OOTD: Pull & Bear

pull n bear grey knit ribbed co ord a

Have you ever tried explaining what a blog is to a 84-year-old?

Mathew’s Nan has the coolest backyard garden in Rugeley so when I found out we were going over to hers for Sunday dinner, I packed my camera and lens kit in my bag and off we went. After lunch, I whipped out my camera and asked Matty to snap away. She spied me from her kitchen window breaking into all these poses and obviously got curious. She asked me what the occasion was and I said I was a blogger…

But before the very confusing conversation of explaining what a blog/blogger was ensued – (What is a blog? Why do people give two dams what you’re wearing or where you bought it? Do you KNOW these people? Why don’t you just keep a REAL diary? Didn’t they teach you not to talk to strangers?) ; Mathew jumped in and clarified; ‘She has a website and she loves taking pictures.’ Simples.

Which really is what I usually say as I’ve come to realise that despite the apparent saturation of blogs in this new age, many people still do not know what a blog is. I won’t even try with my parents. I’m still trying to get them to join Facebook and WhatsApp…

Do your friends and family know about your website or are you keeping it all alter-ego-ish and under wraps?

Bought this Pull & Bear grey knit ribbed co-ord in Spain in the summer. It’s my best holiday buy yet. Too comfy and chic. And chic is always a winner.

PS: This is the other bag I got my vintage trip to Cow Vintage. So many finds, so little money!

OUTFIT: Pull & Bear grey knit knot jumper and trousers, Hotsoles sandals (current faves), Bag from Cow Vintage Birmingham.

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