We all go through that phase where we have this strong urge to shave off portions of our hair. At that stage, only a brave few actually go on to the next stage where the actual shaving takes place. Cheers to us! Us because I have once been a side-baldie and gawd did I love it! It was so exciting, I had a million and one styles to try out. Alas, after a while I ran out of ideas on what to do with my hair. This post is in response to an email request sent in by Bianca Brown on how to style her shaved sides. Bianca writes:

Helloo, my name is Bianca Brown and i have shaved sides with synthetic braids as the mohawk but i was wondering are there any other styles i can do besides accessorize and be stylish by dressing my braids with a hand scarf???

Some of the tips may sound like what you’ve tried already, but sometimes a visual of what others are doing and HOW they are doing it can make all the difference. Here we go.

1. Spunk it Up

Add some attitude to your hairstyle. You know you’ve got some spunk in you. That’s how you got to shave off your hair in the first place. Try different mohawks and frohawks. There are unlimited possibilities with this one. Veronica from Pretty Girl Rock styles her ‘fro in numerous ways.



Veronica uses rollers to style up her hair here.


Carving out designs on the shaved side is a great way to make your hair stand out.



2. Use Extensions

If the unshaved parts of your hair are really short you can still pull off long hairstyles by adding extensions. Rihanna is known for constantly alternating between short and long locks while sporting her shaved sides.

Rihanna showing off her new hair style at E baldi Italian restaurant Rihanna-New-Hair-black-undercut-Givenchy-_Battleship_-Japan

Willow Smith
Willow Smith

A great way to make your even more fun and edgy is to add some colour to it or to the extensions. Sophy Aiida knows what I’m talking about. She knows just how to style her shaved sides.

fb374b92287911e2af1622000a1fb845_7 c3f5370a287611e29f5522000a9f14ae_7 563f39ce473211e28ac522000a9f141e_7

3. Play with Accessories

A shorter hairstyle is a chance to experiment with accessories such as hats, scarves and hair pins. 

tipsygypsy csc10482 P1210509

tumblr_mb92qnpixt1qafozxo1_500 (1) tumblr_m9uvf6DtGm1qm8gk8o1_500 tumblr_ln5ww5ufrn1qzmq1uo1_500

4.Be Creative

Think back to your childhood. Think of those knotted styles that our parents use to make us wear when we young. Those vintage styles are so in now. Give them a go. 

Loving this whimsical by Zizzi from Zizzi’s Wardrobe.
Teff The Don styles it up with Bantu knots


5. Braid ‘Em Up!

Braiding your ‘frohawk is the in thing these days. Sometimes, I want to shave off my sides just so I can try the box braids. Way too cool for school. For the best braids on a shaved head ideas, visit Zizzi’s Secret Wardrobe and Teff The Don’s blog. The longer the braids, the better.

tumblr_mcbjns54DN1qcykloo1_1280 IMG_3924 116 096 71e13a402d6c11e291a022000a9f13ef_7


The good thing about braids is, they are very versatile. You can tie them in a million different ways. Not really a million, but you get my drift.

tumblr_ma1ke4OGO01rp9rj8o1_400 tumblr_mc21hpmm1b1qggwnvo1_500 tumblr_m9ufe5WklY1rsnhmjo1_500 tumblr_m4wovjRkBV1qlun7to1_500 tumblr_m6g4vvDSns1qlun7to1_1280 tumblr_mes52c4LrE1r961bco1_500 P1210195 rby-Jill-Scott-VH1-celebrates-soul-2011-de

6.Try a Bun

A lot of people worry about looking professional or maintaining their class and elegance when going for shorter hairstyles. This should not be a problem. A simple way to transform your shaved hairstyle into a classy look suitable for evenings is to try a sleek bun. 

rihanna met gala

tumblr_md72kvfw9v1qd09eyo1_500 shave 2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals Kanye West Show : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012 040212-fashion-beauty-shaved-heads-Kaleena-Dawn-Richard

Straightening out your hair into a fringe will complement your shave sides.


Meagan Good sports a sleek side fringe

I KNOW I haven’t exhausted all the different ways to style shaved sides hairstyles. There must be more the list than these. Please share your ideas with us. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you have any more requests, email me at artbecomesyou@yahoo.com.

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Have a Fabulous New Year!


So I went away for Christmas. To Brighton. Not exactly the ideal place to spend Christ’s birth but my boyfriend and I had been there over the Summer and fell in love with the quirky and vintage feel of the place that we just had to go back. 

