top 35 duo twin sister fashion blogs

They say two heads are better than one. That also applies to fashion blogging. One outfit is better. But twice the look is a visual experience! I want to dedicate this post to and appreciate bloggers who it best in a team. Not everyone can thrive when working in a team so every time I see bloggers who are doing it best as a duo, I have to do a hats off to them. Blogging alone is hard. But blogging with a partner I would imagine is twice as hard especillay when it comes to compromising and merging both visions as one. These bloggers have crossed that threshold and are triving marvellously as a team. They are living proof of the perks of blogging as a duo. let’s delve into some of the top blogging duos out there. Not in any specific order.

1. London’s Closet

Shope (nose ring and coloured hair) and Shore are twin Nigerian sisters living in London. They are both only 19 but already they have several worthy accolades that have been awarded their blog. Only last year they won the Company Style Blogger Awards yet again for Best Blogging Duo. London’s Closet was started in December 2010 by Shope (at the tender age of 15) and Shore joined a year later. Love, love, love how different their styles are yet they complement each other. They have a wonderful future ahead for sure.  

2. Britt and Whit

Britt (brunette) and Whit (blonde) are simply put, two best friends that live in San Francisco, work in media, and love to play dress up! They make me just want to grab my best friend and have her blog with me! I love both of their styles. They are very elegant, classy and fresh.

3. We Are Twinset 

Oh, hello there Sarah and Philippa. Two fashion-loving and blogging best friends who just happen to look soooo much alike  o_o I love everything abut their blog! Chic is the word. I love it when they do high street VS high fashion looks that are similar against one another. What I love about their blog is that they style the same items in different ways. I can’t tell them apart for the life of me! Luckily, they help with that in each post. In the picture below, Philippa is the one with the clutch. It also helps that Sarah is always on the left 😉

4. Nyane & Mpho Lebajoa

Can everyone say YAASSSS and Amen! I follow Nyane on Instagram and I must tell you, my feed is ablaze with her fashion.  NYané & Mpho. Pronounced (Nee-ya-nee & Mm-pour)  are Southern African (Lesotho) 20 year old twin bloggers and fashion creatives living in the UK. As aspiring designers their styles have a very strong point of view. Nyane is currently wearing grey hair and Mpho rocks a pixie cut or darker hair so you can tell them apart by that. 

5. Beckerman Blog

Blend in for what?! If you’re all about colour and an explosion of fashion, then the Beckerman sisters are your girls. Cailli and Sam Beckerman’s blog chronicles their street style and their adventures in their hometown Toronto. Outfit after outfit that I browsed through had me mesmerized. Their fashion is an art. You just cannot outdo these ladies. Their aesthetic is in yo’face and I LAV IT!


6. Closet Freaks 

I struggled to find male blogging duos (maybe you can help me list any you know below!). So I was more than thrilled when I stumbled upon these two. Anthony Urbano and Dustin Moore’s blog was born after their relationship started. Anthony (wearing glasses) has a very sporty chic and effortless aesthetic. Love his style and the fact that he wears a pop of colour every now and then.

7. Sisters In The City

Allison (brunette) & Corbynn (blonde), are the sister blogging duo behind Sisters in the City.  They are not blood sisters per se, but became sisters after marrying two handsome brothers and then immediately became best friends. That has to be the sweetest thing ever. Sister-in-law best friends who blog together? I fell in love instantly. I love how their different styles mesh together. 

8. Layllah

The only thing I love more than seeing a powerful black woman is seeing TWO powerful black women. Boom! I can’t even believe I had never heard about them until I saw them on Fashion Bomb Daily’s Bomb Blogger feature. I fell in love with their dynamic instantly. They resonate chic, confident and modern style and I’m here for every bit of it. These sisters are a force to reckon with. Oh, they are called Makeda ‘Kay’ Lynn (white coat below) and Cari Rene (sheer blouse in pic below)

9. Stylingo

Claire (grey dyed hair) and Lauren (dark hair or red below) are two Brit friends with a penchant for fashion and all things beauty. What I love about their blog is not only do they offer fashion tips but there’s a lot of beauty reviews and swatches that I can’t wait to try out. Plus they live Birmingham like myself. Yay!

10. How Two Live

Jess & Stef Dadon are two sisters from Melbourne, Australia who share their passion for fashion and travel on their blog. The brunette sisters – who aren’t twins but are actually aged 22 and 26 have a sense of style that is mind-blowingly cool. I cannot tell them apart for the life of me but I am in love with their style. I just want to join their gang like now! How does How Three Live sound? :/

11. Fifth & Sixth Closet

I fell in love with the personal fashion blog of these two Nigerian sisters, Bisola & Dammie Gee a while back. I love that their aesthetic is very bold. One of them is so feminine and the other is androgynous. A contrasting fusion that complement each other. I always click to see their full posts because I keep trying to guess what the other sister is wearing and I’m always wrong! They wow me each time. 5th & 6th stay winning.

12. Twin Fashion Blog

Move over Mary-Kate & Ashley. Nef & Nat are here to win! In the picture below where they are both sat on the staircase, Nat is wearing the visible ear cuff. That’s the best I can do. Good luck telling them apart in the other pictures 😉 TWINFASHION is a fashion and travel diary that offers an insight into the lives of Greek sisters Nefeli and Natalia Georgala. High street meets runway chic is what these sisters are giving me. I would kill to raid their closets. The shoes and coats are lush as hell ❤

13. Girls Off Fifth

Jessica (black booties below) & Janelle Lloyd (grey cardigan) are NYC based sisters. Their blog is one of the oldest blogs I’ve known since I started blogging. They have been slaying from day one and to be honest they are one of my favourite all time bloggers. I can’t deal with how polished and effortless they always look. Jessica especially gets me. I see myself wearing a lot of her looks. Yesssssss, girls. You are both FABULOUS.

14. Kastor & Pollux

Kastor and Pollux’s dynamic blogging duo is made up of Bianca Venerayan (left below with nose ring) and Dani Roche (right) and they are most likely the best dressed BFFs you’ll ever see. Kastor and Pollux is an e-commerce shop and a personal style blog. Launched in May 2011, it documents their amazing style and love for fashio and photography. Their site design is a wonder to behold. Top marks for presentation and wit. Love everything.

