It’s TGIF my stunners! Because I like to open my weekends with a bang I’m bringing you Uzuri Couture. Uzuri Couture is an African inspired fashion clothing brand started by Cameroonian stylista Audrey NM (check out her Style Diary). She has impeccable taste! Continue reading “Cameroonian Designer Audrey Unveils new Lookbook ‘Essence’ for Uzuri Couture”


Today’s Style.  read is the perfect fit for Halloween: dark, edgy and intriguing. Her effortless swag is like no other. Meet … Cyrena Monique. I am a British (Jamaican/Dominican Rep/Irish mix),
I run two sites – one is an online mag/blog Freak Deluxe and the other is my personal blog Let Me See Your Wears.
5 things I’ve loved for as long as I can remember – Bashment, Fashion, Sweets, My Hair, the number 5.

I love easy dressing, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal at heart; styled up with some cute heels, fly jewellery, and a red lip and I’m good to go! I love BLACK,studs, and skulls (I’m kind of annoyed that studs are becoming so mainstream now). When I check it I’m a bit of a rock chick/punk princess. My boy calls me a morpher, says I can rock so many different looks and look good in all of them. Style influencers would be Mary-Kate Olsen, Solange Knowles, Steven Tyler, Elin Kling, Erin Wasson.

-Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most?
Helmut Lang, ASOS, Maison Martin Margiela, Zara, I love Equipment for their button down shirts, Haider Akerman, Topshop, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, I love to look at BALMAIN in awe!

– Any beauty secrets?
No secrets, I’ve never been a big beauty fiend; I didn’t start wearing makeup till I was 18. Day to day makeup for me is a barely there eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, a little bronzer and blusher on the cheeks, and either lip balm, nude gloss, or a red lip. Oh wait I do have one beauty secret! To make sure you get great coverage and staying power from your lipstick colour your entire lips with lip liner, then apply the lipstick on top – a makeup artist friend told me that, it works! I have a basket full of lipsticks!!! I don’t bother with foundation or anything like that, I love a good makeup look to look at but not on my face.

-Favourite make-up brands.
MAC, Yves Saint Laurent, Sleek (eyeshadow palettes are great), L’Oreal, NARS, Sephora.

-What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it?
If we’re talking about face I’ve had a lot of complements for my eyes and lips. I almost always wear winged eyeliner, and people love when I rock a red lip! Other than that it’s my legs, for as long as I can remember people have commented on them; because they’re so long!

-If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why?
Anyone that gets to travel for a living, and I’m not talking about back packing. I’m talking about going to great destinations popular or undiscovered, where I can enjoy great weather, food, people, and shopping.

-Your favourite music track would be…?
Right now I’m loving Gyal a Bubble by Konshens, my inner dancehall queen is dying to break out when I hear it! Other than that it’s Mercy by Kanye West, Pusha T, 2 Chains; I love the hook and the sample!

-What is your favourite trend right now?
I don’t really follow trends you know, just pick and choose little gems I like. I am loving the glam goth trend and also the male inspired tailored look. Basically I love anything that fits in with my laid back wardrobe. In saying that, I am warming up to a peplum but I’m not sure if and where I would wear that. I’m going to make a couple of the looks from the Christian Dior Couture AW12 show, so we’ll see.

-Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’…*
Depends what ‘it’ is!

-If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you?
I don’t know what it would be called, maybe ‘Diary of a Broke Bitch’ ? but Zoe Saldana would definitely be called in for the role!

Your top 5 must-haves.
-A great leather jacket
-Good pair of jeans that make your legs and butt look great
-Red Lipstick
-A closet full of shoes
-A good sense of humour

-Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why?
I can’t!!! My leather jacket that took me 5 hrs to stud by hand? My red Balenciaga Weekender? The dresses I made from scratch?! I have no clue!

-Your all time fashion icon is…
Michael Jackson! I’m sure Balmain look to his costumes every season as inspiration for their collections.

-Your favourite quote/saying
“Everything happens for a reason” Over the last couple of years I’ve come to realise this statement is so true whether good or bad.

-Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at?

Just brilliant isn’t she?

I love your hair. Now I want to try the ombre trend!

What is your take on Cyrena’s style?

I have been off blogging for weeks now but Style Diary is back to put everything ack on track. Today’s fashionista hails from Haiti.

My name is Klerlie Raymond. I am 100% Haitian, raised my whole life in Miami, Fl. I love to shop; I love thrifting, reading, blogging and anything that involves a margarita or a glass of wine.


-My dressing style is very vintage. Most of my clothes and very unique pieces come from thrift stores. I also shop in stores like Forever 21 and H&M for common pieces such as jeans, camis, etc. My style influences are bohemian chic and vintage.

-Favourite designer is…Balmain!!! His current line is amazing. The whites, crèmes, and leathers are to die for.

-I have no beauty secrets unfortunately. I don’t wear much makeup. A lot of people ask me what I wear on my face and I always reply with soap and water. I have never been a foundation person. I tried it once and my entire face broke out so I never used it again. I do love though liquid eyeliner. It makes any look pop! And I get the Elf brand from Target for $1. It’s magical.

-I have a huge eye shadow palette from NYX that I cannot live without. I love them! I wear a lot of lipstick from every brand. My favorites have to be Revlon & Make Up Forever.

-I thing the most beautiful thing about me is my spirit.

-I would love to trade places with Beyoncé for a week. Just to see what its really like to be that beautiful, talented, and awesome. I mean what its really like not what the media portrays it to be. Her real life.

-My favorite music track tight now is anything from Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album. That entire album is amazingly beautiful.

-My favorite trend right now is the long pleated skirts and dresses.

-If my life was a movie it would be titled Sunshine and I would play myself.

-Top 5 must haves:


-Red lipstick,

-Nikon camera,

-a comb,

-and a smile.

-If my house was in flames the one item in my closet I would save is my leather jacket, because I have yet to find another like it.

-My fashion icon is June Ambrose. Everything about her.

-My favorite quote is “Not I, said the cat”

-My Tumblr is

My Twitter is @IamKlerlie.

My Lookbook is  and my

Instagram is KingKlerlie.

I love how you incorporate colours into your style Klerlie. What is your take on Klerlie’s style.?

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Today’s Style Diary is the very edgy Abi Ogun. I’ll let her do the talking.

My name is Abimbola, originally from Nigeria but currently reside in High Wycombe, England. Currently I work for The Perfume shop as an Allocator. I studied Business Economics at the University of Bradford. My passion is fashion and beauty and I was lucky enough to get my dream job in the industry that I wanted. I’ll love to have own little boutique one day. I love dancing, reading and cooking. My favourite colour is yellow, I’m obsessed with yellow. 

My dressing style depends on my mood, how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I like cute, unique and edgy style, I like standing out in the crowd, really don’t like looking like everyone else. I love vintage, preppy chic and grunge edgy look, Bright colours too, bright, neon in your face colours. I hardly wear dresses. I’m really into skater Skirts at the moment. 
I love H & M, River Island, Top Shop, American Apparel, Miss Selfridge, Mango and Republic. 

Don’t overdo it, when it comes to Makeup, go for the simple natural look and it possible go bare face at least twice a week, let your skin breath… heavy makeup on a daily basis clog up your pores and make sure you don’t go to sleep with makeup and EXFOLIATE. I hardly ever wear makeup and if I do, it’s just sheer foundation and mascara with lipstick. You know what they say ‘’less is more’’ 

 My favourite make up brand is Estee Lauder; I don’t own any Mac products. People find this hard to believe but I have never actually owned any Mac products. 

My best features are, I would say my eyes and maybe my Lips. I love pink lipsticks, I have all the shades of pink you can think of .
Favourite bloggers: Mayo Wo from and Camille Co from Camille Tries to Blog. I want to raid their closest, amazing, simple yet original. 

 Best music tracks: It’s a tie between John Legend – Everybody knows and Kelly Rowland – Heaven and Earth 

 Best trend: The 2 piece outfit look, where the blazer matches the trouser or the short or the skirt, very classy. 