First off, we all know how obsolete this English weather is. But I am long past that stage where I’d let it dampen my mood. I tried my hardest to capture a few OOTD shots by the sea but they were so blurry because it was raining. So we just had to run back home:(  We stayed at this hotel just on Brighton’s Pier. It was windy. Yes windy but amazeballs. From a shopaholic’s perspective, Brighton is a’ haute spot’. Especially for unique vintage finds. I spent hours snooping and looking in every little boutique on The Lanes. if you love antique, vintage or thrift shopping; you will die for these lanes. There are so many things to find!

I love to dress up as much as I love to read. We stumbled into one of the biggest antique shops on The Lanes which is called Snooper’s Paradise. I ogled over a few hundred books and finally settled for 5 novels. Two highly recommended books by Salman Rushdie (The Enchantress of Florence and Shalimar the Clown), A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (my favourite author) and one by Marian Keyes (Anybody Out There?).

I can’t wait to get to them! I must do a review when I’m done with them as well.

As for the jewellery, God help me. My body could barely carry the weight of all the pearls, jewels and stones I had piled on my arms. The only thing that stopped me from walking out with that load was the price. Jeez! Granted, the pieces were quite affordable considering. But if you gather up to 18 pieces of jewellery of for about £9 apiece  guess how much that will sum up to? So in the middle of ringing my order, I told the cashier to halt. Rational triumphed over radical behaviour and I decided to pay just 6 of the pieces. They are gorge! I can’t wait to show them off. Thank you Snooper’s Paradise! 

I went for the monochrome look with this OOTD and added a pop of colour with my Zara vamp shoes and one of the thrifted necklaces. The blouse, I got from a London street seller. I’ve also posted a few pics from the summer that I never seemed to find the time to upload. That blue dress is from H&M and the pink sandals are one of my old faithfuls from Zara. Thank you for visiting my blog. And have a fabulous Twenty Thirteen!!  xx

Black Pencil Skirt- Misselfridge  ( here)

Lace Blouse- London streets (Similar here)

Vamp heels – Zara (similar here)

Necklace – Vintage @Snooper’s Paradise





IMG_7477 IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7490 IMG_7498 IMG_7437 IMG_7438 IMG_7440 IMG_7449 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7461 IMG_7462

First attempt at OOTD in Brighton. I was struggling in that weather. lol
Finally gave in and went for a little tease dip.

Dress – H&M

Pink sandals – Zara

Studded Clutch – Miss London


IMG_6994 IMG_6975 IMG_6981 IMG_6995 IMG_6964 IMG_6948 IMG_6969 IMG_6983

IMG_6979 IMG_6945

What have your holidays been like? 

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Yvonne Nelson is easily one of the best breakout stars of 2012 in terms of fashion. Girl has stepped up her game like no man’s bizness. Loving the new swag. She recently posted this hot photo of herself on Instagram at the Ghana Movie Awards and said:

“Ghana movie awards….won best picture, best directing, cinematography, supporting….Thank you God.”

She slayed in an Aqua Louise Halterneck Peplum Pencil Dress . That dress is hot, but sadly my girls would need support so I can’t rock it as good as she does. Nevertheless, we are in luck! The dress in on SALE. Grab a bargain from £150 to only £46.50.

Aqua also make an orange and pink version for lovers of colour. Yvonne went without the gold belt accessory that the model is weraing with the dress. She also rocked a pair of gold pumps. Overall, she looked HOT! Knock ’em dead Yvy!

Yvonne nelson in aqua dress


Aqua Louise Halterneck Peplum dress

Her gold pumps look like the Kurt Geiger Anja pumps at £79.

Kurt geiger gold heels


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May your Holidays be FABULOUS!!!

It has been a remarkable year for newcomer acts. Our airwaves, stereos and clubs were filled with music by artists who, until recently, didn’t have much name recognition. Thanks to the help of social media such as YouTube and Twitter, many more artists have been able to break national an even international ground with their music.

Here’s to 2012’s brightest new acts. Shine on superstars!


1.One Direction

True that X Factor runner up acts almost always become more successful than the winning act itself but no one expected the English boy band, One Direction, to blow up this year as much as they have. With the release of  two million-selling albums in 2012 (Up All Night and Take Me Home), they are the most successful ban to ever come out of X factor yet. Given their massive Twitter influence and millions of screaming female fans, I think their success will carry over into 2013.


2.Kendrick Lamar

This is one of my personal favourites of the year. Kendrick Lamar created the best hip-hop album of the year with good kid, m.A.A.d city, which effortlessly blends popular radio singles “Swimming Pools (Drank)” into a complex, somewhat autobiographical concept. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, selling almost 250,000 copies in its first week. 