15. A Piece Of Toast

Managed by two sisters, Sally Ann (posing with fiancé) and Molly Bernadette (all black outfit) who were born 15 months apart, A Piece Of Toast chronicles the life and style f two gorgeous siblings. Sally loves her job as a teacher’s assistant and Molly manages A Piece of Toast full time. Molly quit her job a few years back (2013) to manage the blog full time and that’s something I applaud her for the bold move. She’s inspired me. It’s a tough decision to make and she clearly did the right thing. Their blog is fabulous!

16. DPiper Twins

Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper are born to a Caribbean mum and an Ghanaian dad, they embrace their roots and display it in their fashion in bold and vibrant combination of colourful African designs. If you love their prints, their products are currently sold online. Love how they combine chic everyday pieces with cool African prints. Their Instagram feed is a delight too.

17. Pixiwoo

Sam and Nicola Chapman are two sisters who started their makeup blog/channel 7 years ago. They are very beautiful, fun and super likeable!! They have tested and swatched a myriad of beauty products for you so make sure to check out their channel and Insta 😉

18. Two Shoes, One Pair

So you think you can mix prints and textures?  You probably can but Naomi is FRESHER than you. WOMP. She is a #MasterColourBlockerAndPrintMixer. Two Shoes, One Pair is a fashion blog written and styled by Amy-Rose Watts (fringe) and Naomi Rowland (no fringe). Their blog is a visual treat. Good thing they live in the UK because I need to go thrift shopping with these two. THEY BAAAAD.

19. A Beautiful Mess

Elsie Larson (dark-haired with fringe) and Emma Chapman are the sisters behind A Beautiful Mess, a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. If you are also interested in working with them, you can check out current vacancies on their site. Their blog is a whole franchise. From excitingly DIYs, to homemade recipes, crafts and even classes; it’s a one stop spot for everything you need to get your life turned around from just messy to A Beautiful Mess 😉

20. Salt Style Blog

Jess (turtleneck) and Steph (redhead) run Salt Style which is a fashion blog curating current trends, how to mix and match outfits and relevant fashion tips. They also offer styling services and a dose of their personal style which I love!

21. Urban Bush Babes

Cipriana and Takenya ‘TK Wonder’ Quann are identical twins. Cipriana always has her hair in a bun and TK Wonder rocks dreadlocks. They are beyond gorgeous!! Their hair alone is life restored. Looking at them, I can’t think of a more apt way to describe them. Urban Bush Babes sounds perfect. The 3 words I would use to describe them are: URBAN. RAW. ORIGINAL. That is all. Check out their editorial spread. I was in awe for days.

22. Teetharejade

24 year old twin fashion bloggers Desi (blonde) and Nisi (brunette) from Germany  run this amazing platform. They blog abouut fashion, lifestyle, travel and have a Youtube vlog too. They are both giving me off-duty models chic which I love! Amazing photography and fashion. Great job Desi and Nisi ❤

23. Lilly & Ash

Their blog is fairly new but already I’ve subscribed because I know a good thing when I see it! Love their carefree and chic style. Hair and makeup game stay on point for these beautiful misses. Keep slaying and keep the beautiful pictures coming. We diggin’ it! Oooh by the way, Ashley is the brunette with highlights and Lilly’s blonde 😉

24. Coco and Breezy

If these two didn’t coin the phrase too cool for school then I don’t know who did :/ THEY KILLT IT. I won’t even bother differentiating because I don’t know who’s who.  All I know is Androgyny Appeal Of Life is SERVED. Good news is, you can shop their cool eye gear on their website. Visit their Tumblr blog for a visual experience.

25. Pretty Posh, Oh My Gosh

Felicity (fringe and dark hair) and Lauren are two twenty-something British born women who met six years ago at Loughborough University and united by a shared love of fashion, beauty and bargain hunting. This list was missing a posh bunch and they are just the perfect pair! Love that they love a lot a lot of bold colours especially with accessories 🙂

26. Rachel et Nicole

Rachel (taller) and Nicole Effendy share their #OOTDs separately on Instagram, but the New York-based sisters serve double the style punch on their shared blog. In their own words:Rachel and Nicole are sisters by blood and on good days, by choice. Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of, well, anything but pink. Nicole is a Gemini while Rachel is Capricorn Unicorn. Nicole has no sense of direction whatsoever and Rachel can never understand why she’s so oblivious to her surroundings. Their only common ground is this site, and they welcome you to their crazy world.’ Hahahahaha. I love them already. If you’re a sucker for gifs like myself, you’ll love their Tumblr 😉

27. The Fashion Citizen

Two frugal fashionistas livin’ the dream in sunny Arizona. Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela (short hair) bring their love for frugal fashion and thrifting to Youtube: They host a web series called The Fashion Citizen, where they share styling tips, tutorials, and shopping hauls. Their thrift game is ON. The pieces they find are out of this world. I need to be THAT kind of fly. Do I need to move to Arizona??? :/

28. 2Many Siblings

It’s blogs like this that make me miss my family back home. Velma Rossa and Papa Petit are siblings from East Africa, Kenya. I’m sure their parents be at home like; “Nobody is allowed to look this cool. Now go to your respective rooms!” :/  The ‘duo composition of style and art enthusiasts’ have stolen my heart. In Velma’s own words: 2manysiblings is a passion project run by me and my brother, Papa Petit. The project simply started out of the need to document our clothes and how we live in them. The blog has since taken a life of its own and now it’s about collaborative processes with African photographers.

29. Vern & Verniece

Vern and Verniece Enciso have a stunning blog! Love the simple and inviting design. Aside from that, they are both stunning fashionistas with elegant taste.They are not twins but I still get them mixed up! I only just found their blog today but I have to confess it was one of my favourite duo blogs by far. Love it ALL ❤ 


30. Les Freres Joachim

Loïc Joachim and Swann Joachim are two brothers who have mastered the art of SWAGGER. Like one well-dressed hella fine man wasn’t enough. There had to be two of them :/ Understated macho modern chic is what they’re serving and everyone’s here for it.

