Naturalistas share their secrets, tips and struggles to maintaining long, thick healthy natural hair.


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TGIF! I’m in the mood for a new Naturalista post.

Kicking off the weekend with this Fabulous Fro Queen, Lichelle.


My name is Lichelle, and I live in NYC. I’m a Natural hair and Beauty Blogger. I post Natural hair and Makeup tips on my IG and website pages, and I love inspiring women to go natural across the globe.

What’s your heritage?

I identify my heritage as being multi-cultural. We all came from the same source. 🙂

What was your hair like before you went natural?

My hair was relaxed and straight up until 2010

Why did you go natural?

When I went natural, I didn’t realize what it meant to “Go natural”. I cut my hair because it looked damaged and unhealthy. Little did I know that there was a whole natural hair community just waiting for me to embrace it, and for it to embrace me.

Bantu Knot Out Pictorial using “As I am” double butter cream

Did you Big Chop or Transition?

I Big chopped after a one week transition (which I hardly even call a transition Lol ) It was definitely random. But I loved it!

How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural since May 2010. May 30th will mark my 4 year anniversary of bring natural.


What’s your regimen?

I keep my regimen simple. I shampoo or cleanse my hair with a clay mask once a week, and I co-wash whenever needed. I follow that with a deep conditioner, and seal my hair with coconut oil.


Do you protective style or just let your curls be?

I can say that I hardly ever protective style. I keep my hair free flowing the majority of my days, but I will be protective styling more often.


What are your favourite natural hairstyles?

Buns, updos, and wash and fro’s 

Twist out
Wrap Scarf Updo
Bantu Knots Out


Tips to share?

To achieve maximum volume, use an afro pick and pull at the roots. Also get your hair professionally trimmed at least once every 3-6 months to get rid of damaged or spit ends. Make sure to protect your ends with a satin bonnet at night to help retain length, and finger detangle your hair to reduce shedding and breakage from daily or weekly styling.


Have you ever been tempted to relax?

I have never been tempted to relax, thankfully 🙂


Your favourite products

Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, Dark and Lovely’s “Hair butter”, Miss Jessie’s “Butter creme”, Carols’s Daughter “Healthy hair butter”, and Entwine Couture” Afrodisia Leave-in”


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Shea Moisture is my favourite range too. Love the hair Baroness! Thanks for sharing. I just realised am posting this on the 30th of May, so happy 4th Nappy Anniversary!

I’ve received a few mails asking for Relaxed hair divas to feature too! So if you’ve got relaxed hair that is well taken care of, please email to be considered for a feature.

Stay tuned.

Love & Light

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It’s Wednesday and it’s about time I caught up on one of my favourite ABY features, ABY Naturalista! Today Freda Fro shares her natural dos and don’ts.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Alfreda Ashiofu, but most people on the web know me as Freda Fro. I’m 20 yrs old, a health major, and I was born and raised in Nigeria but currently reside in Texas.

What’s your heritage (roots)? 

I’m 100% Nigerian, as far as I know tracing back to several of my “forefathers” lol!


What was your hair like before you went natural?

I was growing it out from my boarding school low cut, and it had been relaxed for a little over three years. My hair however would always come out looking texlaxed no matter the strength of the relaxer or how long it was left on for! However, it was about APL and full before I stopped relaxing.

Straightened natural hair without blowdry.


Why did you go natural?

By accident, I just stopped getting relaxers because of band and cologuard practice, then I cut my hair into a short bob. soon after I washed it after God knows how long!, and I saw curls….I relaxed at a young age, so “natural hair” was a stranger to me at that time.

 Did you go Big Chop or transition?

I unknowingly transitioned, and still big chopped anyways.

How long have you been natural?

2 years and 6 months


What’s your hair regimen or routine?

I co-wash my hair in 6-7 sections using Silkience Silky-Smooth Moisturizing Conditioner, I generally finger detangle, but when I’m in a hurry I use a wide tooth detangling comb. After washing, I dry my hair with a T-shirt, apply the same conditioner I use to co-wash then seal it in with my shea butter mix or crisco shortening. Once a week I deep condition my hair with my diy palm oil mix(recipe can be found on my blog). Every now and then I do test out products for review purposes and end up using a shampoo.


Do you protective style or go with the flow?

I normally create about 20 twists with my hair and wear it for a week or two, then afterwards wear it as a twistout.

Your favourite/go to hair styles?

Flat twist & puff, Cornrow out, twist outs, twists, curlformer sets, and wash n’ go’s.

Any tips or tricks you have to share with readers?

When I shampoo, I like to condition and detangle with a comb first, then apply the shampoo over the conditioner. I find that it saves time as opposed to pre-pooing, and it also prevents the shampoo from stripping the hair of too much moisture.


Have you ever been tempted to relax?

Nope! I hated the relaxed look on me.

Your favourite products or brands

Most of the stuff used on my hair a re DIY, but I do love the Silkience Silky-Smooth Conditioner, a few Pantene products and the Eden Body Works All Natural Deep Conditioner.



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Thanks for sharing with us Alfreda 🙂 

I must say that palm oil DIY tip sounds tempting. I might get up to trying it out.


Did you love this feature? Interested in sharing your tips with us?

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Hey beauties! I’ve realized my beauty and hair posts get most of my traffic (check the sidebar —–> for my MOST POPULAR posts), so I’ve decided to serve up more beauty related material.

Natural hair is tough to maintain! A lot of people have been going natural lately, including moi, so I thought it was best to scout for some SERIOUSLY HOT naturalistas on the web and ask them what they did to maintain their nappy locks.

Not everything may work for everyone. But sometimes it’s just good to know what others are doing, how they are doing and what’s working for them. Get ready to be blown away by this segment. I’ve got a whole list of naturalistas lined up. If you’re on a natural journey yourself and would like to share your growth and tips please email This feature is NOT bloggers or vloggers only. ANYone who is a naturalista is welcome to share. Let’s crack on.

We’re kicking off ABY Naturalista with the fierce Brittney. I asked her  a few fun questions and here’s what she had to say:

A lil intro…My name is Brittney aka Naptural Elenore! Im from Cleveland, Ohio. I love all things beauty. I make regular youtube videos and post makeup and hair looks on instagram. 


Your roots… I’m African American and European

What was your hair like before you went natural? Before I went natural my hair was relaxed.

Why did you decide to go natural? I actually decided to go natural by accident. I was wearing wigs due to hair damage and I eventually got a lot of “new growth” from not relaxing my hair for so long. I was motivated to Big Chop after watching other youtubers.

Did you big chop (BC) or transition? I transitioned for 6 months and then Big Chopped.

How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural for one year and eight months.

Straightened natural hair

What’s your regimen? On wash day, I use an apple cider vinegar treatment for my scalp, pre-poo with coconut oil, co-wash, deep condition and then style my hair.

Do you protective style or go with the flow? The only protective style that I do is when I twist my hair for bed and put on my satin bonnet. If Im not going anywhere the next day then my hair remains in twists.


Your go to style…Two strand twists  🙂

Any styling tips?  Always protect your hair when you go to sleep to prevent breakage. Also, since our hair is naturally dry, moisturizing it daily gives hair elasticity. Remember to seal in the moisture with a butter or oil.

Have you ever been tempted to relax? Nope!

Favourite products…Conditioner! Whenever I go to the store I’m always putting conditioner in my cart! Lately I’ve been really liking Tresemme Naturals and Eden Body Works deep conditioner.

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Your hair is as fierce as your makeup Brittney. You look fantastic!

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Have a fashionably fabulous weekend.

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