 I’m just starting to embrace the whole ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ thing, I use to hide behind baggy clothing, now I’m starting to embrace my curves and showing it off a little bit more. I get flustered when people comment about it, I get self-conscious. 

11. If my life was a movie, the title will be A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SHOPAHOLIC and I would play me .

5 must haves:

-A little white dress,

-Black Blazer,

-white Tees,

-pencil skirt

-and Black court shoe (Not kitten heels) 

-If my house was on fire, I would grab my good shoe, the one that goes with everything. Took me months to find the perfect .

-Style icons- Camille Co and Solange Knowles 

Best quote: ‘’Why Blend in, when you can stand out’’ 

My blog is and my YouTube is 

Certainly loving your edgy looks Abi. What about you? How would you rate Abi?

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My blog has been suffering from a serious unplanned hiatus. i apologize to all my readers. the only gift I can remunerate myself with is this Style Diary from the stunning Nia Groce. She is two words: simple and beautiful. Enjoy her diary.

My name is Nia Groce and I have lived all over the world but mostly grew up in Alabama. I’ve also lived in Germany, London, Qatar, NYC and other cities which all have influenced my fashion style and various passions. Some of the things that I enjoy doing are photography, learning about new cultures and travelling in order to experience new things and learn about all parts of the world. I recently graduated from Howard University with a degree in fashion merchandising and have since moved to Cali to begin a career at Gap’s headquarters in the fall.

My style is quite eclectic but always has a classy sophistication to it. I often add a unique or quirky piece for fun along with splashes of color. I think it’s fashionably smart to stick with classic pieces that are timeless while adding your own flair.

My fashion influence comes from other cultures that I’ve encountered while travelling and living in various cities. I also love vintage and thrift store finds because they are always unique.

Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? Zara is a brand that “speaks to me” the most and Chloe and Celine are definitely two design houses I identify with for their aesthetic and classic pieces.

-Any beauty secrets? I’m not big on make-up. less is more for me. But I do love a bright lip to help pop up any outfit and always smile (it’s the greatest accessory) 😉

-Favourite make-up brands. NARS has great lipstick colors.

-What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it? I would say my smile because I can often be very serious and business oriented. But when I smile I think it shows a different side of me and I often get complimented on it so I try to always wear one. =)

-If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why? Queen Nefertiti to experience life in ancient Egypt as a beautiful and elegant queen that is a fashion icon to this day.

-Your favourite music track would be…? Drawn 2 U by Jaffrosax featuring Yukimi Nagano

-What is your favourite trend right now? Peplum!

-If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? Eclectic Culture – and me?

-Your top 5 must-haves:
-My Nikon
-Lip gloss

-Maxi dress
-Black dress
-Cute wedges
-Lots of rings
-Sporty Jacket

-Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? My Nikon. It’s my baby.

-Your all time fashion icon is… My sister =)

-Your favourite quote/saying “Fail Harder” -Dan Weiden

-Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at?

Yes! Please check me out on and
I also love to upload pics on instagram, via @niag

Thanks! =)

I am in love with your black and white long dress with the stunning V-back dip. Simply show-stopping. What did you make of  Nia’s style? Vote here:
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Style Diary opens this week with a fierce modelesque fashionista all the way from Cali. Here’s what she has to say about her style.

My name is Shakira and I’m an aspiring model and student from California. I love to hangout with friends and take lots of pictures. Right now I’m working at Macy’s(horrible place to work at) and trying to accomplish my goals to get my bacholar degree is Psychology and some how break into modeling

My style is mostly is a combination of being a tomboy but also girly at the same time. I used to be a tshirt and jeans kind of girl but now I’m experimenting with skirts and dresses. I’m mostly influenced by street style. In today’s modern age, I’ve noticed it’s okay to dress with random sorts of patterns and colors. People just put together what they like and wear it. It sounds awesome but I’ve tried it and it doesn’t look all that great. So I try to do an extreme tamer version of it. 
-Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? I’m really starting to get into Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s line the row. I’ve always admired their style and their views on fashion. Everything is so soft and feminine. I also like Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Pucci. But since I cannot afford items such as those, I’m a H&M and Forever21 kind of girl. I also shop online with Asos and Nasty Gal. I also sometimes shop at Macys for their impulse demin only if they have it in my size(I’m a tall girl). 

