OOTD: Tan Nude

tan nude 4a

Happy month of June baybes!! I can’t believe it’s raining today. We haven’t seen any proper rise in temperatures in England so far. And people blame me for not ‘working on my summer bod‘ just yet?  

This post was scheduled for Friday but by the time I got home I just crashed and put off any blogging for the weekend. I’m still on that tan, nude and rust colour scheme. I haven’t worn colour in a while, I feel so strange but I’m loving it. I’ve been all monochrome and nude lately. I even went ahead and wore a nude lipstick which for me is big because I am ALWAYS in a bright lip. I am surprised I loved this absolutely! I was like okay, Mac, bring on the nudes! I have like 3 nude lipsticks now. LOL. 

I took out my braids 2 weeks ago and my curls were all back and bouncy like a spring chicken! I have been thinking about adding highlights/colour to my dye but we’ll see if I go through with that in the next few weeks. I watched a few videos on YouTube and so many of them literally scared me into seriously rethinking dyeing my hair? Naturalistas reading this, what are the pros and cons? All I need is just a few streaks of colour…it can’t be that damaging right?

Thanks for reading my blog and wishing you a very adventurous summer and a blessed June. 

NB: Notice how ready I was to break into a Usain Bolt-like sprint when that dog tried to befriend me? I love dogs but from a distance! As soon as they come close, I’m like stay in your lane DAWG. #NoCuddleZone :/

Outfit: Cognac Casarolo tie high heels by Aldo, New Look Ribbed tan skirt, New Look polo turtleneck top.

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