I was doing a Style Diary post when I saw this post on the Fashion Bomb Blog????!!

I just can’t concentrate now! My hands are shaking. I’ll cut this post short, sorry :/

Kim Kardashian looked stunning as she stepped out of a studio in Las Vegas wearing a Custom Made Michael Costello Nude Metallic Chiffon Wrap Dress which she complemented with  Saint Laurent Pumps.

The dress features a low v neck detail and thigh high slit due its wrap nature. Her coif was well kept in a wavy side swept style and her makeup natural. Sexay! I love this. Perfect for summer. She loves nude and nude loves her. Werk!

Are you feeling this maxi dress? 

View similar styles from the Michael Costello Couture collection:

Get similar styles here:

£45 Bakiya Nude Lace Cut Out Maxi Dress, Missguided

£35, Asos Kimono Sleeves Wrap maxi Dress, ASOS

£59 Forever Unique Lowri Nude Maxi Dress, Girl Meets Dress (Hire)

£65, Chi Chi London Plunge Maxi Embellished Nude Dress, ASOS


Would you rock this?

Love & Light 

Lydie xx


In the month of July alone, so many things have gone wrong that one is more than tempted to connect these events to the ‘End Times’ as predicted by John in the Bible book of Revelations. 

Two plane crashes, terrorism in Gaza, more Boko Haram kidnappings and manslaughter…and now an apparent Ebola outbreak.

Amidst everything going on, the best way to stay safe is to be know what this dreaded disease is.

What Is Ebola?

-Ebola viral disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever is a highly infectious illness with fatality rates up to 90 percent according to the U.N. World Health Organization.

-It first appeared in 1976 in two simultaneous outbreaks – in Nzara, Sudan; and in Yambuku, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The latter was in a village situated near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name.

-Reports of human infections usually first emerge in remote areas that are in proximity to tropical rain forests, where humans can come into contact with animals such as chimpanzees, gorillas and forest antelope.


-The consumption of bush meat is often a precursor to such outbreaks. 

-The WHO says fruit bats are probably the natural host for the virus.

How Do You Get Ebola?

-The virus is known to live in fruit bats, and normally affects people living in or near tropical rainforests.

-It is introduced into the human population through close contact with the sweat, blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals such as chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines found ill or dead or in the rainforest.

-The virus spreads through contact with bodily fluids of someone who is infected. 

-The virus then spreads in the community through human-to-human transmission, with infection resulting from direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) and indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids.

-The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the disease is not contagious until a person begins to show symptoms.

-A big problem in West Africa is that burial ceremonies, in which mourners have direct contact with the body of the deceased person, can increase the spread of the disease because a person can transmit the virus even after death.

-Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to seven weeks after recovery from illness.


Symptoms of Ebola

-Symptoms begin with fever, muscle pain and a sore throat, then rapidly escalate to vomiting, diarrhoea and internal and external bleeding.

-The incubation period, that is, the time interval from infection with the virus to onset of symptoms, is from two to 21 days.

-Health workers are at serious risk of contracting the disease – two American doctors have already contracted it, and a Liberian medic has died. Sierra Leone announced on July 23 Sheik Umar Khan, the doctor leading the fight against Ebola in the country, had himself contracted the disease following the deaths of several nurses at the treatment centre where he works.

-Early treatment improves a patient’s chances of survival.


Treatment For Ebola

-There is no vaccine or cure for Ebola.

-Testing to confirm the virus must be done with the highest level of biohazard protection.

-Severely ill patients require intensive supportive. Patients are frequently dehydrated and require oral rehydration with solutions containing electrolytes or intravenous fluids.

A significant problem with the current outbreak is families lose faith in Western medicine, which cannot yet cure the patients. They then take them home to traditional village healers, which often leads the disease to spread.


How Bad Is The Most Recent Outbreak?

-Bad — very, very bad. It’s concentrated in three small West African states: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, where reports of Ebola infections first emerged in February.

-The outbreak has claimed more than 670 lives and, worryingly, infected medical personnel attempting to stop its spread. A prominent Liberian physician died Sunday.

-It has been described as the worst Ebola outbreak in a long time.

-What’s particularly scary, though, was the recent death of a Liberian man in Lagos, the bustling coastal mega-city in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. The man, a consultant for the Liberian government, had traveled from Liberia through an airport in Lome, the capital of Togo, before arriving in Nigeria. 