Loïc Joachim (left) and Swann Joachim (right)

31. Mandeville Sisters

Grace (glasses)  and Amelia (two braids) Mandeville are two sisters who have a passion for film making, blabbing in front of the camera, fashion and travel. I am so glad I stumbled upon them via a good old Google search. Their blog is inspirational. To be doing so much at their young age and have so many aspirations is what I admire most about them.

32. Lobler & Delaney (Notes From A Stylist)

A fashion, style and food blog born in 2009 by two stylists. Ellen Lobler and Sara Delaney (pictured below) are two 40-somethings with a love for styling. Their partnership blossomed through pooling clients and tag-teaming them into shaping up their personal style. They have been in the business for 10 years plus and I can see their experience in their work. It’s flawless! Sara offers her take on current trends by showcasing her looks. I would love to raid her shoe and bag closet 😉 

33. Sugar & Spice

Madeline Becker ‘Sugar’ (top two pictures) & Kaykay Blaisdell ‘Spice’ are two sisters who share a similar passion for fashion. Sugar is well into her music whilst Spice is a creative writer. Her poems and write ups are on another level. Love their individual styles and their outfits are always a delight.

34. She and Hem

She and Hem are otherwise known as Jo & Victoria. They are fashion loving young Brits who reside in Bristol. Their tea party printed dresses and blonde tresses are all I live for. love the vibe of their style. They are so adorable. They were shortlisted for the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014 and Finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2014. Go She & Hem!

35. Spicy Candy DC

Carlis Sanchez (dark hair) & Katya Ananieva (blonde) are the brains and beauty behind this captivating fitness, food, fashion and travel blog. I love this blog because it has so many layers to it. There’s fitness, styling, fashion and best of all the outfits and photography are simply stunning! That leather coat worn by Carlis in the last picture had me drooling. YAS!!!!

There’s a gazillion of duo bloggers out there. Google may know a lot of them. Unfortunately I don’t. Also the longer the list got, the longer the page took to lad so I decided to call it a day at 35. But I’m sure you do know a pair or two I haven’t listed. Share with us below!!

Also, which pair of siblings, twins or BFFs caught your eye? 

Let us know 🙂

*Worth mentioning is this blog I came across. It’s written by six sisters and it’s called Six Sisters Stuff. Yes six of them! I don’t know that I’ll ever do a list of bloggers working in teams of 6 so I might as well mention them now. They are fabulous! Please check them out.

**Also, there are a couple of duo blogs by sisters I used to follow a few years back and when I checked on them last updated date was about 2013. Blogging is a weird thing because we only these people online and don’t really know what’s going on in their lives. So when they go MIA without notice it’s worrying. Estelle La Mode, Do Rae Me and a handful of others hope you are all okay :/ And if you are, get back to blogging when you can. You had a great thing going. If you’ve found something you enjoy doing and have left the blogging community, please let your readers know 🙂

 Hope you enjoyed this post.

Will you give blogging as a duo a go?

Stay tuned for more elaborate countdowns in the future 😉




It’s Monday and what better way to hasten the beginning the of a long week than to do a #ManCandyMonday #MenswearMonday…(call it whatever you want) feature?
Let’s face it, we don’t talk about male fashion enough. I’m guilty of that to say the least. This post is for all the hot fashionistos out there. Here’s me (us) saying: we see you, we appreciate, we take note and yes, we swoon… Let the testosterone roll.

1. Christian Confidential

To kick-start our male fashion bloggers countdown, I bring you model, host and lifestyle blogger, Christian Thompson of Christian Confidential. His blog has a lot to offer from exciting giveaways, trendy outfits breakdown, cool interviews and exercise motivation / tips, his body… 😉 …and everything one could expect really from such a hip blogger. Make sure you check it out.

2. Dualleh Abdulrahman

He hasn’t got a blog (that I know of) but Dualleh’s  Lookbook is incredible. He’s a stylist, DIY lover, photographer and artist. And this all comes across in his style. With a modern vintage aesthetic, the Netherlands based Dualleh has mastered the art of mixing different textures and prints to create the timeless product of art that is his style. Find his Facebook here.

3. Filippo Cirulli

Born in Bologna, Italy this 26 year old has set the bar very high for other male fashionistas to follow . Together with Filippo Fiora, they launched the most important Italian menswear fashion blog, The ThreeF. Aside from their duo site, you can also find slaying on this Tumblr. This guy can work anything literally. His looks are so fresh, modern and well-thought out. ‘Nuff said.

4. Denola Grey

A men’s style enthusiast who oozes so much personality. I spotted a picture of him on Instagram and his style immediately caught my eye. He has a great eye for fashion and styling and puts out distinctively strong looks. His ‘About Me’ video gives further insight into his style aesthetic and is indeed a must-watch.

5. Dejon Marquise

Dejon is a stylist extraordinaire. His blog, The Stylist Playground is the bomb. It’s all in the details guys. He is Mr Perfection when it comes to styling. Every single look he puts out is goood. If you’ve got styling enquiries who can style you better than The Stylist? Find Dejon on Instagram for queries.

6. Jason Andrew

When I flick through Jason Andew’s Tumblr, I see class,I see uniqueness,  I see effortless vintage style, I see a gentleman. Jason has IT. He is just too cool to not mention him on my top best dressed males of all time. Go get ’em Jay 🙂 I’d love your hat collection by the way.

7. Les Frères Joachim

The most fashionable brothers in fashion. There isn’t too much of an About Us page on their blog so I am not sure if they are twins or not. Even though I’ve tagged their pictures to identify each one, I can’t tell them apart for the life of me! Swann & Loic Joachim have a minimalist modern approach to fashion which alway wins. Plus I love how they layer effortlessly.

Swann Joachim
Loic Joachim

8. The Dapper Diamond District

What’s up Doc? This is dapper professionalism at its finest. Raymond’s blog serves a fine mixture of personal street style from the DMV  coupled with his creative OOTDs. This is one dapper doctor y’all. I love it.

9. Jesse Maricic

With a background in marketing, Jesse fused his love for photography and automobiles into a lifestyle blog in 2011. The outcome was fascinating. His style is bold, fresh and very current. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.  His fierce attitude (and those cheekbones) carry off even his simplest ensembles with so much character.

