It has been a very indulging weekend for me. All I’ve done is sit back and relax and indulge in a good whole day of watching the good old Olympics. I mean I love sports…on TV. I DO love exercising. I don’t mind doing sit ups, squats or dancing. Even though push ups freak me out. Not because I can’t do them, but because I can’t help thinking that if I try to, my hands will come loose at the shoulder sockets. Not a happy thought. Nevertheless yes, I love exercising. But put me in a real sporting activity and you will know the answer to the greatest question that has puzzled men for decades now…why does Victoria Beckham never smile?
Just saying I’m as puzzled as to why I cannot do a slam dunk. Or synchronized swimming. I blame my legs personally. These same legs that failed me when I mustered up all my strength and  kicked a penalty and the ball simply rolled a few feet away while the undaunted goalie just stood and watched the ball roll to a sorry stop during my school interhouse games.
Whate’er, whate’er…I also indulged in two tubs of ice cream (may they never come back to haunt me in the form of calories) and a very interesting programme about the history of the colour gold. Which was a not a message at all to all the athletes currently participating at the Olympics. No pressure at all. We do not care about gold or any medals. Just have fun and frolic about and come back empty-handed.
Well, there has been a lot of talk about gold on TV and all social media sites lately. Like I said, no pressure. It is very normal for journalists and media people to be obsessed with gold towards the end of July and early August.
Hence my gold-inspired outfit of the day.
*Outfit: Top-vintage, Skirt-Topshop, Shoes-Dune, Bag – Autograph (at M&S).



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Out with a bang!


And the countdown is over! Yes today the London 2012 Olympic games have been officially launched. How exciting, everyone has showed up; including the sun! I hope the weather keeps it up. I’m impressed.

My OOTD is this PU imitation leather skirt which reminds me so much of a skirt I had when I was two years old. There’s this framed picture on the wall back home of me standing amongst some shrubs in a REAL leather skirt from my Dad. It was one of the things he got me from his trip to Paris. My Mom tells me it was my favourite skirt. I clung to it and wanted to wear to every single party. The most amazing thing is she kept that skirt! Yes, I still have it up till date. My daughter shall wear  it and show off some cute baby gams in it.

I’ll keep it short and brief today because who has time to read about my skirt from way back when when there are (hot) athletes on TV? But I know my readers, Olympics or not they’ll always spare time for me right? Come on, a few minutes of your time wouldn’t hurt. Remember to drop a comment, rate, like and subscribe!

*Outfit: Blouse-Nella, Skirt-H&M, Shoes-Christian Louboutin, Crossbody bag-Marc B.

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I got a a few email queries about sunglasses for the summer.

Well, there are three trending sunglasses at the moment.

First are are the the round-framed sunglasses which are very retro and ‘John Lennon’ as some would call them. As seen on several celebrities such as Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj, Gaga and Beyonce. These glasses, strangely seem to flatter quite a wide range of face shapes.

These celebs are rocking the Linda Farrow eyewear range which is very popular for its luxe and high end eyewear designs.

You can the glasses from Linda Farrow for £259

Linda Farrow, The Row-£259


Or save with these options:

River Island Round Sunglasses, £13

River Island Round Sunglasses, £13.00


The AJ Morgan Sunglasses for only £12 look very similar to the Linda Farrow pair.

AJ Morgan Maddy Sunglasses, £12


The ASOS Half Frame Metal Keyhole Sunglasses, £8

Asos half frame glasses, £8

The Cat Eye sunglasses are very popular as well this summer. Aptly named because of how their slanted frames mimick a cat’s eyes or possible the Catwoman. Nonetheless some are less severe than others. As seen on many bloggers and celebs.

Solange in Alexander Wang cat eye sunglasses

Get similar looks here:

These are very similar to Rihanna’s above. Stella McCartney Peaked Cat Eye Sunglasses, £119.99 

Solange is wearing the Alexander Wang sunglasses. Get them in gold (what she’s wearing) or black here:

Alexander Wang with Linda Farrow sunglasses,  £216


ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Cut Away Detail, £10.50


Mega Save!!  ASOS Wing Cat Eye Sunglasses, £3.50


ASOS Half Rim Highbrow Sunglasses, £10.50

The Scroll Sunglasses have been also a huge hit. The Prada Baroque Sunglasses are the most popular ones.

