OOTD: Cosy Cardi


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This beautiful apricot colourblock cardigan from Sheinside has come in rather handy.

I love it to bits. Perfect for months like these when you leave your house thinking; ‘Ooooh, it’s the start of Spring,’ and then it snowing by midday.

Major WELP.

I was also in this same frame of mind when I decided it would be a good idea to get a salon-quality blow-dry and cut at Francesco Hair Salon (who by the way do Afro hair brilliantly!) because my hair was begging for it.

It was my first flat iron since I went natural 2 years ago. Needless to say it lasted a few hours. And to be fair I was feeling the straight hair. Y’all know nappy hair will snap right back into position at the slightest drop of water… 😦

What I AM feeling though is the smoothness. As bigΒ as my hair looks now, it feels smoother than a baby’s bottom. There’s not a knot or tangle in sight. My twist outs have been seamless. I could get used to this. How come I can’t et my hair to feel like this at home? DARN.

I don’t want to getΒ used to blow-drying but it was good while it lasted. I need alternatives to this.

OUTFIT: Sheinside apricot colourful cardigan, Oasis jeans , Nude heels

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