10. Angel Bespoke

Angel Ramos is the owner, creative director and designer of hand tailored clothing line Angel Bespoke. His style reflects the ‘Angel’ way of life which is the effortless execution of a perfect dishevelment. Esquire Magazine named him best dressed real man for 2010. That says everything. His attention to detail is amazing.

11. TSB Men (The Style Blogger)

Dan Trepanier is the founder of one of the most popular men’s style bogs. As an Esquire Magazine Best Dressed Men In The real World, Dan present his flawless eclectic style is a way that isn’t being done by many. This blog is a refreshing delight as it features not only Dan’s style style interpretation but I’ve discovered so many other cool fashionistos through. Love their Outfit Of The Day fashion face off.


12. The Dapper Homme

J.E Adamu is a twenty-something year old style blogger is born and raised in Toronto to Nigerian parents. He is the definition of dapper. Hence the blog title 😉 His style is impeccable. He’s not scared to incorporate colours into his outfit and he does it to a T. He always looks runway-sharp and I love it. Definitely a force to reckon with in terms of male styling. Werk!

13. Styles by P.Flip

This blogger is also a stylist. He has styled the likes of Fantasia and Adina Howard. Love his mix of vintage and current trends. 

14. Mens Style Pro 

SAbir M Peele is another blogger who’s had the honour to be named Best Dressed Real Man in America  by Esquire Magazine. He’s the  Editor In Chief/Creative Director of Men’s Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. My favourite thing about his blog? His advice and useful style tips which come in really handy. 

15. Dan Chiz

Dan Chiz (Real Guys Wear Ties) sets out to explore the personal style, grooming and lifestyle of a modern millennial man. In a few words, Dan sums up himself as: an NYC dweller, fashion week attendee, excessive instagrammer and GQ and details obeyer. Well, it shows. I love the detailing of his looks. This leather jacket for instance should be hanging in my closet 😉 Visit his blog for more editorial-worthy looks.

16. Mohcine Aoki

He is a fashion blogger and stylist from Casablanca, Morocco. His affinity for trendy and edgy street wear is what caught my eye. I love that he’s into details! Studs, zips and spikes are always a part of his look. Plus he owns some of the sickest trousers. And his shoe game slays. I love his collection!

16. Jabari Brown

Laid-back  meets cool. That’s the vibe I get from Jabari’s blog. He’s the definition of casual cool well done. Visit his blog to learn how to nail those basics.

17. Ikiré Jones (Wale Oyejide)

What’s not to like about Wale? From the innovative pieces he  creates to the way he struts in them himself. It’s one thing to be a designer, but it’s another to wear your own clothes well like no one does. Wale does both. I was awestruck when I visited his online shop Ikire Jones. The colours, the fabrics, the prints and most of all the stories. The stories captivated me. I can’t sing his talent enough. Go see for yourself.

18. Art Of A Stylist

Greg Clark is an amazing stylist who doesn’t need to say much. His Tumblr blog speaks volumes. Featured on several style blogs and magazines with quite a few well-known names on his stylist accolades, he is definitely worth checking out.

19. DT Style Daily

Daniel Trust Ndamwizeye is  a Rwandan youth motivational speaker and genocide survivor with a love for style and fashion. He says on his blog: ‘While I truly enjoy (speaking) sharing my story with students and educators across the country, my other passion is fashion — especially men style: that’s why I created, a place where I can share my personal style with YOU and everything I find interesting.’

20. Male Critique (Rashad Benton)

According to Rashad it’s luxury or nothing. And that’s exactly what he’s here to give y’all. With tailored pieces and expert layering, Rashad’s IG is a joy to look through. Hi Tumblr is vacant 😦 but find him on Instagram @hescockky.

21. A Collected Gentleman

Isaiah Johnson is one dapper and collected gentleman. His blog is on menswear/lifestyle and freelance photography. I love that his looks are very clean and well put together. In his words; ‘I wanted to create something that would be affordable and relatable to everyone no matter their size or gender, so you’ll notice most of the clothes I put together are thrifted, which I hope inspires people to think outside of having to spend a million dollars to look and feel great.   My goal is to show you varied outfits that can all be acquired on budget.  Most importantly, I want you to know that self acceptance is priceless.”…’

22. Park en Madison

A well distinguished gentleman, a sartorialist and a well-dressed citizen. The impeccable Terry Corbett. His online shop sells made to order Belgian loafers for men. All of his footwear is by the Park en Madison brand. I fell in love with the shop’s ‘About Us’ page: Park en Madison makes shoes for Men who eat steak, smoke cigars and love a fine dram of scotch, perhaps with just 1 ice cube, “he may want to let it open up a bit.” He’s an Aficionado, a Bon Vivant, a Gourmand. Some even say, “He’s the Sartorialist to the Sartorial.”…

23.Filippo Fiora

He’s the other half of the first Italian fashion blog The ThreeF. You’ve already seen Filippo Cirulli on #3 above who’s also a blogger on the same platform. I can’t with this Italian hotness. Whenever I see Italy and fashion in the same sentence, I expect quality, authenticity and class. Filippo Fiora is giving all that and MORE.

24. The Bespoke Twins

I always love a twin blog! Mark and Marlon Austin are styled like no other. These talented twins have tonnes to offer including their bespoke creations. I love how the infuse rare vintage pieces with chic modern wares to create this well-balanced style. Footwear is a plus. They are literally killing it. Their exclusive footwear, suits and shirts brand, Bespoke Couture, has a lot to offer you n terms of handcrafted original masterpieces.

25. Kenneth Guidroz

Kenneth is a model, actor, father and decision maker. You know you’ll be on my Top Bloggers list if you look as good with your clothes off as you do with them on! Bring on the heat Ken, we diggin’;) Visit his blog for more swoon-worthy snaps.

26. A Curated Man

Wale describes his blog as ‘just your everyday man stumbling…somewhat carefully… through his love affair with menswear.’

His motto? Work hard, dress well. And he sure does. I just love everything about his fine styling. Very impeccable. His shoe collection makes me happy. On his blog you’ll find relevant brand product reviews, what to wear ideas and so many helpful tips on men’s styling. He’s definitely a top contender for best male fashion blogs.