– Any beauty secrets? I don’t really have any beauty secrets because I barely wear makeup. I wash my face everyday and I try to drink lots of water. If I do wear makeup, its usually a tad bit. I don’t see why women have to cake on the makeup. You should use minimal amount to make it look like your not wearing much. 
-Favourite make-up brands.When I do use make up, I use the following products: 
Iredale Mineral Makeup(autum) – it matches my skin tone extremely well. It just makes my face look extremely clean with no blemishes. 
Mac eyeshadow(tan and light pink)- I use both of these on my eyelids because it doesn’t show up much. I’m not really big on eyeshadow but it gives my eyes this type of sparkle 
Mac blush(plum Foolery)- Its perfect for my skin tone. i don’t use too much because I don’t want my cheeks too pink. 
Sephora Liquid Eyeliner– It is seriously the best and it stays on all day long! 
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara– it really does work. It makes my eyelashes fuller and it also made my eyelashes grow. 
Sugar lips(Sephora)– It is an expensive lip tinting balm but it does wonders. It makes my lip really soft and its a great alternative if you do not wear lipstick. 

-What is the most beautiful thing about you? I’ve been very self- conscious since high school because everyone would make fun of me. I can’t say what my most beautiful feature is because after learning to love yourself, I truly think everything about me is beautiful. I have flaws. I have a hole in my tooth because a dentist messed up my teeth while cleaning it and I realize that the hole bulids character. I’m not ashamed to smile. I love my eyes even though they like to be mean when my eyelashes try to stick me in my eye or go straight after i’m done curling them. I also truly love my hair. My hair is sometimes difficult but I’ve leaned to love my curls and to love having curled hair after its flat ironed out. It makes my hair have more volume and it brings out the random highlights that I was born with. 
-If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why? I would trade places with someone from lookbook because I find it amazing that someone could wear a tshirt and shorts, have over 2000 hypes on that picture and then get a modeling contract. I would want to pick their brain or have some type of knowledge of what I’m doing wrong and how I could possibly get noticed. But, besides that individual, I probably wouldn’t want to change places with anyone famous or what not because fame welcomes tradgedy and baggage we all have our own baggage. 
-Your favourite music track would be…? oldies and 90’s music. There is no good music out right now. It’s nothing but garbage. 
-What is your favourite trend right now? I love the fact that their making corsets a fashion statement. I’m small myself but I found myself an awesome corset from forever 21 and it fits me so well. Other than that, there is no fashion trand that screams “I gotta have that” or “I gotta rock that right now!” 

-Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’…I believe if you have curves, flaunt your curves. If you have breasts, flaunt your breasts. But just don’t flaunt it in a slutty way. Be modest and sexy at the same time. 
-If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? I’m not sure on the title but the perfect person to portray me is Tyra Banks. My mom thinks its scary they we’re so much alike. Just how we act and how we talk. We’re just goofballs but also intelligent at the same time. 

-Your top 5 must-haves. 
1. Jeans– every girl must have a pair of jeans in every style and a couple different colors. 
2. sweaters– I love chunky sweaters in different colors. 
3. boots– a flat pair of boots goes along way 
4. simple black dress– whether is is skin tight or not, you can always layer it with sweaters or even tshirts to make it look like its a different outfit and that the dress is actually a skirt. 
5. bags– trying to not only have black purses is hard. trying to mix it up with different colors is a must. 
-Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? I’ve thought about this alot and I still don’t know. I think probably my wallet because everything else is replaceable. it would be kind of hard proving yourself to someone who you really are with out identification and police involvement. 
-Your all time fashion icon is… AHH!! this is hard. um.. I’m going to have to say the Olsen twins. They’re clothes are very effortless. They might be expensive but they’re style is something I can relate to. I don’t want to be someone I’m not by wearing glamourous name brand items 24/7 just to say I have money. They don’t advertise what they are wearing. They put together their outfits whether it is jeans, top and a chunky jumper. 
-Your favourite quote/saying  “Let go of worry, Let go of anger, live with your heart and side-step the dangers.” I have no idea who said it but it is soo true. In order to succeed in life, you have to let go all of the hate and anger and just worry about yourself and your happiness. 
-Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at? 
instagram @lovewithanaccent 



Damn girl, you got some serious poses there. Loving the effortless chic airs about you.

