My country people, first of all Happy New Year 2014 from me (ABY) to you.


It’s established by now that I do love a good countdown.

And what sums up a year better than a good ole countdown of all your favourite things.

We kicked off nicely with most fashionable women of 2013. Let’s carry on with our favourite Cameroonian Lifestyle & Fashion Bloggers.

2013 has certainly been a breakout year in terms of fashion and blogging in Cameroon. It has seen an immense growth of general fashion consciousness in Cameroon and more people have taken up blogging or have becomes more familiar with the term blog than last year. I am ashamed to say that I only know a handful of Cameroonian bloggers but hopefully we’re only going to get better at it in 2014.

First off, blogging is HARD. Unless you are a full time blogger, you have to juggle your job, personal life and daily routine to make enough time to blog. If you want to stay on top of your game, that means when your friends are going for drinks after work or on the weekends, you are composing blog posts and dreaming up possible web designs to boost your audience. I don’t know what either of these ladies have to put up with each week but they are doing a great job. These ladies are doing an amazing job and I think this category will encourage more people to blog. Here are the top Cameroonian blogs of 2013 (myself exclusive, wink).

These are the ladies who are giving me a run for my money in the fashion blogging game 😉

Please vote for your #phaves.

1.Cynthia of Addicted 2 Etsy

Does Cynthia really need an introduction? Well, if you insist…She’s the NYC-based naturalista queen of understated effortless glam. One of the bloggers with the most unique style and a very cool informative blog. She whips out vintage style with a contemporary twist without a single care in the world. Am all about trying new trends and Cynthia serves just that. That’s why she’s made my fave Camer blogger of the year list. See her ABY feature here. Swoon at some of her stylish shots below:

addicted to etsy

cameroon blogger

addicted 2 etsy

simply cyn cameroon

cameroon style blogger

2. Brenda of Can Never Be a Skinny Bish

One thing I love about Brenda; she’ll never be your average skinny bish. This Canada-based Cameroonian blogger is all about prints, curves and personality. There’s never a boring day in Brenda’s style book. Even her casual fits tell an interesting story. You can’t help but love her. Her knack for recreating trends and making one item so versatile is amazing. She just only celebrated her 24th birthday so there’s plenty more to come from this young Cameroonian talent! See her ABY feature here. Enjoy some of her best fashionable moments:

skinny bish

3. Juliette of Romeo’s Fashion Fix

Juliette is only 20 and already she’s making waves! Her badass-chick-meets-fashion swag is not for the faint-hearted. And with head of hair like hers, Juliette is certainly not one to go by unnoticed. She oozes fierce fashionista. Love the way she puts her own spin into looks and she even creates most of her own outfits. Give it a few more years and we’ll be buying her amazing designs in shops worldwide! I always look up Juliette’s blog when I’m in the mood for a daringly good DIY. She also gets major points for keeping things interesting with her fiery hairstyles. Juliette is an up and coming designer and has proven herself worthy to be one of the best bloggers this year by far. Flick through her fiery fierceness and decide for yourself.

romeos fashion fix

romeo fashion fix

romeo fashion fix

4. Fanny of Lafreecaine

Why hadn’t I thought of this before? I love her blog name! Fanny is a Cameroonian fashionista based in the US who is loves everything fashion forward. She’s always on top of her trends. Her ability to look so chic all the time is noteworthy. Fanny is inspired by fashionistas like Solange Knowles. She’s serving abstract prints, tailored pants and dope heels. I adore how she adds grunge into the girliest looks and gives it her own flavour. Personality always wins when it comes to styling and Fanny has got just that.She may have been away from her blog for a while now but I know she’ll be back with a bang in 2014 😉

cameroonian blogger

cameroon blogs

camer blogger

camer blogs


5. Mélocy of M’bem Di Fora

In true Cameroonian bilingual spirit, Mélocy’s blog is in French. She is a shopping fanatic and her dreams of one day owning one of the biggest closets in the world. Mélocy is also a beauty junkie so you’ll get to discover hair and makeup routines on her blog. If you especially are set on maintaining healthy relaxed hair, you want to subscribe to her blog. Her mane is divine 🙂 She pulls out the stops without trying too hard. How many people can do that? Peruse her fashionable flicks below:

