OOTD: Handpicked

Hey dolls. I must apologize for the silence and absence of my OOTD posts thereof. I guess the last few days of the summer are taking a toll on me. I have been down with the flu and have not been able to compose a proper post. To add fuel to the fire, my laptop is still not working. I swear you never know how much your life rotates around that piece of equipment until it tires and shuts down (hope not for good in my case).  I have been through several stages since then. At first I was relaxed and sure that it was only a little hiatus. Then I got worried. And angry. After a couple of days I was panicking. I am finally calm and have accepted that sometimes in life, we are too caught up in something so much that the only way we can ‘snap out of a routine’ and spend time to enjoy the different pleasures of life is if that distraction takes a break. I love writing, trust me, and would not give it up for anything. After reading this post on Miranda’s blog, I’ve realized this short break has giving me a chance to regroup and organize.

Regroup with friends and family and God.

Organize ALL those things that I start but never finish. I have been handpicked by my Maker to accomplish my fair share of tasks. In order for me to go down in history,  must complete.

For my outfit of the day I am going casual. Even though a pair of heels will always switch up a casual outfit in a second. I spotted and handpicked this colourful top at a thrift store and was immediately drawn to it. I was shocked to find out it was originally from Primark. Which only goes to prove, NEVER rule out any shops. A lot of times, am in for a surprise. Look at all that beautiful detailing in the back!  As for the washed look denim, I ordered them from Zara and couldn’t wait for them to be delivered. Once again, good ol’ Zara did not disappoint. The fit is impeccable. The jeans are well-fitted yet comfortable. I picked the out because of the zip detail at the ankle which I still have to experiment with. Details on full outfit below:


Jeans- Zara

Top – Thrifted (originally Primark).


Black tote bag- Unbranded (Ebay)

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