Today’s Style.  read is the perfect fit for Halloween: dark, edgy and intriguing. Her effortless swag is like no other. Meet … Cyrena Monique. I am a British (Jamaican/Dominican Rep/Irish mix),
I run two sites – one is an online mag/blog Freak Deluxe and the other is my personal blog Let Me See Your Wears.
5 things I’ve loved for as long as I can remember – Bashment, Fashion, Sweets, My Hair, the number 5.

I love easy dressing, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal at heart; styled up with some cute heels, fly jewellery, and a red lip and I’m good to go! I love BLACK,studs, and skulls (I’m kind of annoyed that studs are becoming so mainstream now). When I check it I’m a bit of a rock chick/punk princess. My boy calls me a morpher, says I can rock so many different looks and look good in all of them. Style influencers would be Mary-Kate Olsen, Solange Knowles, Steven Tyler, Elin Kling, Erin Wasson.

-Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most?
Helmut Lang, ASOS, Maison Martin Margiela, Zara, I love Equipment for their button down shirts, Haider Akerman, Topshop, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, I love to look at BALMAIN in awe!

– Any beauty secrets?
No secrets, I’ve never been a big beauty fiend; I didn’t start wearing makeup till I was 18. Day to day makeup for me is a barely there eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, a little bronzer and blusher on the cheeks, and either lip balm, nude gloss, or a red lip. Oh wait I do have one beauty secret! To make sure you get great coverage and staying power from your lipstick colour your entire lips with lip liner, then apply the lipstick on top – a makeup artist friend told me that, it works! I have a basket full of lipsticks!!! I don’t bother with foundation or anything like that, I love a good makeup look to look at but not on my face.

-Favourite make-up brands.
MAC, Yves Saint Laurent, Sleek (eyeshadow palettes are great), L’Oreal, NARS, Sephora.

-What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it?
If we’re talking about face I’ve had a lot of complements for my eyes and lips. I almost always wear winged eyeliner, and people love when I rock a red lip! Other than that it’s my legs, for as long as I can remember people have commented on them; because they’re so long!

-If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why?
Anyone that gets to travel for a living, and I’m not talking about back packing. I’m talking about going to great destinations popular or undiscovered, where I can enjoy great weather, food, people, and shopping.

-Your favourite music track would be…?
Right now I’m loving Gyal a Bubble by Konshens, my inner dancehall queen is dying to break out when I hear it! Other than that it’s Mercy by Kanye West, Pusha T, 2 Chains; I love the hook and the sample!

-What is your favourite trend right now?
I don’t really follow trends you know, just pick and choose little gems I like. I am loving the glam goth trend and also the male inspired tailored look. Basically I love anything that fits in with my laid back wardrobe. In saying that, I am warming up to a peplum but I’m not sure if and where I would wear that. I’m going to make a couple of the looks from the Christian Dior Couture AW12 show, so we’ll see.

-Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’…*
Depends what ‘it’ is!

-If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you?
I don’t know what it would be called, maybe ‘Diary of a Broke Bitch’ ? but Zoe Saldana would definitely be called in for the role!

Your top 5 must-haves.
-A great leather jacket
-Good pair of jeans that make your legs and butt look great
-Red Lipstick
-A closet full of shoes
-A good sense of humour

-Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why?
I can’t!!! My leather jacket that took me 5 hrs to stud by hand? My red Balenciaga Weekender? The dresses I made from scratch?! I have no clue!

-Your all time fashion icon is…
Michael Jackson! I’m sure Balmain look to his costumes every season as inspiration for their collections.

-Your favourite quote/saying
“Everything happens for a reason” Over the last couple of years I’ve come to realise this statement is so true whether good or bad.

-Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at?

Just brilliant isn’t she?

I love your hair. Now I want to try the ombre trend!

What is your take on Cyrena’s style?