mben di fora

mbem di fora

7. Muke Alison of Alison’s Let’s Talk Fashion

Budding blogger Muke Ndando Alison only entered the scene this year but she’s making her mark! Not only is Muke a fashion blogger, but she also has a penchant for makeup and can style the beast out of any hair! Visit her blog for several hairstyle looks she’s bagged in her portfolio and make sure to keep her details in your contacts list in case you need your hair laid in the future. My fave outfits from her: the illusion blue dress, the red coat and monochrome look amongst others. Here are  a few of Muke’s outfits:


8. Aïsha Aurore of All Aurore Everything

Aïsha Temfack is the beauty behind the blog All Aurore Everything. She is also in possession of one of the most radiant and beautiful smiles. With a knack for putting together bright colours and the most unexpected pieces together, Aurore proves herself to be a worthy contender for Best Cameroonian Blogger of the year. Spy some of her gorgeous ensembles below:

9. Harriet Nabola of MissBlizzers

Harrie is a breath of fresh air. If there’s one thing Cameroonians are good at, it’s being natural. Harriet is such a lady and oozes elegance. She is the queen of casual cool and very deserving to be on my Best Cameroonian Fashion Blogs of 2013. My favourite looks from  her are the blue ankara blazer, that statement red jumpsuit and the navy blue shirt dress and peach pumps. Cute! A testament to the truth that less is always more.


10. Enter My Closet

This gorgeous lady is a loving wife and mother of a cute little girl. My favourite part of her blog? When she recreates memorable celebrity looks and makes them her own. She has been serving elegant styling throughout 2013 and we’re hoping to see more in the coming year. I love her natural looks and she definitely knows how to keep her natural locks tamed.

11. Cecile of Modemamor

 Cecile Essono is a Cameroon born model, freelance stylist and fashion addict. Her colour-blocking is out of this world! She is a top contender for Cameroonian blogger of the year. She’s stylish, trend-conscious and wears prints like none other. What more could one possibly ask for? Check out some of her breathtaking ensembles:

cameroon blogs


Those are my top bloggers this year by far. Who are your favourites?

Do you know someone who deserves to be here? Leave a comment. I’d like to know more Cameroonian (fashion) bloggers out there. Like I said, I only know a handful which is a shame.

Here’s me striding into 2014,


IMG_2514 IMG_2509


Love & Light




FEW HOURS UNTIL NEW YEARS! I’m trying to get all my ‘Best of 2013’ posts out in time. It’s crazy. Okay, these are my Top 10 songs of 2013.

1. Lorde: Royals

It’s quite rare for one of the biggest and overplayed pop songs of the year to be so clever! Especially when the singer is only 17 years old. As soon as I first heard this tune I knew it was going to be song of the year. I loved the theme of the song and the minimal production was pretty much perfect. Most of the other songs on this list will be unfairly be forgotten in about 10 years time but I cant see it happening with this classic.




2. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

Love the tough mean sounding vibe of this song , the riff is massive!  Alex Turner has been the best lyricist in the world for the last 6 years and the way he phases his words is totaly interesting and unique




3. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop.

I love the bridge part sooooooo much, in fact it might be my favourite music section of the year and I wish it was longer or repeated more before the chorus. A millions times better than “Wrecking Ball”.




4. Pusha T- Numbers on the Board

This  definitely gets the award for best beat/production. When it comes on in a club the mood just completely changes and it creates this mad voodoo spooky timeless atmosphere. Also Pusha’s album “My Name Is My Name” has been on rotation this year, one of my faves!



5. Anna Kendrick – Cups (Jellosea Remix)

And this gets the award for best remix of the year! The original was nice and catchy but Jellosea completely transform it into a really beautiful emotional piece of music that’s a million miles away from the original. It makes me wanna cry.




6. The Strokes – Tap Out

Contains two of my favourite melodies of 2013 but I can’t work out if I prefer the verse or the chorus? Beautiful falsetto vocals float over a bad ass groove and as always with The Strokes a kick ass guitar solo! There isn’t enough guitar solos in music these days.