27. Edward Honaker

Edward Honaker has perfect hair hence his Tumblr blog Edward’s Hair. His style aesthetic is preppy cool style  with just a nice touch of intended dishevelledness. He’s rocking it. His style is giving me a certain Gossip Girl vibe or am I the only one? Did I mention how insane his photography portfolio was??! I was amazed by the deep images he’d captured. Be sure to tune in in to his blog.

28. Proper As Hell

Well you don’t expect to visit a blog called Proper As Hell without seeing a guy whose style was well, proper as hell. For this young style blogger, the key is in the details. The squares, the hats, the brooches, the shoes, the glasses…everything comes together nicely and forms one hell of a good look. Bravo gentleman!

29. Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy has come a long in the fashion industry. The fact that he’s currently a panel judge on the America’s Next Top Model show is a testament to how impacting his passion for fashion is. His aesthetic is cheeky, quirky and haute. Go Bryan!

30. A Brotha’s Eye

Y’all gon’ learn today how old school is done…This brotha is taking old school vintage realness to a whole new level. He does it tastefully. I LOVE his aesthetic. Very unique. He’s serving the sartorial gentleman and I like it. Visit his blog to view fashion through a brotha’s eye.

31.Ostentation & Style

Steven Onoja is a Nigerian style enthusiast. Steven is inspired by everyday life, culture and the mix of fashion from the best of both cultures. His blog is absolutely impressive I must say. I couldn’t stop going through his pictures. Impeccable styling. Mix of textures is a gift and he has it.

32. Simon Crompton / Permanent Style

I had one of those ‘finally!’ moments with this blogger. After seeing his picture on Tumblr for so long, I was finally able to trace the identity of the blogger. Gosh, I hate when that happens by the way. If someone is fly, please tag them or provide source information. Anyhoo, not only does Simon have great sense of style but the content on his blog is amazing. Very useful. Guys get in here. he’s got EVERY topic covered.

33. Fashitect

While I can’t say this for many male bloggers, I can say this for Toni Tran; I’m seriously coveting some of his wardrobe pieces. This guy is bringing out some delicate wools, luxury laces, fine linen and hot accessories (that feather), woven scarves… and I want all of it! Plus his feature on food, travels and photography is out of this world.

34. Street Etiquette

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are two cool lads you’d want to know. They are the faces and voices being the popular men’s lifestyle website Street Etiquette.  Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching from all parts of the world and eras, Street Etiquette has managed to assemble a truly unique view of fashionable menswear.  Among other accolades, Street Etiquette has been featured in magazines such as GQ, Complex, Essence and Fantastic Man, it was ranked Best Men’s Style Blog by the Guardian UK, and named among “40 Bloggers Who Really Count” by the London Times. The New York Times published an article, “ Serious About Cool” that told the story of Street Etiquette’s cultural success and the duo that founded it.

35. Dapper Lou

A combination of vibrant street style, captivating photography and style-rich snaps is just a tip of what you will find on Dapper Lou’s blog. Exceptional work he does. Great job Lou 🙂

36. He Spoke Style

He spoke and style happened. This dapper specimen of a man is called Brian Sacawa. This multi-talented blogger and musician just oozes that confidence and style that comes with having a certain amount of expertise in your field. He also offers some great fashion advice on his blog. You wouldn’t regret time spent on it.

37. The Gentleman Blogger

Need I say much? His blog title says everything. The accessories, the lifestyle, the quality, the accolades…this guy is the whole package. Each outfit is even more suave than the last. I absolutely love his work and he deserves all the praise he gets. Matthew Zorpas is a London-based creative consultant. He founded The Gentleman Blogger in June 2012. This stylish individual has been recognized as the 2nd Best Dressed Man in Britain by Esquire magazine UK (2010) and GQ Taiwan named him one of top five best dressed men in the world for 2013. Matthew has released his first self-published book, London 100, A Gentleman’s Guide. The book features Matthew in 100 of his favourite locations in London, in 100 different outfits. Available to purchase at London100. I’ve included a picture of him on that fantastic chair because I need it in my life! Any ideas anyone?

38. Man of A Kind

Henri-Nicholas is a one of a kind blogger. He boasts some key pieces in his wardrobe which totally sealed his looks. That bric suede jacket for example. The! I love his clean and modern style and his blog because it has so many fun features like Girl of A Kind, Stylish Men etc. Be sure to hit it up.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (1) phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (2) phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

39. Kenyan Stylista

Kenya’s top male fashion blogger, Franklin Saiyalel is no small force to reckon with. His style bears an element of current trends with a mix of his rich African heritage. He swags it out like a true African fashionisto. Follow his style adventures on Instagram.

40. Unlimited by JK

Joseph Kent is a 22 year old street photographer and fashion blogger with a quirky, cool and fun style. The birdie umbrella and banana jumper here for example are absolutely adorable 🙂 I love people who pay attention to detail and he does. It’s also refreshing that he co-blogs with the beautiful and colourful Maddy. Thumbs up guys!

 41. Mariano Di Vaio

Someone suggested this blog in the comments so I checked him out and …OMG. How have I never heard of him? His blog is insane. Outfit after outfit after outfit. I just had to modify my list. Make sure to check Mario out. Simply gone with the wind fab.

“Born in 1989, in the small and fascinating Assisi, Mariano Di Vaio leaves Italy very soon, just eighteen, to pursue his actor and model career: one year in London, working as a model, and then in New York City, to study acting at NYFA.

Back to Europe, he continued his professional career as a model, quickly obtaining magazine covers and collaborations with top international brands (i.e. cavalli, brunello cucinelli, gucci) In March 2012, he opened his own blog,, a digital magazine dedicated to men’s passions: no just fashion, but also lifestyle, sports, travel, music and movies. The growth of the blog, combined with his official profiles active on social networks, made Mariano one of the most influent worldwide fashion blogger, able to reach, on a daily basis, millions of people.” 

And there you have it! 40 Fabulously Stylish Fashionitos from around the world. They are not listed in ANy intentional order. I usually make up up my list as I find these blogs. So there’s no competition 🙂

There are TONNES of male fashion bloggers out there in the blogosphere. I couldn’t possibly have featured all of them. There are so many cool ones I am still to stumble upon. Please leave your feedback with cool male fashion blogs that I haven’t mentioned on here. 

