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Everyone’s being going crazy for nude colour pallettes lately. The winter whites phenomena is catching on for many good reasons. First off, nudes are very delicate and feminine, adding that soft and ethereal quality to any look. It’s very subtle yet elegant and classy.

Secondly, it is a a new and refreshing option to the expected all black everything look.

It also also looks great on all skin tones when done perfectly. Flesh tone outfits in nudes, beige and pastels have looked good one everyone from Emma Stone to Lupita Nyongo’o. I have been obsessed with pastel colours and it’s tricky to pull them off without looking washed out. So execution counts big time when wearing flesh tone colours and nude on dark skin tones especially.

Here are four outfit ideas if you’re in the mood for some nude!

Look 1

Go business class by mixing rich textures of lace and wool cashmere. This look is an all round winner. especially if you are aiming for a demure and classy finish. Layer  a rich camel coat on this Stella McCartney lace dress paired with a pair of nude Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps. Add a pair of mirrored sunnies for extra sass 🙂

Nudes & Pastels: Look 1

Look 2

I’d wear this look in a heart beat. Follow the trend and pair a cropped white top with a pair of expertly tailored beige nude trousers. Paired with Kurt Geiger Elliott Metal Stiletto Nude Patent Court heels and add a pop of lip colour for effect.

Nudes & Pastels: Look 2

Look 3

This can be worn two ways. Either as crop top and pencil skirt or as a faux dress. This £30 Jane Norman animal necklace embellished crop top unbelievably matched this Alexander McQueen jacquard pencil skirt on sale  at Harvey Nichols, I couldn’t help but pair them up. I would probably wear this a dress though. But the crop top is trending (thanks to the Kardashians) so I’m sure the majority would sway that way.

Nudes & Pastels: Look 3

Look 4

This £220 Forever Unique nude jumpsuit is to die for! Match these with a pair of £45 Helsinki heeled sandals from ASOS. A £95 Fuschia Cross body Michael Kors  bag and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Luminous lip colour should do the finishing trick.

Nudes & Pastels: Look 4

If you are into nude and pastels like myself, which look would you wear? 


View similar looks here:

Ciara slayed in this Zara beige pearl embroidered blouse and beige pear embroidered skirt. Does she ever take a day off? I love this chic!

ciara in zara pearl skirt

Alesha Dixon wowed at the Britain’s Got Talent Cardiff auditions in a pretty Stella McCartney blush pink suit featuring tapered jogger-style pants which give the look a relaxed, chic vibe. I am in love with this look.

Kim Kardashian has been loving this Celine camel coat lately. She’s certainly been strictly sticking to her nude and beige tones this 2014.

kim kardashian nude outfit

Lupita Nyongo’o looked precious in a nude one shoulder dress at the Producers Guild Awards. Her dark skin tone really complimented this nude dress. Loved it!

lupita in flesh tone dress

Rihanna working it in a flesh tone veil headpiece, nude low neck jumper, nude cigarette pants and Christian Louboutin nude pumps.

rihanna nude outfit

Emma Stone stood out in a coral Calvin Klein dress  at the 2011 Golden Globes Award. This is one of my favourite looks from her. Ever.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