7. Beyon – Grown Woman

Not the catchiest Beyonce single but it doest matter because the beat rocks!  African rythyms are the best thing ever and have been en vogue at the moment in the electronic music world and thanks to Beyonce theyare starting to make an impact in pop land. About time!!! The bass is very cool and anything with xlophones gets me excited. Iv only seen 30 seconds of the video but its enough to tell me its probably video of the year.



8. Ten Walls – Gotham

Definitely the most important  underground electronic record of the summer , every single DJ in Ibiza seemed to be including it in their sets. Similar to the Pusha T record, it just has this really simple spooky atmosphere about it which makes peoples ears prick up and then dance like they are in some weird forest in Brazil circa 1852 or maybe 2056??? Ha ha something like that but when you hear this destroy a club you will understand.




9. Haim- Falling

The Haim album “Days are Gone” is probably my favourite record of the year , every song is so strong it was hard to pick a favourite but this alongside Forever are probably the best. These girl rockers have that cool “retro sound from the future” vibe  and I’m a sucker for those Fleetwood Mac-esque harmonies.




10. AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

I love the 80’s and this has got a massive 80’s keyboard riff coupled with that classic 90’s female vocal. Very catchy but not in that annoying I’ll-be-sick-of-it-by-tomorrow kind of way and I love the little subtle synth rumble in the chorus.



 Did your favourite song make the cut? Let us know.

Have a fantastic New Year.

Love & Light xx


2013 has seen a slew of different styles and trends take over. Bright coats, tartan and plaid, sheer inserts, cute jumpers, monochrome amongst many others. But amidst the fast ever changing fashions, a few of  our favourite famous names have been able to keep up with trends and even created some trends of their own while at it. 

As 2013 dwindles to a merry end, we’ll be counting down some of our favourite style and beauty moments of the year. Who was on top of their style game this year? Who slayed in the style department? What has been our most memorable fashion moment of 2013? We’ll be starting this battle off with Most Fashionable Fashionistas in the African Movie, Music and Entertainment industry. Who was your style star this year? Here are the nominees:

1. Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic has had a great all around year so far.With several acting accolades and notable performances under her belt this year, the 38 year old had every reason to smile, stop and pose for the cameras. Rita has always been a fashion fanatic.And this year her love for fashion wasn’t any less obvious. With brands like Guiseppe Zanotti, Christian Louboutin and Isabel Marant on her fond list this year, it was very evident that Rita Dominic was aware of the top trends this year and wasn’t afraid to rock them. Capes, sheer inserts and powers suits were some of her favourite looks this year. She also kept her favourite ‘do, the big curly fro, going strong. Peruse through some of Rita’s best looks of 2013:

rita dominic style

2. Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson has always been Ghana’s sweet heart. But she took things up a notch and became a sex symbol this year when she introduced her new svelte and banging bod to the world…and also when Iyanya claimed he had her medicine… Anywho, everyone was taken with Yvonne Nelson this year. With so many girls wanting to be like her and thousands of guys wanting her, Yvonne Nelson has been a force to reckon with. Her fashion game also took a turn for the best. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Zara and Prada are amongst some of her wardrobe favourites. She’s the queen of mixing high fashion and street fashion. She’s also the queen of the famous Instagram #seflie. But hey, she’s looking good, we ain’t complaining. Everyone loves a fashionista who can look good in both traditional and formal wear. And Yvonne does just that. Yvonne also bagged herself a Best Actress award this year and proved that she’s not just your average beauty. She’s got brains and talent to back that. Check out a slew of her looks below.

yvonne nelson style

yvonne nelson in cokobar

3. Eku Edewor

Eku is a Nigerian model, actress and glam princess of TV. The fact that her style was one of the first things I ever featured when I just created this blog speaks volumes. Eku Edewor is and has always been slaying. And this year, like every other year, she only gets better. With her runway model looks, it’s no surprise that Eku looks great in whatever she wears. She’s definitely high fashion and classy in my book. Alongside her popular show on MNET Africa, Studio 53 Extra, she also had a few cameo and movie roles this year which cemented her as a force to reckon with. Here are few of Eku’s most fashionable moments.