Aside: Went to see Skyfall last night at the Odeon and it was GRRREATTT. I now respect Javier Bardem on a whole new level. As for Daniel Craig, amazeballs. He’s never looked more fit. Great acting, perfect cast, amazing movie, unforgettable villain.
Now before you go ahead and think ‘Is she bonkers?’ when you spy my outfit of the day, lemme explain. I took these pictures a few weeks go when, believe it or not England still enjoyed a few days of unrelenting warmth and sunshine. I’d had my eye on a pair of ripped washed denim shorts at Miss Selfridge for weeks and finally got them. But the chance to wear them never presented itself. Then I stumbled on an article titled ’20 Worst Buys’ which was about the things that women buy the most but never end up wearing. The super short denim shorts was one of them. Grrrr. There was no way I was going to be victimized by my shorts and become one of the people on that list. 
It sounds like I am blaming my lack of gusto to rock my super short denim shorts mainly because of the weather. But if I do sound that way, then I am just being pretentious. Weeks and weeks of heaping on tub after tub of ice-cream and all those times that I’d ever craved (and given in to) a sweet chili crispy chicken with chips on the side and a Heinz dip were beginning to creep in on my conscience. I felt inadequate. Alas, I had bought a pair of knock-’em-dead shorts that I was incapable of rocking.
And the Summer was quickly slipping away. 
What did I resort to?
-A round or two of sit ups while watching the occasional late night movie, 
-Suddenly breaking into a run in the middle of a nice stroll,
-TAKING the stairs
-and yes RESOLVING to hit the gym (once I get the right gear). Mind you they wouldn’t let me work out in my wedge heels no matter how comfy I said they were, unless I was Mariah Carey or Victoria Beckham:(
Nevertheless, on a day that felt like the last day of Summer, I finally got around to wearing my short shorts. And this was the end result.
My go-to top-Marks & Spencer
Denim Shorts- Miss Selfridge
Leather Bag- Autograph at Marks & Spencer
Cut-out wedge heels- Aldo
Leather Jacket- Topshop
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The Alexander McQueen Roses chenille jacquard dress which goes for a good £1,820 on is quite the star favourite. This week alone both Nicole Scherzinger and Rebecca Ferguson have been spotted in it. There’s no question they can each afford to dole out on a dress like that. The huge question though is, who wears it better? 
Both ladies coordinated right down to the shoes! Only difference for me is Nicole Scherzinger added a little bit more sass with the jewellery and hair styling. But who does it for you?

Alexander McQueen Roses chenille jacquard dress, £1,820


Rebecca Ferguson on the other hand had a simpler vision.


As similar as the complete looks seem, whose fit do you prefer?
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Having a gracious week loves? Me too. I’ve been uber-busy, it’s not even funny. Like, I barely have enough time to stop and catch a breath. Funny, I live on a schedule but I can barely remember what day it is! I’ve realized that if I wait for that day when I’ll be completely free and relaxed so I can put up my blog posts. then I might never blog again. If you have a ‘busy schedule’ those things you love doing (or SHOULD be doing) should be a part of it. You love to write? Got a passion for painting? Need to be hitting the gym? Need to finish that project you’ve been putting on hold? Include them in your schedule. Life goes by pretty fast and before…Gosh I swear I did not have this inspirational, positive talk-type opening planned at all. It just spieled out.
Anyways, moving on to the sizzling sightings that have graced the streets this week. 
Celebrities at the Angel Ball at NYC gave me life with their inspiring ensembles.
Birthday girl who just turned 32, Kim Kardashian showed up looking mint in one of my favourite colours, royal blue. Her draped gown with tantalizing slits was all the colour she needed after a string of monochrome outfits. Her boyfriend Kanye was looking dapper as well.

Ashanti kept it vampy by going for a black sparkly dress and a deep berry lip. Her boo Nelly was in all black everything too.

Angela Simmons went with a Roberto Cavalli one-shoulder dress in purple which she pared with gold strappy sandals. Digging the makeup honey.And those nude nails.

Solange Knowles served in a Badgley Mischka Fall 2012 gown.  Girl can work a dress. Loving the new hair. Mama Tina Knowles also shone in a golden knotted dress.

Stooshe were in attendance for the Q Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. They looked amazeballs in their LBDs and gold chain link belts.

Emeli Sande opted for simplicity in a denim jacket and white dress.

Talk about effortless chic. Victoria Beckham and baby Harper Beckham spend some quality mother/daughter time together as they run a few errands in New York City. Victoria, who carried her growing daughter the whole time, wore a low cut black dress and platform shoes while shopping for goodies. I am a serious shocker for wedges and those platforms are killing me softly.

Gabrielle Union looked very chic in a black jumpsuit as she celebrated her …40th birthday. Okay I have to know what she is eating to look like that at 40! I’m loving the new fringe as well. Gives her an edge that has been missing for a while now.

Rebecca Ferguson was spotted outside the London studios. She sizzled in a red lace dress and Christian Louboutin nude daffodil pumps. Pure class there I must admit.

And there you have it. The line up of the evening. Who slayed for you? Who didn’t? 

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I have been off blogging for weeks now but Style Diary is back to put everything ack on track. Today’s fashionista hails from Haiti.

My name is Klerlie Raymond. I am 100% Haitian, raised my whole life in Miami, Fl. I love to shop; I love thrifting, reading, blogging and anything that involves a margarita or a glass of wine.