Eva Mendes

Get the Prada Baroque shades here:

Prada ‘Baroque’ Round Sunglasses, £196.72

The scroll sunglasses are available in 5 different colours on Ebay at £6.46. Grab them! (Click on link for Ebay site).

Join the summer trend and frame that pretty face up! Which are your favourite sunglasses?

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Ever woke up feeling unnecessarily happy? Well, happiness is NEVER unnecessary. But you know that feeling when you just feel like shouting (yes shouting, not singing. My morning voice sounds similar to a toad in labour…)  all the songs you can think of at the top of your lungs. Even songs that you normally skip when they come up sound good in your ears. You just want to cook and eat sweet  food.

Maybe it is because I stumbled upon my Hi5 profile this morning. Ha! Who knew they were still operating? Of course I have deactivated my account. But not before downloading a few pictures which I might later use to persuade a few of my friends into doing favours for me, lol. I mean can you imagine what we used to call swag back then? I know that old vintage fashion making a comeback. when I look at my Mom’s old pics, I see her wearing most of the current best-selling and highly coveted items that we ‘fashionistas’ now fight over. I went through her closet several times in the hope of finding some palazzo pants. they seemed to have been her favourite at one point. Anyhoo, as I was saying, imagine what we used to call swag back in the day. Even if vintage fashion is coming back I don’t think it will ever take any references from our generation. Our mothers wore high-waisted pants and bustier tops. What did we  the  (‘boomboomcha’ generation as my Aunt calls us) wear? Baggies and ‘bandanas.’ I remember the day my Dad came walking in with three pairs of  ‘Spice Girls’ shoes. Bless him. Those shoes were the truth back then. Me and my sisters could not get enough of them shoes.  In fact I have a picture, a hot one back then where i was wearing a tulle skirt, which is not so bad really. But my shoes! They were on a completely different scale. Say ‘abola.’ If I see, that boy who sold me those shoes in the name of  ‘tendances’  today I will conk him. Then of course I had to flaunt my mobile phone in the picture. More like computer, really. The size of that phone was massive. God alone knows I needed a phone with an antenna. 

Then some of the comments just had me rolling on the floor laughing: ‘Sweet n ripe,’  ‘Only hair for pikin yi foot…you too trong.’

Hahaha, I can’t even laugh enough. Funny thing is I’ll be laughing at this OOTD in a few years time. No matter how good a picture looks, it always becomes hilarious after a long period of time. Why is that? Maybe we are just laughing at the good memories that the picture elicits?  

One thing is for certain, fashions come and go but STYLE is eternal.

*Outfit: Jacket-Topsop, Dress-H&M, Sandals-Faith

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6 out of 10 women are ‘cosmetic flirts’.  We cannot seem to decide on which products to stick to. Especially if there’s a specific obstacle (stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, breakouts, black heads, sun spots) we’re trying to get rid of but they just won’t go away. We tend to go from one skin care product to the next. Even though there are certain factors, depending on our skin type and what we aim to achieve, that we should consider while choosing a body butter or face moisturizer, these natural extracts are most recommended for a general healthy glow and revived appearance for the skin.  
Please note that the skin is made of cells which grow and regenerate with time. This process cannot be sped overnight as most cosmetic products will claim. When using a product, expect to notice a visible difference in 2 weeks. A month is the recommended time to wait and see if your cosmetics are having the effect you want them to have. 3 months of consistent use is recommended if you working on scars, stretch marks and cellulite.  Of course it depends as well, what form of the product you are using. Oils and serums will generally be more concentrated than body creams. Toners are more concentrated than cleansers or washes. Soap bars will work the slowest because we generally just let the soap lather wash off almost as soon as it’s on the body. For more effective results, after wetting your face or body, turn off the shower and lather the soap bar on your body. leave the spuds on for at least 5 mins then wash off.
Patience is the key to good skin. That said, if you cannot find any noticeable improvement after 6 months of using a product, chuck it in the bin. It is either not for your skin type or just a rip off.