Which blogs are you bookmarking? And not for ulterior motives …hehehehe 😉

Hope you enjoyed the post ABYers.

xoxo Lydie

You’ve probably watched most if not all of these if you were a child in the 90s growing up in Cameroon. My sister shared some hilarious throwback snaps with me yesterday. And not only did I almost pee myself looking at them but they brought back a lot of memories from way back. The good old days when I could watch (and later narrate) whole movies in Spanish on Malabo (Equatorial Guinea’s National TV, lol), the good old days when the highlight of my Sundays was watching Michael Knight and his magical talking car slay the baddies, when Accapulco Bay, L.A Law and Un Flic Dans La Mafia kept me on the edge of my seat…Those were the days.

Well I’ve relived all those memories again and I thought I’d share them with you. Les souvenirs de mon enfance. Just for fun! Do you remember these cartoons? Which were your faves? Which ones have I left out? Let’s go!


1. Rahan

The only Tarzan I knew back then. His signature ivory necklace inspired many traditional statement necklaces I rocked back then. He possessed the best bod in the business. See him run…


2. Barbapapa

The famous crafty shape-shifters! I remember wishing I could be one of them. They could literally just change their shapes into anything they wanted to when they wanted. Cool!


3. Pingu

I guess the benefits of being a child is not only can you speak gibberish but you can understand it perfectly. This cartoon is an example. I watched and enjoyed every single episode without knowing what a single word meant. Does anyne know what language this is in please? It will never grow old. Class!


4. Ordy 

For some weird reason Ordy creeped me out like crazy! But I still sat through it anyway. It was enchanting.


5.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Commonly known as Tortues Ninja. Even though I have heard Tortoise Ninja…My ultimate faves! And they stood the test of time too. Maybe it was the catchy song, or the pizza-munching lovable ninjas, or the very cute April but everyone is still crazy about these turtles. This cartoon helped me a great deal in my History class. Do you know all of the Turtle Ninjas were named after great Italian artists? Raphael the Italian painter who painted the Transfiguration at Rome, Donatello the Italian Sculptor, Michaelangelo the Italian painter, sculptor, poet and architect;  and Leonardo Da Vinci the Italian genius who painted the Mona Lisa amongst others. Most TV programmes were in French so I can’t even get used to the theme song in English. Here we go:


6. Denver: The Last Dinosaur

Another cartoon I can’t get used to in English. Isn’t Denver just the coolest dinosaur ever? I couldn’t afford to miss an episode 🙂


7. Superbook

The well-loved cartoon series that served us one Bible story at  time come Sunday. 


8. Moi, Renart

Loved this one. The cool fox, his foxy lady and his conniving friends all made for a fantastic watch.

9. Samba Et Leuk

I don’t know why I called this show Samba et Luc. After further investigation, I’ve found out it’s really called Samba Leuk Marana…;( Since when? Anyway, I loved a good African cartoon and this was one of them.


10. Les Aventures De Bosco

My dear Abricotine! How can I forget her! This aired on CRTV in 1992/93 every Sundays. Time flies eh? I’m definitely watching this one all over. I can’t remember why but I was really into it.


11. Flying house

I used to get this mixed up with Superbook because it was another cartoon about Bible stories. But I actually preferred this because what happened was they lived in a flying house which would land in a different place and time in every episode and they would relive the Bible story they had stumbled upon. 


12. Les Jumeaux Du Bout Du Monde

Meaning ‘The Twins Of Destiny’, I don’t even remember the story line in this but watching the opening song makes me feel some kind of way. I miss everything 😦


13. Pif et Hercules

Dog and cat comic strips were a dime a dozen back then (and even now) but this was a special one. Their love/hate relationship was a thing of mere adorableness to a kid like myself back then.


14. Sesame Street

Not really a cartoon but this was one of the biggest kids’show of all time. I had so many favourite characters; Guy Smiley, Ernie & Bert, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count whom I called The Coconut Counting Man…


15. Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke and the naught Dalton Brothers. Who didn’t love them? I was hooked as a worm! His cool factor? The straw he was always chewing on.

16. Road Runner

Or the cartoon everyone called ‘Beep Beep’. This was hilarious as hell. A cartoon about the fastest ostrich on this earth and he coyote that never learnt his lesson. I felt sorry for him really. Did her finally end up getting anything to eat? 


17. Olive et Tom

I wonder how kids this cartoon inspired to play football. A cartoon about this little kid with extraordinary football skills. I was in love…;)


18. Kimboo

Kimboo et Kita, who didn’t love these mischievous siblings and their parrot friend? This Franco-Ivorian cartoon won over the hearts of many a Cameroonian child. Kita became a popular word coined for girls who sported her famous cornrows.


19. Bonjour Les Bébés

Man I was way too old to be be watching this program for babies! But everyone did. It was such a Sunday classic. Hahahaha.


20. Clementine

This was one of my favourite cartoons but it spooked the hell out of me. I think it was the creepy ass ghost lady in the bubble. What an enchanting show though. I need to find the box set ASAP.


21. Raconte Moi Une Histoire

All my favourite fairy tales and stories recounted to me one day at a time. Sweet nothings…:)


22. Les Snorky

Qui qui qui sont les snorkies? Well, they are these strange underwater cuties with antenna-like appendages on their heads.


23. La Vie

This came on. Infrequently. Like a treat. A cartoon about the anatomy of the human body. Exciting stuff.


24. Enigma

My kind of girl. Ordinary girl next by day. Super heroine hot diva by night. Loved her costume. It was dope. The slayage she executed was out of this world. 


25. Johnny Bravo

One of the few shows we watched in English. The very smexy Johnny Bravo. His body can only be rivalled by that of David Beckham. Or so he thought. (To be fair he had the body of a gym obsessed male). Helloooo ladies! Meet the guy with the best pick up lines in cartoon history. His lines were so bad they were good. Ladies’ man 😉


26. Les Aventuriers De L’Espace

The baddie in this cartoon was a bat and he scared the living daylights out of me!


27. Flintstones

Ei yababadabadooooo! Another fun cartoon that was broadcast in English. This cartoon may or may not have started the one shoulder trend (check out the wives). Not to talk of the frayed hem trend…


28. The Smurfs

Or Les Schtroumpfs as we watched this in French. They reminded me of the seven dwarfs. Miss them.


