I’ve Been Nominated!

So 3 bloggers nominated me last week for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am short of words on how to thank them. Thank you to, Aqualekkergarla, Jae Lei Nyght and Cioccolatuscuro’s Blog for thinking of me and for reading through my blog. Nice to know that someone reads your work.

1] Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2] List seven random things about yourself.

3] Nominate fifteen other blogs.

4] Notify the fifteen nominees.

5] Put the award logo on your blog.

So I’ve already thanked the three bloggers who nominated me and linked their blogs. Please check them out, you wouldn’t regret it!

Now my seven random facts are:

1.I am dead scared of thunderstorms. Every time it rains, I use my fingers to plug my ears until the storm is over. The rain just dampens my mood. Thunder and lightning are my two worst fears. Can’t stand the loudness of thunder and how threatening and intimidating lightning seems. I’ve always envied photographers who capture beautiful images of lightning. I want to do something similar but I don’t think it will ever happen.

2.I’ve once been seriously burnt. When I was about 8 years old, my friends and I were playing with some very hot water. One of the girls mistakenly (or not, haha!) poured the whole bucket of water on my face. For weeks I went about with a pink face and all the other kids could not stop laughing and staring at me. Still beats me how  my face regained its natural complexion.

3. I listen to Justin Bieber.

4. I wish I was related to Maya Angelou. In fact I think I am.

5. I want to visit Greece, Rome and Egypt and relive every single bit of history that went down there.

6. Music is life. Music, a good book and a nice pair of shoes to occasionally glance at when you’re reading.

7. I love ice cream. I would eat ice cream in Iceland. If I were an Eskimo, I’d have a freezer full of ice cream.

Last but not least, my fifteen blogger nominees are:














Thanks guys and have fun answering the questions!

I’ve put the award logo on my blog (check side bar).

Out with a bang.

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