3. Grimes

  Born Claire Boucher, Canadian native Grimes is the alternative breakout star of the year. She  told an interviewer that she wrote her breakout album Visions after several days of self-imposed isolation: “I started to feel like I was channelling spirits. I was convinced my music was a gift from God.” Divine intervention or not, the album was a complete critical success.


4. Elle Varner

Elle’s debut single was released in August 2011 but she became a household name in 2012. She reminds me of a young Jill Scott. Elle’s ‘Refill’ has been been Grammy nominated for Best R&B song. The show will take place in January 2013. Seems like she’s only going uphill from here. 


5. Carly Rae Jepsen

The 27 year old Canadian met with exceptional popular success after fellow Canadian teen hearthrob Justin Bieber sent out a tweet urging fans to check out her song ‘Call Me Maybe’. ‘Call Me Maybe’ YouTube video gained over 300 million views and reached the number one spot on both the US Billboard and Canadian Hot 100. She’s released a handful of catchy hits since then.


6. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean joined the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) in 2010 and has been a mixtape star for a few years now, it was in 2012 that he established himself as one of the finest songwriters of our time with his debut studio album Channel ORANGE. A stunning work of heartbreaking honesty, the album was easily the most universally lauded major release of the year.


7. Friends

Friends, originally named Perpetual Crush, is a band from Brooklyn, New York. I first stumbled ipon one of their tracks while shopping at a vintage store. This track was playing in the background and I just couldn’t help myself but Shazam it! Found out it was their popular hit, I’m His Girl. They have gained critical acclaim since their first release as one of the most eclectic, alternative pop groups of the year.


8. Jessie Ware

Ware is the epitome of what traditional classy R&B music used to be. However, unlike predecessors Sade and Whitney, Ware is moving the direction of R&B by nudging it gently and respectfully into a new terrain. The bouncy and often times darkly laden production choices on Devotion don’t completely acquiesce to the traditional R&B tropes. Clash called the English singer and songwriter “the missing link between Adele, SBTRKT and Sade” and hailed it as “a strong and accomplished debut”.


9. Purity Ring

If you’ve had an ear to the ground and an eye to the blogs since late last year, then you can’t have missed the hype building around Canadian electro/dream-pop act Purity Ring. With the release of their much anticipated debut Shrines, they’ve proven that they are more than capable of delivering on that early promise. They inhabit a beautifully conflicted musical landscape that feels joyous, ethereal and unnerving all at once. There have been many bands trying to capture the musical zeitgeist of 2012, but few have got the balance so right, as when Corrin Roddick’s shimmering electronic ambiance interweaves with Morgan James seductive and ghostly vocals. Their music blurs and buzzes with wondrous, glossy, danceable melodies, whilst beautifully dark lyrics (part nursery rhyme, part nightmare) unfold to reveal this duo’s deep and unfathomable centre. (Tom Fenwick)


10. Miguel

 BET and Soul Train award-winning writer/artist Miguel found a unique way to roll out his new RCA album Kaleidoscope Dream, the follow-up to his 2010 debut All I Want Is You. He gained some serious recognition this year with a Grammy nomination and records sales. He is often compared to Prince, which I must say is not a bad thing.


11. Fun.

When you call your band Fun. people expect a lot from you. Well, they seem to be having a hell load a fun. Top charting singles, 6 Grammy nominations, international recognition…what more could a band want? Given that Fun. was lead singer’s, Nate Ruess, second attempt at forming a band after the dissolution of his first group; it only goes to show never give up your dreams.


Who has wowed your musical senses this year? 

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This is one trend I’ve certainly admired this year but haven’t managed to find the time, the dress or event for that matter, to pull it off. It’s the Split Dress loves. I know it may seem vain, but I am in love with the peekaboo concept of this dress. Many a celebrity have donned this style to red carpet events but let’s pick our favourite from the bunch. 
1.First up is Angelina Jolie aka ‘The Leg’ who made this trend noticeable this year in the first place. It was actually after this appearance that the phrase ‘to pull an Angelina’ was coined. Angelina is jolie, to use a cliche pun. She slays when she feels like it. The minute she stepped on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards in a dark velvet dress with a thigh high split, we all knew she meant business. And that sly grin on her face wasn’t there just for show. She dressed to kill. 

angelina jolie split dress. the leg

brangelina leg dress split

2. Week after week, Jennifer Lopez blew me away with her wardrobe as an American Idol judge. I was in awe when she stepped out in a fuchsia pink Michael Kors Slash gown and a pair of  Gucci Leight T-strap sandals. Simple but stunning! Yes the dress cost a whooping $3,995 but (if you’ve got the bucks) it’s worth every penny. Looking hot J!