Love & Light xx


We’re going exotic today with our Style Diary. Meet T’wana from the Caribbean.
My name is T’wana Skelton, I’m originally from a small Caribbean island called Tortola located in the British Virgin Islands but I live in Orlando, FL. Most of my free time is spent consuming anything fashion related.  This is why I started my blog.  I love attending fashion shows and events (big or small it really doesn’t matter).   My ultimate goal would be to one day attend Mercedes Benz Fashion week in NY and be able to write about it. When I’m not scouring the net and stocking up on fashion magazines, I’m cozying up with my Nook color to catch up on my reading.  I also love to write (my degree is in Journalism) and sing to the top of my lungs until my hun says I’m driving him crazy…. LOL.  Then I revert back to the fashion world because I’m such a busy body, I have to stay occupied.  I’ve also been doing a lot of DIY projects lately.  I figure why buy it when I can make it!
-When it comes to dressing I consider myself a mood dresser.  I really just grab whatever catches my eyes that day regardless of weather or location.  Yes, I’m that girl wearing heels on a rainy day!  I rarely plan outfits.  I love mixing edgy styles with girly pieces. I’m also really into vintage style but somehow I always end up buying the trendier pieces so I’m working on purchasing pieces that are more timeless but yet still easy to pair with stuff I already own.  80’s style is my fave because of its fearless appeal. 
–Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? I have serious obsessions with Zara, Urban Outfitters, ASOS and BooHoo.  I’m drawn to stores that aren’t afraid to fill their racks/websites with colorful clothing and patterns.  I’m a huge sucker for color and details.  Zara and ASOS are masters at this.
 –Any beauty secrets?  My one and only beauty secret is confidence.  Confidence in what you wear and how you look will create a more lasting impression than the outfit you’re wearing.  Yves Saint Laurent once said “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” So if you find a designer or brand that makes you feel confident, stick with it.  It doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing.  What matters is how you feel in what you’re wearing.
 -Favourite make-up brands. I’ll pass on this one!  I’m still experimenting with the makeup process.
 -What is the most beautiful thing about you? I’m sooo shy when it comes to self praise but I would have to say…*thinking*…my legs.  I accentuate them by simply showing them off all the time.  I always run to the shorts rack before I check out anything else.  I just love shorts or anything that doesn’t cover my legs. I grew up in a place where it’s summer all year long so that was a major contributor to my love for shorts.  
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why? Alexander McQueen!  Of course not as he currently is, I’m talking about when he was in his prime as a designer.  His creations are nothing short of amazing and genius.  One day with the ability to think creatively as he did is all I need so a week would be a dream come true.
 -Your favourite music track would be…? As in one track?  Before I answer this you should know that I own an iPad, 2 Ipods, 2 iPhones and a laptop all filled with music.  Now that I think of it, answering this is as hard as walking into Zara and not buying anything.  If I must, I’ll have to say my favorite track right now is still ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ by Adele.
 –What is your favourite trend right now? I really love the NEON and pastels trend and I have a closet filled with clothes to prove it.  =)  I just love it how fashion designers and bloggers are taking risks and pairing bright colors together. 
Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’…If you got it, flaunt a positive attitude.  There’s no one else out there that can do you better than you. The world is becoming such a negative place so let’s brighten it up with positivity and kindness.  Of course while being fashionable! 😉
 -If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you?  “Journey of the shopaholic” I’ll play myself.  Yeah I have a serious problem that needs to be documented by someone in hopes of helping others.  It’ll probably end with me saying there’s only one guaranteed life for us, enjoy it and do what makes you happy.
My top 5 must haves:
1) A sick pair of shorts
2) A trench vest in khaki, olive & black
3) Alexander Wang heels
4) Jeans that flatter (Zara jeans for me)
& 5) Money in the bank to buy all these things…=).  Ok Ok if you must have a 5th it has to be denim tops in every shade and style. All these items can be paired with anything and can transition from season to season. 
Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? I think I suffered a minor panic attack! One item?? I just can’t!  Let’s see…*thinking*…my Alexander Wang heels but I just have to go back in for my Jeffrey Campbell Litas and while I’m at it I’ll grab my Zara blazers.  Oh and do I have time to run and get my jewelry armoire?
 -Your all time fashion icon is…My mom!  Hands down!  She’s been a boutique owner and fashion show host for most of my younger life. I’m almost positive this is where it started for me.  Growing up, my mom had a closet to rival some of the best.  I didn’t get into fashion right away because I was too busy climbing trees and being a tom-boy but apparently I was soaking it all up subconciously…LOL
 -Your favourite quote/saying “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe. Nuff said!
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 Girl  I need your shoes n my closet!
What is your take on T’wana’s style? Sound off.
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