29. Les Polluards

I can only the dance from the opening credits. What a catchy routine. I was often seen dancing to this…


30. Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles

I was reading this book when they aired this so I very intrigued. Loved this cartoon so much. Awww. Sadly, the movie about Alice In Wonderland did not appeal to me that much.


31. Les Milles et Une Nuits

What a treat! I loved this, theme song and all.


32. Robin Fusée

God I hated this one. It just wasn’t my cup of tea for some reason. Too many space cartoon on TV, and that stupid guy who ate too much arrghhh! 


Wow. I thought I had 15 cartoons to write about but I’ve remembered over 30. How crazy is that. My head is swarmed with memories. How many more can you come up with? Because I know this is not all of it. As many as these seem, it always felt back then like there was never enough animated programmes on TV. Always News, News, News…:( LOL. 

I’m still such a huge cartoon fan though. Phineas & Ferb, Totally Spies, Brandy & Mr Whiskers are amongst some of my current faves 🙂

Anyway what can you come up with? Share please!

I need to find full episodes of some these cartoons. My kids have to watch these! As bad as some of the graphics look, they are innocent little heart-warming stories. Free off all the exaggerated technology and overworked programmes we have on TV today.

Don’t you think?

What did you watch as a kid?

Share your #ThrowbackThursday memories with us. It would be interesting to know what children watched in other countries.

I might make this a regular Thursday feature. (On to the next category!)

Share, Like, Rate & Comment

Love & Light

Lydie xx



Let’s get this Friday started! I decided to do this post because I seriously get green with envy each time I see someone effortlessly rocking the buzz cut trend which I attempted once but finally ended up going for a mohawk instead. While my short hair days may or may not be be over, here are my top 10 blogger faves when it comes to consistency on maintaining that Alek Wek look. They sure do know how to look chic and trendy in a short haircut.
This post would also be an amazing source of inspiration for all my fierce stylistas who are sporting this look as well. Hope these bold and bald (sorry that was the only word that came to mind as I was rhyming) bloggers give you some inspiration on how to style your buzz cut this summer.
Disclaimer: I use the term bald loosely here to describe any bloggers rocking anything from the buzz cut up to about 3 inches long hair. 
Also: They are not in any specific order.

1.Zeinabou of The Shoe Gawker

Zeinabou describes her blog as the daily musings of a village girl, which I highly suspect she is not. What she is, is a gorgeous Zimbabwe-born unapologetic trendsetter with a blonde buzz-cut and a killer body. Her style is out of this world chic and unique. And that haircut only adds to her personality. If you’re looking for fearless ways to rock your buzz-cut, you need to stop by Zeinabou’s blog.

2. Rose Lazard of Dadouchic

It’s hard to believe Ms. Rose has only been on the blogging scene for only over a year. Her colourful ensembles, sultry lip colours and that unique buzz cut have won her a bunch of intrigued readers. Read more about Rose on her Style Diary.

3. Style Enthusiast

(Sings while typing: Oh na na, what’s her name…?) She describes herself as a pedantic, easily amused, tomboy at heart, 100% heterosexual style enthused young woman. Now that is an apt description. The Style Enthusiast loves menswear and is downright movie buff. She’s giving me modern + edgy and I like it! For tips on how to rock that buzz cut with a touch of tomboy while still looking feminine look up her blog. 

4. Philomena of Philomena Kwao

This British Ghanaian plus-size model has one of the most stunning faces ever. What I love about her Tumblr is that she rocks different wig styles so you can get great hair ideas if you’re running out of ways to rock your cut. 

I need a braid wig like this.


philomena kwao

5.The Messy Wardrobe

First off, this blogger’s wardrobe is far from messy. This queen is serving Erykah Badu realness with a modern on-trend feel. And she knows just how to wear her hair. Never runs out of ways to rock it. A beanie here, a hairpiece there; get’em girl!

6. Created Love

This blogger is giving real fierceness. Wish my hair was that sleek. Love her braids too. Work them baby hairs girl 🙂

7.Breanna of I Can Only Be Bre

Breanna Joli Carthern  can only be herself and that’s what we love about her. Her flawless skin and vintage inspired style are only contributing factors to why she’s such a stand out beaut. Be yourself  Bre, you rock.

8.  Micah of Control Creatif

If I looked this fierce with my hair all shaved off, I would never grow it out again! Micah Gianneli of Control Creatif is a sexy androgynous Freelance Stylist and Design Consultant. Unfortunately, I’ve only just found out about this blogger. I wish I’d done so earlier ’cause she definitely would have made the top of my list of my Top 40 Asian Bloggers because Micah (and her co-blogger Jesse) are most definitely IT!

micah gianneli


9. Jennifer of Fur Bananas

Before you ask: Her name is Jennifer. Fur is short for Jennifer. Bananas is one of the many words Jennifer uses to describe herself. In effect she’s Furbananas! I love Jennifer’s blog because she knows how to do high fashion looks at a total steal! Her hair only add to her coolness 🙂

10. Ariel of Faintly Masculine

Ariel may look familiar to you, that’s because she was on my Top 40 Bloggers of Colour.   Ariel gets away with the ‘chilling-with-no-makeup-on’ look every time. She also pulls off male clothing like no man’s business and that hair is gorgeous. 78j  

11. Zahrya of Beauty by Zahrya

Zahrya is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist from California. She’s also one of the fiercest bald black beauties I’ve stumbled upon. I swear every time I go on her Tumblr page, I want to cut my hair and dye it. But then again, a voice of wisdom reminds me that I can’t pull it off as well as she does. 

12. Mari of A Dash of Flair

Classy. Chic. Less is more. Are all words that spring to mind when I visit Mari’s blog. She keeps her looks clean and trendy. Plus that hair cut was so made for her face I swear.

This picture is giving me a Dawn Richard vibe.

13. Abi of Abi Chanel

Abi’s Tumblr is so much fun to go through because she’s always serving fresh outfits and poses. Yes, one thing Abi doesn’t seem to run out of is a new facial expression in every picture:) I also love that she finds new ways to wear her short hair. Colour, beanies, sleeked back and turbans are some of the many ways she does it. Make sure you check her out!