Eku Edewor at the launch of Ebony life TV

4. Genevieve Nnaji

The woman after my very own heart. Queen Mother of effortless flawlessness. The original source from which River Charisma flows…LOL. I am known to go over the top every now and then. But do you blame me? Like a rare gem, Genevieve Nnaji has made herself scarce this year especially.Treating her 83,000 Instagram followers to a healthy dose of her style and funny reposts, she’s only been seen when it’s necessary. And when she does come out of her hiding, she makes her appearance worth the wait. This Nigerian screen goddess has escalated into an international superstar and rightly so. Her style has been spotless this year. Mixing fun pieces with expensive accessories is what she does best. She’s on another level and she knows it. She is one of the prestigious owners of the much coveted limited edition Chanel Lego Bag . Enjoy her most fashionable flicks below:

5. Toke Makinwa

Omotoke Makinwa aka #MorningRose has been this year’s breakout star. She’s been nicknamed ‘MTN’ by several blog readers because she’s ‘everywhere you go.’ But if you’re an MTN who manages to look on point every time you step out, who am I to complain? Toke has been serving outfit after outfit. Plus her makeup team is doing a fantastic job. I need a few tips on contouring… Hehehe. Toke has also been making waves with her YouTube Vlog. She posts a new video every Wednesday where she usually dishes advices on love, money, friendship, men and sex. It’s pure hilarity. You should subscribe to Toke Moments asap! Amidst rumours that she and her boyfriend of 10 years, Maje Ayida, have ended their relationship, Toke stays repping. She even admitted to being paid to attend events.It pays to look good after all! Spy her fashionable fits here:

toke makinwa style

6. Tiwa Savage

Tiwatope Savage Balogun is a stunner! I had to get that out of the way first. A very refreshing addition to the music scene and our screens.The recording artist who just tied the knot with long time boyfriend, Tee Billz, is making waves. Being a brand ambassador for MTN Nigeria and Pepsi, Tiwa never disappoints with her appearances. One of my favourite Tiwa looks is her Mary Katranzou print skirt and blouse which she wore to her ‘Once Upon A Time’ album listening party. Simply gorge. Tiwa is a self-confessed high end shopaholic. So it’s no surprise she’s made this years most fashionably dressed women. Let’s review a few of her show-stopping looks: 

You’ve seen the top 6. Who in your opinion wins most stylish woman of 2013?


Can’t spot your fave on the list? Did I leave someone out? I’d like to know!

Drop a comment.Leave a rating. Share this post.

*None of these pictures are owned by me unless stated.


Love & Light xx


Angela Simmons is in Nigeria! 

She touched down to co-host the Music Meets Runway event.

Seems like she’s loving her stay already. She’s already sampling ankara designs. I love this yellow printed ensemble  by Frockit Rockit which she paired with a pair of £395 nude Christian Louboutin pumps.

Hot no? I love her braids too.

angela simmons in nigeria in ankara Angela-Simmons-is-in-Nigeria-She-posed-recently-wearing-a-dress-by-Frockit-Rockit-and-Louboutin-heels

angela simmons in nigeria in ankara


What is your take on her style? I think I love Angela Simmons in traditional prints and box braids. Hope we see more. Cute:)



angela simmons in nigeria in ankara


This dress is not online yet. But you can contact Frockit Rockit via email on or or call +2347080367773I with any queries.

Love Angela for trying different styles. She’s also been spotted in Virgos Lounge designs several times. Go Angie!

Other pics of Angela in Nigeria:

angela simmons in nigeria


angela simmons braids

angela simmons in nigeria

Love & Light xx


A new blog feature where I repost my favourite captured fashion moments from my Instagram timeline. Woohoo! (Click image to slide scroll). 