1.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known for being a great skin care remedy for minor burns and skin irritation.  This desert plant is not only medicinally beneficial, but it is an optimal cosmetic ingredient when used in skin care products or on its own. It is packed with active compounds that benefit the skin. It nourishes, moisturizes, and protects- everything you could want in a skin care product. Aloe is ideal for mature skin. Aloe improves levels of collagen when applied topically and ingested. Plenty of healthy, new collagen is essential for preventing sagging skin and wrinkles.
Good for: Fighting bacteria,  helps to rebuild new tissue, protect skin cells from damage, skin-softening, antiwrinkle remedy.
Best Finds: Dr Organic Aloe Vera Skin Lotion, Aloe Skin range at Body Shop


2. Shea

Shea butter is extracted from the nut of West Africa’s wild  karite tree. Its benefits to the skin are endless. Evens skin tone and returns luster to skin and hair. Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue. Shea Butter moisturizes and protects skin and  scalp Especially over processed and heat-treated hair. Shea Butter doesn’t clog pores or block hair shaft. Revitalizes, softens and maintains skin moisture. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F which are some essential vitamins needed for good skin balance. Shea Butter penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity. Shea Butter benefits your skin by keeping it clear & smooth. Shea butter benefits include soothing some scalp and skin irritations.
Best Finds: Shea butter moisturizers at Body Scentsations,  Shea range at Body Shop,  Burt’s Bees Honey and Shea Body Butter 

3. Almond 

As far as the skin is concerned, almond can be used to great effect in several ways. Almond oil makes the skin smooth and soft, which is why it is often favored for massages. You can prepare a mixture of almond oil, honey, and lemon juice, and apply this as a face pack once a week. Almond oil can also be used for the hair. Almond oil nourishes the skin, making it smooth and soft because it’s an emollient. Moisturizes deeper and better. Delays aging process. Improves complexion and helps your skin retain or restore its glow . Soothes skin irritation and inflammation. Relieves dry and itchy skin. Lighten dark circles under the eyes. Heals chapped lips and body rashes. Relieves irritations, soreness and burns
Best Finds: Extracts Almond Body Butter from Boots, Body Shop in store

4. Tea Tree

I can vouch for tea tree any day anytime. I have been using the Body Shop tea tree range for a while now and it seriously works especially for blemishes and redness. I just started using the Dr Organic Tea Tree Skin Lotion from Holland and Barrett. It’s not as sweet smelling as other assorted butters and creams but it’s organic and I love it! 
Tea tree oil reduces the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands thereby reduces the production of bacteria that cause the formation of blemishes on the skin. The tea tree oil is a great moisturizer and cleanser. It opens the clogged pores and removes the bacteria from the skin surface. The tea tree oil is a good cleanser and it removes the dead cells from the skin without causing any harm to it. The recent studies have proved that tea tree oil is greatest skin toner and removes the fine wrinkles as well as the blemishes very effectively. The tea tree oil is very effective in wound healing, because of its anti-septic properties. It is very mild to the skin and does not causes any harm which other anti-septic products do. 
Best Finds: Tea tree range at Body Shop, Tea tree range at Holland and Barrett.

5. Olive

Olive oil is one of the most sought after natural oils for skin care. In fact olive oil has been used as an ancient remedy for skin care during the Egyptian civilization and it is still widely used today. It has been cultivated for 3000 years in the Mediterranean which is why their women are  often described as having beautiful olive skin. Olive oil is good for the hair, body and when eaten with food. It helps with constipation and digestion. Olive oil is good for everything from stretch mark therapy, prevention of hair loss, building stronger finger nails, acne therapy and anti-aging therapy. The most expensive olive oil product is usually labeled as “extra virgin” or “cold pressed”. This is because extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the first pressing of olives. It is not processed and it is the purest of olive oil extract. So if you are buying any bottle of extra virgin olive oil for cooking, you’ll be pleased to know that it is the healthiest type of oil for cooking. Even skin products labeled as “extra virgin” are more expensive, have more nutritional compounds for skin health and are far better at helping to improve the appearance of your skin. Like other products, using olive oil in its natural and virgin form is most recommended. Even though the olive body butters, oils and hair products will do just fine.
Best Finds: Palmer’s Olive Body Butter , Organic Root Stimulator, Body Shop olive range

6. Cocoa

Cocoa butter is frequently recommended for eliminating stretch marks and other scars. Many people believe that cocoa butter has helped to reduce their scars. Even plastic surgeons have advised their patients to use cocoa butter on surgical scars. With regular use it gives the skin a softer texture and a natural glow of the skin due to the hydration of the skins surface. It is also very effective at evening out skin tone by eliminating dark circles and redness.Aside from stretch marks it is effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines this is because it improves tightness of the skin and the Vitamin E provides collagen. It is also useful in softening difficult areas such as the elbows and knees where dryness is common.Cocoa butter is popular at treating pregnancy skin to reduce the chances of developing stretch marks with daily use throughout pregnancy; cocoa butter makes the skin softer therefore making the stretching during pregnancy less strenuous on the skin, although this is not guaranteed.