What Is Being Done To Keep The Outbreak In Control?

-The hospital where the Liberian man who died in Lagos is under lockdown, and the WHO has sent teams to Togo and Nigeria.

-After investigation, it has been found out that 50 people were in contact with the Liberian man in Lagos. These people are undergoing thorough medical checks.

-On Monday, Liberia sealed off most of its border crossings (it has kept its main airport open).

-Nigeria has placed all entry points into the country on “red alert.” The threat of the virus spreading beyond the immediate region remains real, and authorities have to be vigilant. A patient may manifest symptoms of the virus only three weeks after getting infected.

-Arik Air said it took the decision to halt flights as a precautionary measure and called for all inbound flights to Nigeria from Ebola-affected countries to be suspended.

-One of the continuing challenges is getting local populations to abide by the edicts of government authorities and foreign health workers.


-The WHO has repeatedly warned about the risk posed by mourners reclaiming the bodies of the deceased for traditional burial ceremonies. But in some cases during the current outbreak, families have refused to hand over the bodies to officials; some communities have staged roadblocks to halt ambulances and launched protests outside hospitals and clinics.


On A Scale Of 1-10 How Worried Should I Be?

-Ebola has no vaccine or cure but it is NOT unstoppable. If the necessary precautions are taken the spread of the outbreak could be halted. 

-Ebola is not an airborne disease as many fear. You get Ebola by being in contact with an infected person (even after the pass) or consuming infected meat.

-Do you live in an Ebola free zone? Limit travel if you are paranoid about contracting the disease until it has been culled.

-If you live in high risk or Ebola suspected zone, be sure to report ANY slight symptoms as soon as you notice them. Ebola is better resisted when treated early.

-Do not be ashamed to speak to a doctor about any health concerns whether about yourself, partner, family or friend.

Hope this information was useful.

Stay safe. Love & Light.

Lydie xx

Courtesy of Guardian and WHO


Happy last week of July!

Last week was a quiet one for ABY. But not this week! I’ve got a lot of exciting posts lined up starting off with hot looks from the weekend. Who sizzled and who fizzled? Let’s find out.

Jada Pinkett looked smashing while carrying a bat in a sexy crop top and distressed skirt ensemble at Comic-Con. Can I look this hot at 42 please God??!

The Jenner sisters looked hippy cool at the PacSun collection launch. Kendall Jenner styled leather pants with a print kimono while Kylie Jenner opted for a crop tie tee and destroyed jeans. Kylie is slowly becoming my favourite Kardashian-Jenner fashionista.

Beautiful mummy to be, Kelly Rowland ran a few errands wearing a Marilyn Monroe printed sleeveless tshirt, denim shorts and red lips for effect. Pregnancy suits her. Cute!

Mel B is one hot mama! She donned on a black spaghetti strap dress by L’Agence for her appearance on Tonight With Jimmy Fallon. £520 Yves Saint Laurent Jane ankle strap sandals perfected her look. Simplicity is key. She looks stunning.

The cami dress stays winning. Model Lindsay Ellingson knocked it out of the park at ‘A Most Wanted Man’ première in this sleek, chic and simple but stunning £395  flesh tone cami dress with a leg slit by Nicholas.  The dress couldn’t have matched her skin tone more. This is gorgeous.

Black and dark colours are popular this summer. Kat Graham skewed sultriness in a Bec & Bridge navy crop top and below-the-knee pencil skirt styled with Jimmy Choo accessories at Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebrations. Red printed pumps added colour to her ensemble. 

My fairy godmother, Angela Basset worked a fringe cut at the event in a print skater dress. Yes, woman!


Rocsi Diaz also attended the event and opted for a check pattern crop top, white pencil skirt and nude pumps. Nice.

Rutina Wesley was all toned up in black bralet and high-waisted trousers combo. A side braid completed her look. Pretty girl.

Aisha Tyler looked elegant in a black pencil dress with lace trimmings. 

A brightly smiling Vanessa Hudgens turned heads at the Young Hollywood Awards in a white Badgley Mishcka SS14 wide leg trousers and a denim coloured crop top. I’m not here for her nails but she looks cute.

Bella Thorne donned a cream dress and metallic peep toe heel sandals. I love that dress and her makeup game is strong!

Mishael Morgan wore a mesh black bodycon dress.

