OOTD: Wrap Up

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About that twist life…

Hey ABYers, this is a quick post about what I wore last week and a little bump update so I’ll Β keep it short.

I’ve been feeling…really great lately! I was 17 weeks when I took these photos. My energy levels are almost back to normal so I took the time out to give my hair a real good wash and proper twist out.

My wardrobe…needs updating 😦 I can just about squeeze into my jeans and trousers but they’ve becomes so uncomfortable. The only thing I can wear on a daily basis are my dresses. I’m planning on not spending much on overpriced maternity clothing. I’ll just buy a few more dresses a size up and rotate them.

My appetite…is a beast. LOL. I mean compared to me a couple months ago, I am eating A LOT! I have found a steady supply of my favourite Cameroonian dishes which I crave so badly so I’ve been cooking those daily. Ekwang especially is always on the menu.

The sickness…isn’t completely gone but I’m just happy I can eat normally again.

My hyper sensitive sense of smell…is still here and very much alive. Everything reeks (apart from my favourite dishes obviously hahaha). When does this go away because it’s just the worst thing ever. I’m constantly cleaning and dusting everything. Urghhhh!

I’m surprised that…the shopaholic in me hasn’t gone overboard…yet. I haven’t bought a single thing yet. I’m doing so well hahaha! I guess after the sex reveal the reality will hit and I’ll get to shopping!

My boobs…seem to be growing faster than my bump at this rate. Jeeez. Hahaha.

Oooh and we find out the sex… in a few days. Psyched!

The exhaustion… is real.

I’ve also turned…into my mother. Or is it just motherly instincts. I’ve started knitted a blanket already. Who knew knitting could be so relaxing? I wish I’d started doing it sooner!

Something exciting…happened! I have been feeling baby’s first movements and kicking. I can’t wait to hug this trooper πŸ™‚ In love already ❀

Wishing you a blessed weekend and thanks for reading!

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