-My dressing style is very vintage. Most of my clothes and very unique pieces come from thrift stores. I also shop in stores like Forever 21 and H&M for common pieces such as jeans, camis, etc. My style influences are bohemian chic and vintage.

-Favourite designer is…Balmain!!! His current line is amazing. The whites, crèmes, and leathers are to die for.

-I have no beauty secrets unfortunately. I don’t wear much makeup. A lot of people ask me what I wear on my face and I always reply with soap and water. I have never been a foundation person. I tried it once and my entire face broke out so I never used it again. I do love though liquid eyeliner. It makes any look pop! And I get the Elf brand from Target for $1. It’s magical.

-I have a huge eye shadow palette from NYX that I cannot live without. I love them! I wear a lot of lipstick from every brand. My favorites have to be Revlon & Make Up Forever.

-I thing the most beautiful thing about me is my spirit.

-I would love to trade places with Beyoncé for a week. Just to see what its really like to be that beautiful, talented, and awesome. I mean what its really like not what the media portrays it to be. Her real life.

-My favorite music track tight now is anything from Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album. That entire album is amazingly beautiful.

-My favorite trend right now is the long pleated skirts and dresses.

-If my life was a movie it would be titled Sunshine and I would play myself.

-Top 5 must haves:


-Red lipstick,

-Nikon camera,

-a comb,

-and a smile.

-If my house was in flames the one item in my closet I would save is my leather jacket, because I have yet to find another like it.

-My fashion icon is June Ambrose. Everything about her.

-My favorite quote is “Not I, said the cat”

-My Tumblr is

My Twitter is @IamKlerlie.

My Lookbook is  and my

Instagram is KingKlerlie.

I love how you incorporate colours into your style Klerlie. What is your take on Klerlie’s style.?

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As colourful as I might seem, I do love me some neutrals and black is defo one of my favourite colours. I mean come on, who doesn’t love black? First off, do you know that black goes well on EVERYBODY? Now, that’s what I call unbiased. 

We all know a few things about black, like the fact that it is slimming and everyone needs a little black dress in their closet.

But do you know that black is the most fashionable colour? Scratch that. Black IS fashion. Ever heard of the snowclone phrase, X (insert any colour) is the new black? The colloquialism “X is the new black” is a reference to the latest trend or fad that is considered a wardrobe basic for the duration of the trend, on the basis that black is always fashionable.

Think Chanel and Christian Dior. Visit my most recent post on Paris Fashion Week and How To Wear Black. 

What do you love about the colour black? 

I love black because it makes me feel powerful, endearing and mysterious. I love to make my black outfits standout. One of the best ways to make black stand out is to go for an all black outfit and add a pop of colour (lips, heels, belt or handbag). How do you make your black items stand out? 

Have a fab weekend loves!

Outfit: Skirt- Pencil Skirt Miss Selfridge, Top-Ebay, Cut Out Wedge Heels-Aldo.

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Today’s Style Diary is the very edgy Abi Ogun. I’ll let her do the talking.

My name is Abimbola, originally from Nigeria but currently reside in High Wycombe, England. Currently I work for The Perfume shop as an Allocator. I studied Business Economics at the University of Bradford. My passion is fashion and beauty and I was lucky enough to get my dream job in the industry that I wanted. I’ll love to have own little boutique one day. I love dancing, reading and cooking. My favourite colour is yellow, I’m obsessed with yellow. 

My dressing style depends on my mood, how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I like cute, unique and edgy style, I like standing out in the crowd, really don’t like looking like everyone else. I love vintage, preppy chic and grunge edgy look, Bright colours too, bright, neon in your face colours. I hardly wear dresses. I’m really into skater Skirts at the moment. 
I love H & M, River Island, Top Shop, American Apparel, Miss Selfridge, Mango and Republic. 

Don’t overdo it, when it comes to Makeup, go for the simple natural look and it possible go bare face at least twice a week, let your skin breath… heavy makeup on a daily basis clog up your pores and make sure you don’t go to sleep with makeup and EXFOLIATE. I hardly ever wear makeup and if I do, it’s just sheer foundation and mascara with lipstick. You know what they say ‘’less is more’’ 

 My favourite make up brand is Estee Lauder; I don’t own any Mac products. People find this hard to believe but I have never actually owned any Mac products. 

My best features are, I would say my eyes and maybe my Lips. I love pink lipsticks, I have all the shades of pink you can think of .
Favourite bloggers: Mayo Wo from and Camille Co from Camille Tries to Blog. I want to raid their closest, amazing, simple yet original. 