Danielle Brooks has a vibrant spirit and she let it show via her bright skater dress, turquoise necklace and yellow pumps at the awards. Too much going on but I just love her 😉

Maddie Hassen looked cool at the awards in a white peplum detail wrap dress, nude pumps and a pretty pearl necklace. I want this!

Who stood out for you this time?

Stay tuned for more posts.

Love & Light

Lydie xx





How are we loving the month of July everyone? Hope it’s been good. Lots of hot sightings on my radar. Let me dish now before they spill!

Tia Mowry spiced up her little black gown at the Kid’s Choice Sports Awards with hot tangerine lips. She looks smoking here!

How cute is her little boy? 😉

Miranda Kerr wowed in a flesh tone ensemble while out and about in NYC. Loving the Gianvito Rossi PVC Pumps.

Selena Gomez looked pretty at the Ischia Global Film & Music festival in a Blumarine cream number. She’s been nailing it lately.

Lea Michele was one of my faves in an elegant Preen sateen black dress and asymmetrical black pumps at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy.

Gabrielle Douglas looked like a princess in a peachy embellished pleated dress. Adorable.

David Backham and his two boys served British swag at the awards.

Kat Graham looked chic in yellow two pece set at Foster Grants 85th Anniversary.

I have my eye on Cat Deeley’s print maxi dress at the Fox Summer 2014 TCA All Star Party in West Hollywood. Gorgeous.

Megan Fox looked stunning at the Kids Choice Awards in a key print strapless skater dress by Dolce & Gabbana. My my, she is stunning. 

Liz Hernandez skewed and orangine dress paired with Gucci sandals.

Gloria Govan worked a green romper at

Modern Family wife Julie Bowen looked pretty in cobalt blue trousers by Monique L’huillier and Louboutin tricolour pumps at the Planes: Fire & Rescue NY screening. She’s a breath of fresh air

Cher Lloyd waved at her fans in leather pants and a jumper at the BBC Breakfast studios.

Nicola Peltz at the Transformers: Age of Extinction photocall in a Balenciaga 2014 Spring crop top and flared shorts.

Reese Witherspoon was spotted in a laser cut cream skirt and matching top by Monica Rose for Lovers + Friends. Cute combo. I’m wanting this.

Maria Menuonos looked cool in a blue cut out bodycon dress paired with lemon pumps while leaving the NBC studios.

Emma Stone skewed a classic red and black combo for a chic stroll out and about in NYC. Classic always wins.

Pixie Lott looked sweet while out partying with friends at the Maxim 100 event in a Love Moschino denim playsuit which she paired with colourful sandals. Love the curls. Couldn’t recognize her!

Diane Kruger looked classy chic as always in a Marios Schwab stylish jumpsuit with red lips and pumps to match at the Fox Summer 2014 TCA All Star Party.

Emma Slater’s bright yellow lace skater dress and blue pumps at the 2014 Celebration Of Dance Gala in Los Angeles gave me colour envy.


There you have it. Which looks gave you life??

I think everyone looks great today. So many good looks overall.

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope things have been good 🙂 I’m finishing off my mail queries and this last one (for now) is about natural hair styles. 

Christie wondered:

‘Hi,Love your blog! I didn’t know you had natural hair. How do you wear a weave with natural hair. I have trouble using weaves because I cannot leave my natural hair out but I need to protective style my hair. What are great protective styling ideas Please. Thank you. ‘

1. Crochet Braids

A crochet needle is used to weave synthetic, hair into your natural hair that has been French braided or braided into corn rows. Crochet braids, despite the name, are actually closer to sew in weaves than actual braids.Crochet braids use crochet needles (latch hooks) to loop bulk pieces of hair extension onto cornrows. Asherah of For The Love of My Fro wearing crochet braids using Marley Hair below:


Here’s a video of how she achieved it.


Marley hair seems to give a lot of volume. Another crochet braid execution using marley hair. If you love loads of volume, try this!

If you want to keep the curls simple use typical synthetic hair like Kanekalon. Read this step by step crochet braiding tutorial if you can’t watch the video  above.


2. Invisible Part

With the invisible part, you don’t have to worry about leaving hair out. It’s a great and innovative way to protective style your hair using human hair extensions. My only worry about the invisible part is sometimes it looks very unnatural. So make sure it’s done properly so you don’t end up with and unnatural bald-looking area atop of your head.