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want to be taken off this list? Email me at

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December’s here which means winter’s only just kicking in. Boots and Wellies have replaced our ever-so-comfy flats and courts. In the beauty department, plums, berries, burgundy and vampy red lipsticks are coming into play as we slowly stash away our bright pinks and oranges for next summer. But what are our favourite fall lipstick colours? This list covers some of the most popular dark lip colours everyone is sporting this winter. Here’s to putting your best pout forward this winter:

1. Mac Heroine

I was so sad when I heard this colour had been discontinued by MAC. It is super gorgeous. It’s bright enough to uplift an otherwise dark wintry ensemble without feeling too summery. What’s best, it is flexible and can be worn even in the summer when one is feeling feisty. I love 🙂 MAC may not be stocking these babies but as usual, Ebay and Amazon are going forever strong. Grab one for yourself here. Hope they’re authentic though!

mac heroine for fall

mac heroine lipstick on dark skin

2. Mac Flat Out Fabulous

Mac Heroine may have been discontinued but there’s a new violet lippy in Mac town! This lipstick is simply flat out fabulous as its name suggests. Fabulous.
Fashionista Next Door
No Pain No Beauty

3. Mac Fixed on Drama & Riri Hearts Mac Talk That Talk

These two shades are very similar. This sexy dark burgundy colour is one of Rihanna’s favourites. And I can see why she loves it so. Gorgeous.

Talk That Talk samples:
La Belle Hair and Beauty
The Glamorous Gleam

4. The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick, Damson in Distress 240

This is a personal favourite. I bought this a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it everyday ever since. It’s fabulous!
Miss Delirium
The MakeUp Kit

5. Mac Cyber

Cyber is a very deep plum shade, this colour does not read as a deep red violet shade, it is simply a plum colour. This lipstick is a satin finish so it falls between creamy and matte. If you’re up for a dramatic wintry look, Cyber is the lippy for you.

mac cyber on dark skin

mac smoked purple, mac cyber
Makeup By Lyla
The Fashion Bomb

Similar colours:

-Wet n Wild Vamp it Up

wet n wild vamp it up
Moptop Maven


6. Wet N’ Wild Sugar Plum Fairy

This is the closest dupe to the famous Mac Rebel berry plum lipstick. It pops deliciously on all skin tones and is one of the most popular Wet n Wild lip colours.

wet n wild sugar plum fairy perfect fall lip colours
Uncover The Untold
wet n wild sugar plum fairy beautybyjj
Beauty by JJ

7. Revlon Va Va Violet

This is a high shine and sexy vampy lipstick with a moisturising feel to it. It falls on the darker side of a plum shade which I love.

revlon va va violet lisptick for winter
Cloud Nine Kollective
Miss Nics Elegant Edge

8. Illamasqua 

Illamasqua Pristine,

In pure black matte finish.

illamasqua pristine

illamasqua pristine

Illamasqua ESP

illamasqua esp

Blogger, Pwetty Bambi, looks effortlessly gorgeous in Illamasqua ESP lipstick which is a bright purple shade.

illamasqua esp lipstick on  dark skin
Pwetty Bambi
purple lipstick on dark skin
Pwetty Bambi


9. Mac Smoked Purple

mac smoked purple on dark skin
Discoveries of Self

mac smoked purple swatch

10. Mac Diva

Rich dark red shade that works on most skin tones.

mac diva winter lipstick

Similar Colours:

-L’Oreal Temptress’ Kiss is a great dupe.

11. Mac Rebel

One of Mac’s most famous lipsticks. Great for every season. Simply a must-have.

jessica white makeup

mac rebel on dark skin
Wonders Of Beauty
Kyss My Style


12. Maybelline Brazen Berry

A great dupe for Mac Heroine. Bright, purply and fun!

mac heroine dupe


12. Lancôme

Lancome’s Pense a Moi, Chez Prune or Bordeaux look like really cool wine reds to try this winter.

lancome dark lipsticks
Love By Lynn


13. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Poupre Divin 39

My favourite lipstick range ever. I have this shade and it rocks! Simply divine. A little bit on the pricey side at £25 each but well worth the splurge.

ysl rouge pur couture 39 poupre divin
ysl poupre divin rouge pur couture
ysl rouge pur couture 39
The FashionBomb Daily
ysl rpc 39
Makeup Bee


There are so MANY winter perfect lippies out there. I can’t list all of them. 