 Best music tracks: It’s a tie between John Legend – Everybody knows and Kelly Rowland – Heaven and Earth 

 Best trend: The 2 piece outfit look, where the blazer matches the trouser or the short or the skirt, very classy. 

 I’m just starting to embrace the whole ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ thing, I use to hide behind baggy clothing, now I’m starting to embrace my curves and showing it off a little bit more. I get flustered when people comment about it, I get self-conscious. 

11. If my life was a movie, the title will be A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SHOPAHOLIC and I would play me .

5 must haves:

-A little white dress,

-Black Blazer,

-white Tees,

-pencil skirt

-and Black court shoe (Not kitten heels) 

-If my house was on fire, I would grab my good shoe, the one that goes with everything. Took me months to find the perfect .

-Style icons- Camille Co and Solange Knowles 

Best quote: ‘’Why Blend in, when you can stand out’’ 

My blog is and my YouTube is 

Certainly loving your edgy looks Abi. What about you? How would you rate Abi?

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Morning loves. While I’ve taken a few days off my blog, I couldn’t help but notice all the interesting pictures and fashion that have been circling the web. I am going to try to cram some of them into this post and let you decide who’s the trend-setter and who isn’t.

Starting off with Jennifer Lopez who has been having a fabulous time in Paris with her family. She stopped by Paris fashion week looking drop dead gorge in a plunging v-neck dress white lace dress. She accessorized with her favourite Tom Ford padlock pumps and a Chanel shoulder bag. Her daughter Emme joined her front row at the fashion show. How sweet!

She later stepped out again in a pink Valentino dress accompanied by her boyfriend Casper Smart.

Kim Kardashian was also spotted rocking the footwear of the season, the Tom Ford padlock pumps. She upgraded a simple blue pencil skirt look paired with a denim button up shirt with a white pair of padlock heels.  Hot or Not? 

Rihanna aka Badgalriri has been giving me life lately with her style. The ‘Diamonds’ singer stepped out looking fab in a black and gold cropped jumper paired with gold Manolo Blahnik chaos sandals.

Earlier on during the weekend, Riri had visited her favourite restaurant looking chic in a colour block skater dress and ankle strap sandals.Hot or Not?

Jordin Sparks was in all red everything to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure gala over the weekend. Hot or Not?

Socialite LaLa Vasquez Anthony was spotted wining and dining with her cousin Dice and friends at Revel in NYC last night.  And she looked pretty fab in a knee length red cocktail dress and her gold Louboutins.

Actress KeKe Palmer rocked the “106 & Park” stage with a track off her mixtape, “Dance Alone”. The young singer donned a cropped sleeveless denim top and black pants. Hot or Not?

Earlier, she had been spotted on the streets of NY looking fab in a monochrome skater dress.

Nene Leakes star of ‘The New Normal’ looked red hot after appearing on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” in New York City with host Andy Cohen.

Ashley Madekwe looked gorgeous in a trousers suit at ABC’s Sunday lineup event. Revenge is back, hell yeah!

Who slayed and whose outfit should be slayed?

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The stars are loving Dior this season. They came out in their numbers sporting some serious Dior couture. The likes of Kanye West, Leigh Lezark and Olivia Palermo donned signature black Christian Dior pieces at the Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2013 Runway Show. Get a peek at some of their haute combos.

Fashion icon Olivia Palermo was sporting Dior from head to toe. Her Dior jacket straight off the runway.

Christian Dior bag

Leigh Lezark also showed up looking effortless in Dior.

I managed to find her shoes. Leigh wore the pink version of the Dior Rocks sandals which sell at Farfetch for £679. 

Rock your own all black everything look:

Kanye West made a solo appearance to the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2013 show during Paris Fashion Week. The musician/designer was spotted wearing a black shawl collar dinner jacket layered over a black long tee, leather pants, and Nike Air Jordan retro 1 sneakers.

Other fabulous guests at the show were:

Virginie Ledoyen
Melanie Laurent
Celine Sallette
Clotilde Courau

Eva Herzigova
Lauren Scott
Lucie de la Falaise

Leelee Sobieski
Marie-Josee Croze

Also looking hot this week is Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes at the the UN Women For Peace And Same Sky Ethical Shopping Event at Saks Fifth Avenue on September 21, 2012 in New York City. Leila was looking very girly in a pink pleated bow tie dress and Louboutin heels. She kept her makeup fresh and minimal. Love!

Also loving Jessica Alba’s monochromatic look at the 2012 Environmental Media Awards at Warner Brothers Studios on September 29, 2012 in Burbank, California.

Jessica and husband Cash Warren

Whose look are you loving the most?

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