Tiarra Monet’s video tutorial for the invisible part is the best I’ve seen. Watch below:

3. Fringe

A fringe is a great way to avoid dealing with blending natural and straight hair textures as your hair will all be neatly braided and tucked away under a cute little fringe. I love Nifesimi of Skinny Hipster‘s short do with a fringe. It’s her go to hairstyle when she’s not wearing her ‘fro out and she looks gorgeous in both 😉 


You can alter lengths and textures as desired.


4. Lace Closure

Lace closures have becomes increasingly popular amongst weave lovers. With the help of Beauty gurus coming up with new and seamless ways to install closures, they are most girls’ go to option for protective styling without worrying about exposing your real hair. Lace closures are one of my favourite protective styles as I own a few myself 😉

Love Tiarra’s lace closure installation video.


A lot of sew ins now feature multiple partings so you can have more versatility with styling.


6. Wig

Wearing a wig is an easy way to try different hairstyles and textures whilst still looking after your natural hair. Usually with weaves and braids you don’t get the chance to wash, moisturize and take care of your own real hair as regularly as you’d want to. With a wig, you get to take it off at the end of the day and wash or moisturize your hair as needed. The only minus with wigs is, make sure they are securely strapped on or clipped. Peakmill has the cutest and fun videos on YouTube. You can either go for just a normal wig or a lace front wig. Here is one of her wig installations.

7. Keratin Treatment

If you absolutely have to have bone straight hair, you can try a keratin treatment. I’ve seen a lot of naturals doing it. A typical keratin treatment is the Brazilian Blowout. It is achieved by having the keratin-base product applied to your hair and then your hair is blow-dried and flat ironed and you avoid washing it for 3 days. The results for these types of treatments are effective and the therapy does not break your hair bonds permanently so they do return over time, typically 3-4 months. It typically costs about £80 – £150 to get it done. The good news, it keeps your hair straight for up to 3 months or 4 depending on how you care for it. The bad? I am not sure the extend of the damage of keratin treatment but the treatment contains formaldehyde, the same type of carcinogen found in cigarettes and can be dangerous if inhaled. Also a lot of heat is used and we all know how damaging heat can be to natural hair. This treatment has had a mixed review so far  as many naturalistas think that what is point of keeping your natural hair if you are going to have it straightened semi-permanently? However a lot of naturalistas swear by this so if you don’t mind using heat on your hair now and then, it’s worth a try. Read different reviews here, here and here.

8. Natural Textured Hair Extensions

Using extensions that are curly will blend in more easily with your natural hair than straight or wavy weaves. That way you can easily leave your own natural hair out without worrying about blending. Heat Free Hair is meant to have great textured weaves for all hair types. Also try Indique Hair.


9. Box Braids, Tree Braids, Ghana Braids

 Not the most time-saving but braids are a great way to protective style without leaving your hair out. There’s so many types to try; micro braids, box braids, marley twists, yarn braids, ghana braids etc. Plus there’s tonnes of different ways to style them!

10. Clip in Ponytail

Reimagine your natural bun with a cute clip in ponytail. Remember to keep the textures in sync! I love Peakmill’s natural looking high bun in this tutorial. I’m so tempted to try it.


If you have been moved by none of these ;( why not have a look at more ways to play around with natural styles and keep it interesting. I hope I’ve been able to help 😉

Sorry if I take a little longer with hair queries as they involve a lot of pictures and tutorials. But I’ll try to respond on time. Hope this helped. If you have other ways in which you wear your natural hair in protective styles. please share!

Meanwhile, stay blessed.

Love & Light

Lydie xx

Arrivals at the 2014 ESPYS

Keri Hilson came to support beau Serge Ibaka in a hi-low black dress and Louboutin So Kate pumps. I love this!

I loved Chrissy Teigen’s beige nude jumpsuit with a deep v neck. Pretty hair!

Sloane Stephens. Yes to this colour against here skin;)


Maria Sharapova, who knew! I liked her little black dress ensemble. Very chic and classy. And I want those shoes.

Gloria Govan worked a blue slit dress and barely there sandals. Love her makeup.

Antonia Cromartie and Terricka Cason

Erin Andrews

Robin Roberts gave all the youngsters a run for their money showing off her toned bod in a strapless jumpsuit.