Best Finds: Palmers Cocoa Butter range,  Vaseline cocoa butter, Body Shop cocoa butter range

7. Coconut

Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair. It helps in healthy growth of hair providing them a shiny complexion. Regular massage of the head with coconut oil ensures that your scalp is free of dandruff, lice, and lice eggs, even if your scalp is dry. Coconut oil is excellent massage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skins including dry skin.  Coconut oil  is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays wrinkles, and sagging of skin which normally become prominent with age. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections . Therefore coconut oil forms the basic ingredient of various body care products such as soaps, lotions, creams, etc., used for skin care. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its antioxidant properties.
Best Finds: Nature’s Way Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ,  Pure Coconut oil from Holland and Barrett,  Boots Ingredients Coconut Oil Body shop coconut range.

8. Carrot

Carrot Oil comes from Carrot seeds not from the plant. It lends your skin a bronze tint and prevents wrinkles. It’s a excellent protective care if you’re suffering from a dry skin. Carrot seed essential oil is one of the most reviving and also regenerating natural oils which could be utilized in skincare and also assists to improve the tone, since it helps to remove toxic build-up inside the pores and skin as well as eliminates excess water in the tissue. Carrot Oil is rich in beta-carotene as well as vitamins B, C, D and also E and is most helpful like a skin rejuvenator and extremely effective for dry and aging skin.  It boosts the tone on the skin color, due to its healing impact on red blood cells, even though toning the skin and also escalating elasticity and firmness.
Best Finds: The Body Shop carrot moisture cream (image above)  is one my best finds of all time. It has so many good reviews on other blogs. The carrot cream went on sale and I stocked up on it. Unfortunately, the cream is now out of stock on the Body Shop website. You can find some genuine ones on Ebay though but I’m wary of the quality of products from Ebay sometimes.  Visit Yes To Carrots for a range of carrot products. 

9. Avocado

Avocados are a natural way to nurture and replenish your bodywithout any chemicals. The oil from avocados has long been used in many beauty products such as cleansing creams, hair conditioners, facial masks, bath oils and massage lotions. This is due to the fact that avocados are rich with essential nutrients that soothe and moisturize your skin.Avocados are rich with vitamin A which helps to remove dead skin cells from your body. They also contain an amino acid known as glutamine, which cleans and protects your skin from environmental damage. Avocado oil is great when used in massage lotions, as it is easily absorbed. Therefore it is able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to clean and restore nutrients. This helps to stimulate the growth of new skin cells, and improves the blood circulation in the skin. The oil in the avocado is also a great moisturizer which helps to soften dry skin. To make your own body moisturizer simply mash 1 or 2 avocados and add honey or your favorite essential oil. Apply the avocado to your skin and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.One avocado mashed and mixed together with 1 egg and your favorite essential oil is great for conditioning your hair. The healthy oils in the avocado help to moisturize and soften dry and brittle hair, and the vitamin E helps to restore a natural shine to your hair. To obtain these benefits simply massage the avocado and egg mixture into your hair and scalp and leave in for about 20 minutes. Then wash and condition with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Avocado oil can be used as a natural sunscreen to protect your skin as well as your hair from UVB and UVA rays. The oil is also great to help alleviate the pain of sunburns.


Best Finds: Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado Olive and Basil Body Butter

10. Lemon

Lemon is great for removing wrinkles, blackheads and dead skin cells. Their natural properties help improve the skin. Lemon is well-known for its skin lightening properties. If you have dark spots or are trying to combat dark areas on the body (knees, elbows and armpits are prone to be darker than the normal skin tone), then apply fresh lemons on the area. Rub half a lemon on your face or any darker areas like elbows and knees. Repeat every day until you notice improvement in pigmentation. But remember to use sunscreen all time for increased protection! Follow this routine religiously for results. Lemon can dry your skin so remember to moisturize too.
If you need a quick remedy for dull, oily and aging skin, look no further than your fridge! don’t have sensitive skin, lemons can help your complexion in different ways. Exfoliate with lemon to maintain clear, youthful skin! Lemon fruit acids are ideal for gentle exfoliation; add the vitamin content of lemons and you’ve got a complete skincare treatment right in your kitchen! To exfoliate, apply lemon juice on clean skin for 5-10 minutes then rinse.