What do you make of Shakira’s Style?

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Having a slow start? Don’t fret. Our style diary is here to provide you with the most diverse and interesting styles around the blogosphere. Today’s diary is Valerie whose sewing and creative skills I envy greatly.
Hey people, My name is Seyi and I am from Nigeria. I am a Fashion designer and I just finished from FIDM. I am a very laid back person, I love fashion, I also love reading, I guess i’m kind of a nerd. 
– My dressing is eclectic, I don’t follow trends. I get my inspiration from everywhere, vintage, African fashion, movies, blogs. 
– I love Zara, Asos, H&M and Forever 21. If I like it, I buy it, so far it is within my budget. 
– I just try to wash my face at night, apart from that, I don’t do anything special. 

– Ok! I don’t know Jack about make up, My makeup bag is so scanty it is embarrassing, I just love lipsticks, I don’t have eye shadows, mascaras and all of that. 
– I like my lips, I guess that’s why I love lipsticks.I have so many. 
-Fave track is Chris Brown’s All back. 
– I like so many trends now, its surprising. I like the mixing prints trend, the neon trend, the bib necklace trend, the oversize clutch trend, the hi-low trend and so many others. 
– I think things should be done in moderation and also should be occasion appropriate, don’t go for a formal event looking like you are going to the club. 
-5 must haves: I cannot do without a lip gloss in my purse, if i forget it at home, I stop by somewhere to get one, A pair of flats, I love comfort so even if i wear heels, I always carry back up flats, A big bag, that can fit all my stuff, that is why i love the oversize clutch trend, my phone and a pair of sunnies
– All time icon is Coco Chanel 
– Best quote : when you dress Shabbily, people remember the dress, when you dress fabulous, people remember the woman – Coco Chanel 
– My blog- 
My facebook fan page: 
I love the African print girl. What do you make of  Valerie’s style?
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Today’s style inspiration is my girl Ariel of Fashion Devotee. She knows her stuff. I am an ardent fan of her looks on Lookbook. This girl puts the fierce in vintage fashion, like seriously. Show her blog some love and I’m betting you you won’t regret it. I could speak about her effortless style for days but for now, I’ll just let Ariel do her thing.
Hello Darlings! I am Ariel and I blog over at Fashion Devotee. My blog is primarily a fashion, style and beauty blog focused on personal style development. I love to thrift and shop at vintage stores. I have a very vintage inspired look. Those stores allow me to add vintage pieces into my look and put a modern twist on them with tailoring and accessories. I am excited that Lydie reached out to me and asked me to do this feature.
What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices?  My style is feminine with a hint of vintage and old glamour. I am a “girly, girl”, I love to dress in feminine pieces. I always stay true to that and I never lose that femininity. I often feel like I was born in the wrong decade, I miss the era when dressing up was the way of life and not just reserved for special occasions.
Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most?  I absolutely adore Jason Wu as a designer; his menswear inspired looks are always soft with the right hint of femininity. His ruffle and layers are always perfection. Elie Saab’s detailing and beading is breath taking.
Brands:  Zara, BCBG, French Connection, H&M. There are so many, those are just a few.
Any beauty secrets? For the days when keeping it simple is on the agenda a bold lipstick, eyeliner and mascara can really transform your face.
Favorite make-up brands. I love MAC for eyeshadow and lipstick. Nars has the most amazing blush. Stilla has great smokey eye palettes for everyday looks.
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why?  Grace Coddington the Creative Director of Vogue. Creative direction is my ultimate goal because it combines my love for art, graphic design, fashion, photography editorials and wardrobe styling. In my opinion Grace is one of the most creative minds in fashion and will go down in history as one of the greatest living stylist.
What is your favorite trend right now?  Cap toe pumps
If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you?  ‘Everyday is a Runway’ starring Kerry Washington.
Your top 5 must-haves:
-An LBD,
-cat-eye sunglasses,
-a bold lipstick (red or fuchsia),