Victor Cruz kept his ensemble interesting with cut off trousers.

Taye Diggs and Amanza Smith Brown


NBA player Kevin Durant added colour to his ensemble with a green blazer. Sharp.

Floyd Mayweather was feeling himself in a burgundy three piece suit.

Jordana Brewster was one of my favourites in this sequined embellished shift dress. Yes!

Dancer Kym Johnson makes me wanna hit the gym so bad. Damn.

Brandon Flowers looked snazzy in blue.

I live for Kyle Beckerman’s dreadlocks 😉

Colin Kaepernick looked handsome in a blue suit.


Liz Hernanadez looked pretty i white jumpsuit.

Soccer player Lolo Jones served toned body in a red crop top and maxi skirt get up. Nice!

Courtney Force was in white lace peplum number.

Where is Tim Howard?? 😦   #NotHappy

Love & Light xx


Look at this fool. Intoxicating my front yard with her cheap perfume. A mere good afternoon is more than her. She only knows how to chew bubblegum and wind her waist. Why must she empty fifteen cans of this nonsense perfume on her body before going out? Or has nobody told her the spray will not lift her breasts which are now almost touching her sandals? I don’t even want her good afternoon. Before you know it, it is me she will be asking if I know anyone who does quick and instant termination. No me oh! I will not be a perpetrator.

Eh hein now! Young girl, fallen breasts, stretch marks, no children to show for it. Do you have a better explanation? 

‘Ma Adeh I salot oh,’.

‘Eh.’ A victim of circumstance.

The latest convert in town. We have all seen her mother. Her visits from the village had become more frequent. The crying. The shouting. The casting. The binding. The rebuking.

We did not need a soothsayer to know that her mother had started worrying about her non-forthcoming Grandmother status. Was it ever going to happen? Why was the cry of irritable children not filling Nchong’s house like it was other houses. 

Nchong held her Good News Bible against her chest and hurried down the road. I am tired of shaking my head at this façade they are putting on. Did she or did she not know? I know for a fact that her husband fathers at least two of the children I’ve seen attending Sunday School. Who’s arguing? That circular nose with the distinctive bulbous beak could only have originated from one seed. But like a sensible woman, I always mind my business. I will not be the one to tell. Let her god reveal it to her. I refuse to help rumours spread.

Ah, ah! Who is this emptying dust on my veranda this afternoon? Where are my glasses? Is that Ngwanah? Small Ngwanah, because he has been to America one or two times and now drives a 3rd hand Carina thinks he can now fly past my house and wash me with dust? Why don’t you personalize the plate at least so we can recognize which one of these debilitated noisy engines that wake people up on this road is yours? People who drive real cars don’t even need to announce themselves. When my son visits, nobody hears.That car of his is so smooth-running and faultless. I’ve even told him that one day he will drive into my room and park by my bed and I will not hear. 

Fosa, Fosa. The way she flings her human hair and those her spindly legs in this wind. How will all the local champions not want her? If it is the Fanta complexion they are after they are fooling themselves. Who does not know her supplier in this town? I have seen family albums. Old pictures. Dating back to her grandfathers, great grandfathers and fore fathers. Not a single one of them is fair-skinned. All of them as dark as pawpaw seeds like myself here. 

What is that smell? Aggie hasn’t learnt to cook yet? I’ve heard people say her kitchen is like a Chemistry lab. She’s always experimenting. Where she learnt to put tomatoes in eru, I’m still to find out. Or crayfish in stew. The way her husband scavenges for food at parties is painful to watch.

Girls who don’t know how to keep their man baffle me. My man knows me. My perky breasts and flouncy bottom are exactly the same as when he met me. All these small small girls cannot try me. Before they say yin, I’ve said yin-yang and then yin again. They want to know how I do it.

Who will tell them?

Who will tell them that once you’ve made a man beg for you, there’s nothing any other woman can make him do.


Felt like writing today…and I did! Wrote it this afternoon on my lunch break. 

Hope you love.

Love & Light 

Lydie xx


Hey ABYers, I’m so grateful for your input and interest in my blog! Your mails inspire me to come up with new posts and I’m so happy that you feel confident enough to share your queries with me. Thanks a bunch. I received another Beauty query from Noel.

