OOTD: Pink or Blue…

baby sex reveal post

We’re having a…


My instincts were 100% on the money! And so were a lot of you πŸ™‚ I was about 80% convinced it was a boy for some reason. Maybe because when you are pregnant you notice a lot of kids! And a lot of the kids I saw were the cutest little boys ever and that just made me yearn for a little boy so bad. Also the kicks this baby delivers are so strong, I just knew it ain’t no baby girl who can kick this hard. LOL. Some days though, I would look forward to having a girl and sharing those priceless Mummy & Me moments with her. I tried not to be bias in whatever sex I wished for but we’re humans and it can’t be helped sometimes.

I only just realised I had more boy names on my list than girl names…So I guess I was leaning towards boy more. Hahahahaha. Soon as we found out I was over the moon. I was already bonding with this baby but knowing the sex just seems to add an extra layer of personality already.

He’s such an active bundle of joy and he’s starting to develop a schedule with his movements so I look forward to times of the day when he’s up and exploring about my uterus πŸ™‚

My weight…is back to normal. I lost a tremendous amount of weight in the first 3 months so my current weight is actually what it used to be pre-pregnancy. Yep, I’ve been eating everything in sight. I’m guessing this is when I start to double in size. I’ve been avoiding the scales too… 😦

Water retention and bloating…has started to take it’s toll on me. My toes look like like little pigs in a blanket. Hahahahahaha. Lord, I know I laughed at Kim Kardashian when she sported those perspex Givenchy sandalsΒ without warning us when she was pregnant…But please be kind to me. LOL. Let this not be my predicament please Lord.

Stretch marks…have kept their distance so far. I haven’t noticed any. Praise God! Β At what stage do the make their debut because I am ready to annihilate them. I have been moisturising with my belly butter morning and night. I am prone to stretch marks though so I know it’s only a matter of time. Urghhh.

The toilet break stories…are true. This baby must be stomping on my bladder because I literally need to pee every half hou 😦

My gym membership…might as well be cancelled. Because I haven’t been since I got knocked up. I’m so unfit right now. I hear post-pregnancy bodies are made DURING pregnancy. Well, my post-baby must need divine intervention because I’m so unfit right now. I tried to squat the other day and pulled a muscle. Aarghhh.

The one very good thing…about this pregnancy is I’ve had no breakouts since! Like my skin has never looked better. My breakouts are usually caused by my periods so now that Aunt Flo is on holiday, guess whose skin Β flourishing?! I may have the worst nausea but this acne-free is such a great reward. Is there to maintain this flawlessness post-baby? I need to know.

I do not have any super weird cravings but… I’m still not able to stomach any sweet or flavoured drinks. I have living on purely ice-cold water for months now. Which is weird because I never used to be a big water drinker.

I also have the appetite… of a professional athlete. I need to be stopped. I just heap massive portions on my plate and feel bad later. Help me. Β Hahahahahaha.

I’ve still got… a super sensitive nose. Like seriously, I’m over it at this point. It ruins many things for me as most things have a super strong smell. I’ll just have to accept the fact that it won’t dissipate until this baby pops out. So the countdown is ongoing.

I think that’s just about everything bump-related covered.

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