jennifer lopez michael kors dress

3. Boy, Rihanna always gets it right for me so this entry might be a little bit biased. You have to admit though that she’s got the best legs in game and she decided to show up at Stella McCartney Presentation in a custom made Armani teal thigh high split dress, her legs stole the show. The dress which was reminiscent of sexy lingerie had a killer low cut plunge at the back. Her blonde locks added some sass to complete the look.

rihanna teal armani dress 2012 rihanna thigh high split dress teal dress

4.Nigerian designer, Yvonne Nwosu got us all doing what we do best (talking) when she stepped out wearing one of her one Vonne designs at the Y! Magazine Black Ball. She was sporting a daringly sexy thigh high split off-the shoulder dress. As much as I want to deny it, she looks hot damn! Hair: on point, make-up: wow, ankle  strap sandals: very trendy, confidence: oozing. I just love her demeanor in this pic. 
5.Ghanaian star, Yvonne Nelson has definitely stepped up her game this year in my opinion. She received best actress award and posted this pic of herself on her Instagram. Her split may not be as high as the others, but girl killed it. She smashed that pink dress I must say. 
Yvonne Nelson pink dress slit
There were a lot of split dress moments this year but who took that trophy home for you? 
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So I have been up to much lately. Finishing off my Christmas shopping, making plans, cutting my previously long weave which for some reason I didn’t like. Hmm, hope this cut doesn’t look that bad. I virtually went mad and just chopped off the long ends. Counting down to the the massive Giveaway which I announced. By the way, if you haven’t entered, ENTER NOW!! Unless you hate shopping.
Who else enjoyed SPOTY last night? I did! Highlight for me was Idris Elba’s appearance. Talk about charisma. 
It was generally a high note weekend for me save for the unfortunate Connecticut shootings. Every time that comes up on the news, I want to cry. Why just why? All of those innocent children, all of the potential, gone just like that. All because of one looney case in the form of Adam Lanza. There’ll be a lot of unopened Christmas presents this year in houses across that area. My prayers and heartfelt feelings to all the families involved.
My outfit of the day is this lace dress from Atmosphere. I love that you pair it with anything because it’s so simple. i decided to pair it with my vamp heels from Zara which I’ve been dying to wear! These shoes are the IT shoes of the season I tell you. Visit my Top Bloggers to see how most of them rock these hotties. 
Thank you for the kind and persistent feedback. 
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Vamp Heels- Zara (Similar)
Studded Clutch -Miss London
Pearls- Vintage (gift)
Haircut- By Yours Truly 🙂









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This Style Diary segment of my blog has been on hibernation for a while now. That’s because I’ve been compiling a list of the most stylish bloggers in the blogosphere. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog for upcoming posts. Today’s style blogger is Laviniah from the United Kingdom. 
Hi my name is Laviniah, Kenyan by origin, I’m a media studies graduate working towards building my career in marketing. My biggest passions are fashion and music; I’m enthralled by each equally and couldn’t separate the two. I’m a singer/songwriter and a fashion blogger, I run a fashion blog that is a personal style journal detailing my style, inspirations and tips. Both fashion and music provide an outlet/platform for me to express myself artistically and bring my creative mind to life. 

I would describe my style as innovative and chic with a moderate touch of elegance. I love a simplistic chic look and other moments I opt for a daring, creative, edgy look. I love bright bold colours and soft pastel shades, while experimenting with different textures and styles to create my own signature look. This is not only evident in how I dress but how I style my hair, those who know me know that I change hairstyles as frequently as I change my outfits he he… 

Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? 
I like a mix of smart/casual and chic/sophisticated looks. I like The Row’s casual/smart look, Victoria Beckham’s feminine/sophisticated dresses, Christian Louboutin heels are gorgeous and Hermes Birkin bags. In terms of what high street brands I like to wear; Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Select, Primark, River Island, H&M and Zara. For me it’s not what you wear but how you wear it, how you put an outfit together that makes a statement. 

 Any beauty secrets? 
I wash my face every evening using a face wash, when I do wear makeup what I normally do is use a facial wipes first then I use a face wash. I have naturally oily skin and I discovered the less cream I use on my face, the less likely I get spots. So I tend to not to moisturise my face when I go to bed, the only thing I apply is eye cream. I highly recommend using a good eye cream and applying at least once a day, it really makes a difference and keeps at bay dark under eye circles or bags. 