If you’re interested in discovering more colours that are great for all year round, see this amazing lipstick swatch index I discovered on Epiphanniea blog.

lipstick index

They all look amazing. I’ve already got a few new one on my list 🙂

What colours are you drawn to this winter?


I know Mac’s Rebel, Body Shop’s Damson in Distress & YSL’s Pourpre Divin are my regulars.

I fell in love with picture of Selita Ebanks. Eye makeup is understated amazingness! I’ll be putting my Shimmer Waves Body Shop Bronze set to work and recreating this look.

selita ebanks flawless makeup

Love & Light xx



Have I told you lately that I love blue? I must have. I especially love this soft and cuddly jumper whose cornflower blue colour jumps right out at you. I haven’t bought myself any ‘Christmas clothes’ (yet) this Christmas, so I thought for my X-mas Outfit Of The Day, I might as well revamp a few of my favourite pieces 🙂 

It is not a Christmas jumper but it is as close to one as I like to can get.

This cornflower blue jumper, I have previously styled on this post titled  Cornflower Blue (creative title right there…;)), I have worn this super comfy and chic orange Zara leather court shoe on Leatha In The Summa, these trousers are a fairly new addition to my basics collection and the studded clutch, well, I’ve owned it forever.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

So this Christmas I’d like to thank all of you who take the time to stop by my blog and sometimes even go through the hassle of leaving a comment and sharing my posts. You make my day. I applaud you all and wish you happiness and health and good cheer this season.God bless you. 

Fuel your dreams with hard-work, faith and motivation, they shall come to pass.

PS: I love you…

But I love blue better!

Only joking. 


zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou

zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou


zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou IMG_2423 IMG_2430 IMG_2431 IMG_2437 zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou

zara orange pumps and cashmere conflower blue jumper artbecomesyou

This jumper also featured on:


cornflower blue jumper outfit

See more here.

This Christmas holds a lot of PLEASANT surprises!

Stay tuned.

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Love & Light xx


Move aside Mo! There’s a new talk show host in town. 

Krystn Enem is leading lady of new talk show, The Krystn Enem Show, which celebrates promotes and encourages young African talents and entrepreneurs. The show gives unsung heroes a platform to showcase themselves to the world.

 Young rising talented people from various spheres of life will allow us to have a look into their lives by telling us how they started their businesses, what pushes them to stay focused, the stories behind their hard work and their goals and aspirations.

Soon to hit major television platforms. Subscribe to the Krystn Enem Show on YouTube to catch up on all the fun interviews and guest appearances! 

krystn enem talk show

Find #THEKRYSTNENEMSHOW on Instagram for more.

Follow On Twitter @KrystnEnemShow

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What has Mama Blue been up to? Much apparently! The blond-haired diva took to Instagram to announce the ‘Surprise’ before flooding her YouTube account with a slew of 30 second promo videos for each song. Some of which she directed herself. Mrs Carter ain’t doing bad at all.


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The new album is self-titled ‘Beyoncé’ and even has a track ‘Blue’ featuring (who else) little Blue Ivy.

Other featuring artistes are Mr Carter himself, Jay Z, Drake and one of my favourite Nigerian writers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche!

These previews are slayin’. Can’t wait for when the full versions are released. For now, I’ll just have to satisfy my thirst for all things Queen B with these.





“Blue” featuring Blue Ivy




“Grown Woman”








“Mine” featuring Drake


“No Angel”




“Pretty Hurts”



“***Flawless” featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche






“Drunk In Love” featuring Jay Z



Full track list:

1. Pretty Hurts

2. Haunted

3. Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)

4. Blow

5. No Angel

6. Partition

7. Jealous

8. Rocket

9. Mine (feat. Drake)

10. XO

11. ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)

12. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)

13. Heaven

14. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

Leave it to Bey to end the year with a bang.

Which previews are you diggin’? I’m impatient to see what role Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche plays on that ***Flawless track 🙂 Yes!

Stay tuned.

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