worst celebrity style of 2014

I’ve been all about less blogging more eating and stuffing myself up lately. Sorry! But today I managed to resurface from under my duvet, dust off my laptop and carry on from where I left off. Naturally, I’m feeling super bloated after stuffing my face with all the Banoffee Pie I could find in the shops and I ain’t feeling to good about it. So I am back to pick on fashion offenders. Yes, I will be hitting the gym but I’ve got a few more days until the New Year to see that resolution come to pass… ๐Ÿ˜‰

First, let’s get off steam on the celebrities whose fashion choices were not up to par this year. Whose style didn’t impress? Who was dressed to kill (the party)? Who needs a style makeover in 2015? These are my top 5 picks: Continue reading “Celebrities Who Need A Style Makeover in 2015 (Worst Dressed of 2014)”


most improved style of 2014


As fashion lovers, we find ourselves evolving from one trend or craze to the next. What’s treasured in our closets today finds itself chucked in the bin the next day. We are constantly reinventing our style whether we are aware of it or not. This category comprises of celebrities whose style have gone from passable or ouch to okay-now-you’ve-got-my-attention. It ranges from celebrities who have dialled down their OTT fashions a notch to those who have added some pep to their formerly snooze-worthy wardrobes. Let’s get into it! Continue reading “Most Improved Celebrity Style of 2014”

Fashion photographer Victoria Janashvili has spent years snapping pics of some of today’s hottest and most famous models; now, she’s publishing an art book of photographs that breaks boundaries and stereotypes and celebrates all bodiesโ€”short, tall, skinny, curvy, and of all ethnicitiesโ€”starting with models Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina.ย 

Continue reading “Let’s Talk Art: Fashion Photographer Victoria Janashvili To Release New Book ‘Curves’ Celebrating The Body of Curvy Women (NSFW)”


Karrueche Tranย is simply having a wonderful Christmas time! Girl grabbed Christmas dinner with her friends at Aventine in Hollywood looking all glittery and Christmassy in a ยฃ57ย Red Alert Metallic Shimmer Dress from Nasty Gal.ย ย  Continue reading “Karrueche Tran in Nasty Gal Red Alert Metallic Shimmer Dress – Christmas Dinner at Aventine in Hollywood”

The Apprentice UK wound up its finals yesterday and Australian salesman Mark Wright emerged as winner ย with his business module Climb Online. Runner up, Bianca Millerย however stole our hearts with her high end skin tone tights idea.

She stepped out looking gorgeous in ยฃ225ย Susan Floral Print Full Skirt by LK Bennett. She accessorized with glitter grey flats and a beautiful grey mac coat. I need to find it. It’s beautiful! This look is very laid back and chic and Bianca looks beautiful. Continue reading “The Apprentice Runner Up Bianca Miller Looks Gorgeous in LK Bennett Floral print Skirt – Press Interviews”

whore it better: Red Lace Gidgette Dress by Randi Rahm Better: Ashanti or Miranda Lambert

Ashanti stepped out looking all prim and proper in this gorgeous Red Lace Gidgette Dress by Randi Rahm that Miranda Lambert wore to the Kentucky Derby event back in May 2014. Continue reading “Who Wore This Red Lace Gidgette Dress by Randi Rahm Better: Ashanti or Miranda Lambert”

Khloe Kardashian strutted her stuff through California while filming in a black leather skirt, mirrored glasses and ยฃ85 RAILS Hunter Button Down Tartan Shirt.ย A pair of black ยฃ495 Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps lifted up the casual chic ensemble. Continue reading “Khloe Kardashian in Rails Hunter Button Down Tartan Shirt – Filming Her Show In California”

So this #InstagramRapture had me in in fits and kept me up laughing like mad last night. I saw this message on Insta when I logged on last week and thought, ooohย this is not going to go down too well. Continue reading “Instagram Won’t Let Celebrities and Bloggers Be Great : Instagram Did A Clean Sweep and Some Folks Got Hit Pretty bad. LOL”