14. Ciondra of My MakeUp Addiction

The very stunning Ciondra Cameron  is a self-taught make up artist and licensed cosmetologist. i stumbled upon her on her sister’s, Zahrya (above), Tumblr page. Unfortunately Ciondra doesn’t have a site but she is such a stunner and she’s slaying that oxblood low cut so much I just couldn’t resist 🙂 Visit her Instagram page for hair ideas and to see her makeup tutorials. 75ee22beddc611e2ab5f22000ae911b1_7

15. Denisio of The Ravenous Creator

Denisio describes herself as a  West African, freckle-faced weirdo. I beg to differ. Her face is distinctively unique and her freckles are absolutely freaking gorgeous.  The short hair and colour work well for her face and if you are looking for a creative blogger that is unique, stylish and a vintage princess then look no further. There were so many good pictures on the Ravenous Creator’s blog and I just couldn’t decide which to pick but here are my favourites:

ravenous creator

Denisio showcasing a Maasai Choker

16. Keira of Keira Rowland

Keira is another makeup artist from New York City. 

Sidenote: Notice how all these makeup and beauty experts keep their manes short and tamed? Could long hair be a distraction from our facial features? I’ll have to look into that. 

Anywho, Keira is stunning and her skin looks amazing. There’s a certain sheen to it. Plus she’s working those cheek bones like a pro. Keira features a loty of different makeup tutorials on her blog. Her hair also evolves quite often so you’ll never run short of new things to look out for on her blog. 

17. Kris of The Kris Bliss

Kristin Brooks is a songwriter/musician whose blogs takes you on a very interesting journey. One thing I love about Kris is her eclectic outfit and statement jewellery pieces. Most of all I love how rapidly her hair grows back into a mini fro every time she gives it a chop (I wish!) Kris is yet another example of how to stay rock any hair cut and still look fab.

18. Ferriss of Urbnvntg

‘Ferriss Mason is a professional stylist and President of Urban Vintage Style Management, a cutting edge boutique styling brand that fuses contemporary style and concepts with vintage and classic clothing…’ her bio says. I can sum up Ferriss in a few words: Fierce  Awesome. Strong. Ferriss gives off a very strong and independent vibe and she’s super gorgeous. she pulls off her buzz cut like none other and I love how her blog has so many different parts to it. There’ll definitely be something for you on there. Make sure to drop by.

19. Nell of Nell The Model

Nell Coleman has one very memorable profile. No wonder she’s a model. She’s serving Grace Jones realness in the shot below. I love how she rocks the same cut but goes from looking fierce in one  shot to totally girly in the next one. Werk girl!

I’m in love with this pic of Nell Coleman

20. Diamond of Diamond Janae

This girl will give me hypertension one day” I swear every time I visit her blog, her unexpected and unique pairings shock me. She is one of a kind. Not only is she rocking hot vintage/eccentric styles but she’s also sporting a bold and beautiful ‘frohawk. If you’re up for some colour and out of the ordinary personality in style then Diamond is your girl.

21. Florie of Peanut Butter Trysts

You must read about Florie from her Style Diary feature a few months ago. She’s D.O.P.E. If this doesn’t make you want to cut your hair, bleach it and get a septum ring then I don’t know what will. Be it in box braids, a buzz cut or low curls Florie stays slaying.

22. Ellez of Guru Ellez

In her own words, Ellez is a ‘bah bah blonde sheep.’  She is such a bold and bald fierce lady. Despite the buzz cut she still manages to look very feminine and trendy in her outfir posts. Lovely stuff!

23. Nia of  Wear In The World Nia

Natural beauty Nia Groce just recently created a new link for her blog over at Wear in the World Nia. But most of her earlier followers will know her as Nia from Nia Fashionista. She was featyured on Style Diary. This girl has some of the best statement jewellery I have seen! And it’s a good thing because there is no hair to detract from their beauty. 

Nia Groce

24. Aiesha of Aiesha k Myles

Aiesha is a stunning plus size sporter of a fabulous buzz cut. I have not been able to find a blog linking to her Tumblr pictures so I’ve linked this entry to her Facebook where you’ll find amazing snaps of her styling her cut in different ways.

25. Like Water 4 Chocolate

This lady’s cut is everything. I can see where Will.I.Am got his new hair idea from…#copycat! Anywho, she’s a stunner and Iove the way she carries herself and looks extremely chic while doing so. I wish I could have gotten more #selfies out of her Tumblr page.

26. Autumn of Autumn Perez 

Autumn is a professional full figured model, makeup artist and hairstylist so she is basically her own canvas. Autumn posts about a lot of new hairstyles, especially wigs so if you’re rocking a similar cut and need ideas on how to play with new looks, Autumn is your wing girl 🙂 Visit her Facebook too for even more looks!

27. Nel of Girls of Plenty

Nel is bold,shiny bald and not afraid to flaunt her curves. She offers plenty of herself, she’s got plenty to say, plenty of style to show off and expects plenty. Continue dishing out the lovely posts Nel, we’re loving them!

28. Wilma of Fashion Sambapita

Wilma Nicole is Made in Luanda (Angola) Fabricate in Lisboa (Portugal) and distributed worldwide. This lady is simply too cool. She does eclectic like none other and makes it look so effortless. Keep doing your thing Wilma, you rock!

29. The Immaculate Beauty

The blog title aptly describes this blogger. She’s a stunner. She opts for low simply and easy to achieve hairstyles. Visit her Tumblr for more looks.

30. Zizzi of Zizzi’s Wardrobe

I knew she’d do it! I have been following Zizzi’s hair chronicles for quite a while now. She never ran out of ways to style her side braids. Now she’s gone bald and still looks as good as always. She’s only been bald a few weeks now but Zizzi is always one to watch, so keep an eye out on her blog for bold ideas.


Shamar Clay 

Shamar Clay is my ‘bonus’ because I cannot seem to find any of her social media online links. Her blog has been taken down which is sad because she’s amazeballs. Shamar, if you’re reading this please get back to blogging. You slayed! Here are a few pics of Shamar anyway:


And there you have it. My list of bold bloggers with shaved heads. They are all fabulous and pull off the short afro styles amazingly well.

Who were your favourites?

Did you find this post interesting and/or helpful?

It has certainly enlightened me. 

Drop a comment and let me know which category you’d like to see next.

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