Favourite make-up brands.
Mary Kay foundation– I stick to what I know, I use Mary Kay liquid foundation, and I’m currently using the new range which is designed for dry and oily skin. I use the matte finish and it’s great as its light and gives a natural look 
Mac cosmetics– love the range of eye shadow palettes 
Sleek contour kit– contour and highlighter compact 
No7 matte lipstick– I love this brand’s lipstick collection, I prefer matte lipstick as it doesn’t wear off and it’s not too glossy. This range is perfect and it doesn’t chap my lips no matter how much I wear it 
Rimmel lipstick– I also love this range, especially when it comes to bold colours such as red salsa and fuchsia pink 
Maybelline eye gel liner– comes with a brush so it’s easier to use and its long lasting 
Rimmel London lash accelerator mascara– I apply a few coats and it makes my eye lashes look fuller and longer 

What is the most beautiful thing about you  and how do you accentuate it? 
I have learned to love me as a whole, flaws and all. But if I had to choose I would say my eyes, lips and smile. I accentuate my eyes by creating winged liners, sometimes very fine and other times very defined. With my lips I wear lipstick, my staple colour being red and my smile because others say it’s sweet and sincere. 
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. With whom would it be and why? 
I wouldn’t trade with anyone, my reason being is no one is perfect as everyone has flaws, struggles or things they have to deal with. I am happy being me as the best person I can be is myself. No one can do what you do better than yourself. 

Your favourite music track would be…? 
That’s too difficult to choose, there are too many to list. I love acoustic, gospel, R&B music. If I had to choose one track that resonated with me and I still love hearing it’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill. 

-What is your favourite trend right now? 
My favourite trends rather… these are what I would call my trans-seasonal trends, I still can’t resist colour blocking my outfits, pastel shades, peplum is a favourite of mine from peplum dresses to skirts to tops. For Autumn/Winter trends I love the navy on denim look, monochrome, faux fur and leather and burgundy. 

-Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’… I believe you can be able to flaunt what you have without having to put it out on full display… I prefer “If you got it, flaunt it tastefully” 

-If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? 
Errm I can’t think of a name but the storyline would be something along the lines of a girl who came from humble beginnings and established herself…I can’t think of anyone better to play me than myself  

Your top 5 must-haves. 
-A good pair of comfortable but sexy heels 
-Blazer is a must 
-A chiffon top 
-A pair of skinny jeans 
-A pencil skirt or fitted dress 


-Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? 
At the end of the day everything in my closet is materialistic and can easily be replaced. As long as my family and I were safe I wouldn’t be concerned about what I left in my closet. 

-Your all time fashion icon is… 
This is an easy one…I absolutely adore Olivia Palermo’s style and dress sense, the way she accessorises and put different pieces together and still make it work and look distinct. I also love Australian Harper Bazaar’s fashion editor, Christine Centerena’s style, she has impeccable taste. 

-Your favourite quote/saying 
I have many but the one that comes to mind is, 
“You are what you think, as a man thinks so he is” 
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”- Mark Twain 

-Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at? 
Fashion blog: (bffbestfootforward.blogspot.co.uk) 
Facebook: (laviniah k) 
Twitter: (@flairformyfashion) 
Instagram: (@flairforfashion) 
Youtube: (YouTube channel is luv2lav

Thank you again Lydie xxx 

Gosh, who else is digging Laviniah’s style? I love that blue dress and the sparkly clutch. The braids just killed me!
Thanks for indulging.
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Thank you all so much for your amazing contributions to my blog! I’m overwhelmed by the number of hits I get daily. My only way of appreciating your awesomeness is to an amazing New Year Giveaway! 
In the Christmas spirit of giving, I’d like to show my appreciation by launching a second GIVEAWAY. 
Up for grabs is a coveted Zara or Asos (or whichever online store offers E-vouchers of your choice.You decide) gift voucher and a gorgeous collection of African inspired jewellery supplied by Umba.

Here’s how it goes:

-Simply submit a picture of yourself portraying your personal style to artbecomesyou@yahoo.com. Email title should be Street Swag Competition so it’s mixed up with regular submissions. (Please include your name).
Like Art Becomes You page on Facebook.
Follow the ABY (Art Becomes You) blog for updates.
Pictures shall be uploaded on my blog (www.artbecomesyou.com) and the picture with the most votes wins! Latest day for submissions is 22 December (subject to change) so you have enough time to bring your A game to the table!
*If you don’t have access to Zara or Asos online, you will receive an equivalent of the gift voucher in your zone. Read my post on the beautiful  Umba.

Happy Holidays in advance!

Here are a couple of pictures to show you what yours should be like:
Collages, street style and any pictures showing off your sense of style would be accepted.
Please no nude pics!!!
Hope you get the picture clearly. 
Unless you hate shopping, please blow off my email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com with your pictures. I’m waiting.
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