style is classy, chic and minimal. Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to get ‘dolled up” before heading out to work/school every morning. This approach allows me to look nice without spending too much time on my appearance. Living in a fast-paced environment, my style is certainly influenced by time, my mood, the weather, current trends, and of course my siblings.


ABY: Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? 

I love brand name products but I do not let names influence my style or purchase decisions. I choose to let quality, uniqueness and affordability rule my decisions. Brands I really like are Report Signature, Steve Madden, Zara and more recently, Charles Jourdan. I currently have my eyes on some of Schutz collection.


ABY: Oh, I love Schutz too! What do you splurge on? Shoes, shoes, and shoes! And infrequently on purses. A large portion of my clothing budget goes towards my shoe collection. My shopping budget far exceeds my feeding budget; I’ll hate to think that I’m starving myself!


ABY: Your skin always look great by the way, any beauty secrets? 

I don’t really have any beauty secret. When it comes to my makeup routine, I use very little of a few things. I use compressed powder, lipgloss/lipstick, eye liner and mascara (on occasions, I use eye shadow). I try to keep it to a minimum because I want people to recognize me even when I’m without makeup. I’m also just concluding pharmacy school and visit with ill patients on a daily basis and I’m sure they don’t mind how I look .



ABY: Congrats on your degree hun. Have you got any make-up brands you love?

I use what works for me. I have oily skin and tend to try out different brands. Right now I use MAC, Maybelline, and Laura Mercier.


ABY: What is your favourite Fashion Magazine?

I hate/love to admit that I don’t read fashion magazine because I get my daily dose of fashion & style from surfing the internet. Why spend the $ on a magazine when you can get quite the same information from other fashion bloggers?


ABY: I have to admit you’re right. But sometimes I just can’t resist a glossy mag 🙂 What fragrance are you loving at the moment?

I love and use Coco Mademoiselle. It’s feminine and subtle. Perfect for work and social events.


ABY: Very tasteful. You can’t go wrong with Chanel. Heels, wedge, pumps or flats?

Definitely heels or pumps  🙂 Usually from Report Signature, Zara, Shoe Dazzle, Charles Jourdan

Flats – Zara, Coach, Chinese Laundry,


ABY: Your favourite music tracks right now. 

I enjoy listening to a lot of Nigerian music through Gidi Lounge and my favorite track at the moment is Aye by Davido and Eminado by Tiwa Savage. I’m also in love with Ellie Goudling’s Burn.


ABY: What trends are you loving currently? 

Easy one – Wiggle dresses and full midi skirts have been on replay in my closet and on the blog. Check out my “Lookbook” on the blog and you’ll see why I said so.


ABY: I’m gonna need a midi skirt or two myself. What are your ultimate fashion no-nos?

Harem pants – They just don’t look good on my body.


ABY: Uh uh, hunnay, MC Hammer gonna stay mad at you for that! LOL.

Hahaha! I also hate when someone is nicely dressed at a party but missing those pair of stilettos she had on half an hour ago. Not classy! Have a pair of flats handy or bear the pain (after all, no pain, no gain).


ABY: If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? 

Tough question! I’ll have to think about this question for a bit. It’ll maybe be titled, “Life, through her eyes”. The best person to tell my story will be me and my twin sister so it’ll be played by both of us.


ABY: Your top 5 wardrobe must-haves are:

-Midi dresses

-pointy-toe pumps

-a classic clutch

-a nice purse

ABY: Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? 

Forget the clothes! If I was alone, I’ll grab my passport (and pet if I had one) and sprint out the door. My closet is replaceable but lives are not.


ABY: Your all time fashion icons are… 

Halle Berry and Beyonce. Totally love their style.


ABY: Your favourite quote

Fashion Quote – “Fashion is what you make it; your personal style or just another trend.” ~ Louisa Moje

Life Quote – “Aim for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among stars.”

ABY: Nice! Your social media links where we can get updates on all about you.

Facebook –

Blog –

Instagram –

YouTube –

Bloglovin’ –

Great style Louisa. I especially love your print ensembles.

What do you think of Louisa’s style:


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