-sky high heels,
-something leather (a bomber or skirt),
-a standout leopard accessory (clutch or shoe), 
-statement jewelry…that is a little more than 5  lol!
Your all time fashion icon is… I have a few favorite icons Whitley Gilbert from the sitcom A Different World, Jackie O
As far as current styles that I admire: Kerry Washington, Solange Knowles, Kourtney Kardashian, Olivia Palermo, and June Ambrose their styles inspire me.
Your favorite quote/saying  Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”
Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at?
-My blog is,
-Twitter @fashiondevotee,
I’m definitely envious of her accessories and yes her hair too. What’s your take on Ariel’s style?
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I have been dying to put up this diary but I had to save it for Friday. Gloria is good and knows her stuff when it comes to style. Her refreshing blog has inspired me over and over. Having her diary featured on ABY (Art Becomes You, do I need to spell it out?) was a must. Now that it’s finally here, let’s not waste any time but delve straight into it.
 Hi! My name is Gloria. Born in Nigeria but raised and living in England. I’m a recent graduate, still job hunting but working part-time as a sales assistant. My main interest at the the moment is my personal style blog, which I started recently with the purpose on keeping an eye on how my style changes over time.
What is your dressing style? It’s hard to name my dressing style but at the moment, I think my style is casual with a twist. My outfits are pretty much simple and casual but I sometimes like to elevate it with a pair of nice heels. My style choices are influenced by the blogs I read, streetstyle, tumblr and even magazines.
Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? I love Helmut Lang, Christian Louboutin, Giussepe Zannotti, and  Alexander Wang just to name a few but at the moment I just love and appreciate them from a distance because I am a girl on a budget. My income doesn’t allow that kind of indulgence yet so I stick to H&M, Zara, Topshop and ASOS. 
Girl on a budget, we definitely have that in common. Any beauty secrets? Drinking lots of water…when I do this strictly, I always see a change in my skin.
Favourite make-up brands. My favourite makeup brands are MAC and Bobbi Brown. 
What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it? Hmm well I love my full lips which a accentuate with bright lipsticks. 
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why? Probably Beyonce…she’s a very private person and I would love to see what her life is like for a week. Or maybe Victoria Beckham, I wouldn’t mind being married to David Beckham for a week.
Your favourite music track would be…? This is quite hard but right now I love any song from Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange.
What is your favourite trend right now? I have been loving an all white outfit. I love how crispy and clean they turn out.
Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’…If you got it, flaunt…but in a tasteful and classy manner. 
If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? Hmm if my life was a movie, it would be called “In Her Shoes” and it would be played by Beyonce.
Your top 5 must-haves:
1. Skinny Jeans…preferably black
2. Black blazer
3. White or grey t-shirt or vest
4. A pair of lovely strappy heels
5. A big bag…to throw everything I need in, I’m Mary Poppins with my big bags.
Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? If my house was in flames and I knew my family were safe,  then I’d save my iPhone because I’m pretty much attached to that thing. Or maybe my Louis Vuitton bag or my shoes lol.
Your all time fashion icon is… I have a few fashion icons…The Olsen twins, Carrie Bradshaw, Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo.
Your favourite quote/saying “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”. This is one of my favourite quotes because I find the idea of finding yourself a little bit of a misconception.
Do you have any blog, video links or website we can follow you at?
You can find me on –
My personal blog:
– My tumblr:
– My instagram: Just_Gloria
– My twitter:
– My pinterest:  . I’m all over the web loves…get in touch lol.
    Gloria xoxo
Seriously guys hope you have another tab/window open and you’re checking out her blog as we speak. She’s awesome! How would you rate her style? Answer on the poll below:
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Out with a bang!