Noel wrote in:

I am having a little lipstick problem, please can you post some stuff on the right lipstick shade for dark skin, for ladies with bigger lips. sometimes when people recommend lipstick shades for my skin tone, the lipstick wouldnt look good on the size of my lips and its killing me. my prom is fast approaching and i dont know what to do. I really love your blogs and i love your taste in fashion, really inspiring. My skin tone is “dark with cool undertones” as shown in this website http://superselected.com/dressing-for-your-skintone-part-1-reds/ The size of my lips are the same with the girl right in the middle (medium with warm undertones) in reddish orange lip stick.
For references I’ve attached the skin tine chart that Noel linked back to. Courtesy of SuperSelected.com

First off if you have full lips, the heavens have smiled on you! That is one coveted feature that hundreds of thousands of women are now going under the needle to achieve.If you rock the right colours for your skin tone especially with fuller lips, you will have fantastic results.

At the end of the day, lipsticks and colours are relative. These guidelines are very general and will work for most people but it’s always good to try colours that you think are out of your ‘Skin Tone Zone’, I promise you will be surprised 😉

1. Dark – If your skin is dark and rich, try these shades:

Deep red
Chocolate brown

Golden beige colours and chocolate brown nudes look great on dark skin with cool undertones. The good thing about full lips is they only need a bit of moisture or shine to stand out. Flesh coloured tones in dark brown will work well for you. Wet n Wild Mochalicious, Ravin’ Raisin, Spiked with rum, Sugar plum fairy, cinnamon spice are all great examples. Also L’Oreal colour riche Captivating Copper, Plum Twist, Milla’s Plum are great options.


Useful Tip: Use a pencil liner which a shade or two darker than your lipstick to line your lips. Remember to blend!

 Geraldine of Geraldine The Great is one of my favourite natural bloggers. She’s dark skin toned and her lips are full so her styel tips will come in handy. She is fond of dark pink nude colours which are kept in place with a dark liner.

NYX Lip Plumper in Kim below

Naturally Erratic shows us that deep chocolate brown hues love full lips!

Natalie of Discoveries of Self tried on this Tom Ford Deep Mink Lipstick. It’s a pinky nude colour and I think it’s super gorge!

NYX Deep Bronze Lip Gloss

Dare to wear bright colours in violet, purple or neon. I love how Geraldine wears it!

OCC Lip Tar in Roller Girl shade on Natalie below.

Classic red colours are also a great way to showcase your envious lips. Guaranteed winner. 

Beauty By Lee is wearing Mac Ruby Woo below.

Natalie is wearing Lime Crime Makeup Red Velvet Velvetine lipstick below.

Bright pink and fuchsia tones are your friends. Go for them!

This gorgeous MUA even tried gothic makeup for size. Are you loving the black lips?

Like I’ve said, it’s all about trying new colour. Natalie looks great in this lippy called DGAF by Melt Cosmetics, no?

Eugena Washington is dark skinned girl with a full pout. She keeps her makeup minimal and her favourite colours are chocolate brown and dark brown colours. Gorgeous!


Other colours such as magenta, deep red, pink or fuchsia will look great on dark skin. Nyasha Matonhodze is a dark beauty with full lips and she looks great in all these shades.


Supermodel, Ajak Deng’s skin is rich and dark and she has the luscious lips ever. She’s tried on tonnes of lip colours and they look fantastic on her!



2. For medium-toned women, look into these lipstick colours:

Medium to deep pink

Jill Marie Jones is one gorgeous lady will full lips. And she’s working just the right shades for skin tone. Notice how she uses a liner most times.


Kerry Washington has a medium skin tone with full lips. Her makeup game is top notch. From blush tones, to bright reds to pink she wears it well.









3. Light: If your skin falls into the lighter range of African American skin tones, these colours will look good on you:

Pale to deep pink

Gina Torres is light skinned so peach, pale pink and red will be her go to colours.

Here’s a list of other celebrities and bloggers with full lips and sexy pouts that you can follow and get makeup inspiration from. 

J’Adore Fashion


Beautiful Naturelle

Please help me ID this princess…

Edna Ferreira

Aisha Tyler

Keke Palmer

Meagan Good

Daniela Braga


Angelina Jolie

Naomi Campbell

Hope these helped!

Have you got full rich lips? How do you work it? Share your tips please 😉

And share this post!

For more queries, email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com

Thanks to BihYouty for helping out with this post 😉

Love & light

Lydie xx