Blogging Is No Cake

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I have been so out of touch lately. I am usually an ardent reader of fashion and celebrity blogs. My favourite and number one source of gossip being the Daily Mail. They publish the pettiest crap which naturally I find very entertaining. But I’ve been so out of it lately that I wasn’t even aware Kim had a baby boy. Geez. I feel so uncool and out of touch hahaha.

So imagine my utter surprise and disappointment when I checked one of my all time favourite fashion blogs yesterday evening, only to find out she was closing down her website. I shed real tears I kid you not.

If anyone asked me what I aspired my blog to be in a few years I always said Red Carpet fashion Awards. Catherine Kallon is always on the money with her critique. She always has full details on where to get what. She worked around the clock. Her blog was spot on and not your average fashion blog. She styled herself like an EDITOR (which is what I am striving for). She got invited to the most coveted parties and events. It’s so sad that she’ll be closing down her blog. She and Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily are the two black women I looked up to in this fashion blogging business. Linda Ikeji is another lady who has influenced so many start-ups due to to the fact that her blog made her a billionaire.

I don’t know her reasons for signing off permanently, but it just made me realise Blogging is not all bread and butter. IT IS ONE TOUGH MOTHERFUCKER.

People say to me sometimes, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you got a free dress. I am starting my blog TODAY! All I have to do take a few pictures of myself every day and people will follow me…’

And I’m like, OOOKAY.

I check back on them in a couple months to see how the blog is doing and they’re all, ‘No one’s even commenting on my blog and I work so many late hours. It’s on hold for now…’


Nothing is ever peanuts.

Blogging is no cake especially when you have a full time job. I update posts on my way to work. Try to write on  my break. Get up an earlier to schedule posts…

I wasn’t even doing OOTD posts when I started off. I only introduced my personal style about 2 years down the line after debating with myself for a long time.

Blogging takes a lot out of you. Sometimes, I can’t even come up with a bloody outfit title L

And it’s not just my time I’m using up now on my blog. It’s my husband’s too. We can only do photoshoots on days when he and I both are free.

And you know how boyfriends/husbands feel about blogging

I won’t even go into the social media aspect of it. The part where you constantly feel like, why can’t I be as perfect as her? Why is her life so GOALS?

Goals. A word I hate BTW.

You must have heard about Essena O’Neill’s story. She quit Instagram after achieving over 500K followers.

Whatever your hardship with blogging, always remember to put yourself first.

Like I said, I don’t know why Catherine is closing down her site, but I commend her for making that decision.

It must have been SUPER TOUGH.

But at the end of the day. We come first. Blogging can be toxic. And sometimes we’re just a whole lot better off without it.

Was blogging what you expected? How do you handle the pressure?

May the forces be with our blogs. x

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