Best Finds:  Garnier Light rangeBurts Bees – Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser
I have obviously not exhausted the list of best skin care products. There are so many other vital one like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Jojoba, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosehip etc. My best find examples may be a bit limited because I am only citing stores/brands/products I am familiar with. There are  other numerous and wider ranges of products that you can find for each natural extract. Pay close attention though to the composition and percentage of each natural product in different cosmetics. This will determine their effectiveness.
What are your favourite skin care extracts? Spill the beans…if you don’t, your regimen will not work!  Ha, joking. But you’ll feel better after sharing. 
 Hope this has been helpful. Subscribe for more updates. 
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Happy and beautiful people? How’s the new week treating you all? From the looks of things, this is gonna be one hell of a good week for most of us. First of all, the end of the month is approaching which is a good thing. I’ve noticed most people are always happy towards the end of the month. Maybe it’s because they’re laughing straight to the bank. Who knows?

Also, @English Weather must have read my blog and noticed my snide remarks about the weather last week because it has put up a great challenge for me in the form of some serious and unrelenting sunshine. Yes, it’s blazing hot outside. Yay! If that is what will bring the sun out its horizon then I’ll keep the remarks coming, ha!

I wore my OOTD to a friends graduation in Manchester. The original outfit was a plain white tee and the skirt but I changed into this bow tie blouse later and here’s why. We stopped for lunch before the picture taking sessions. Now, i feel like a bull in a china shop every time I’m in a restaurant. I just couldn’t control myself. Plus it was a buffet. I just had to sample all the spicy food.  Yum yum. No regrets. I only realized a few days ago that quite a good number of my clothes are in this colour. It is totally unintentional. And I thought my favourite colour was coral. I am revising that to anything brightly coloured. Anyhoo, I saw this skirt while I was just idly browsing the web. I really loved the way it draped at the front, almost like a wrap skirt. The colour was a bonus, I had to have it!

Outfit* Blouse-Vintage,  Skirt-H&M,  Pumps-Christian Louboutin, Earrings-Julien McDonald

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Sizzling hot pictures straight from the red carpet of the annual Teen Choice Awards on July 22 2012. I like how most of the invitees stayed true to the ‘teenage theme’ of the award show and allowed their outfits to showcase it. A lot of colour, florals and geometric prints came in play. Let’s crack on to the gallery.

Taylor Swift

Lea Michelle

Bella Thorne

Tamera Mowry

Tia Mowry
Kat Graham

Holland Roden

Demi Lovato



Chelsea Kane
Selena Gomez


Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland
Lucy Hale

Carly Rae Jepsen

Ashley Benson



Justin Bieber


Tyler James Williams


Meanwhile, these other celebs were busy looking fly out of the red carpet.

Solange Knowles

I honestly just feel like stealing those sunglasses, the braids and those sandals. As usual Solange is giving us her boho vibe. Love this outfit but i would lose the denim sleeveless jacket though.

Mel B

Former Spice Girl Mel B shut it down in  this red lace dress. She is seen leaving with husband Stephen Belafonte from David Hasselhoff’s birthday party at Greystone night club in Los Angeles.


I usually love Eve’s fierce style but I am not feeling this get up on her. The hair combined with those paw tats on her chest and that necklace makes it look like she has been through the evil forest and has fought several beasts and conquered them – hence the necklace to show for her victory…

She looked a tad better though at the  Together To End AIDS gala which was an Evening To Benefit amfAR and GBCHealth.  Even though I wouldn’t pair those sandals with that dress. In fact Eve, you what? Just remove that ‘greffe’. There is something off about it.

Christina Milian attends the Lisa Blue show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013 at The Raleigh on July 19, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida. Lovely dress, even lovelier clutch! But that make up would look better if it lost a layer or two.

Rihanna on  a fun night out in St Tropez where she is vacationing. I love the hair, make up and ankle straps! Looking hot Riri.


Angela Simmons looking good with no make up on. I love the simplicity of this look. Hot romper.Go girl.

Who is your best dressed? Spill the beans.  I appreciate all your ratings and comments.

Stay tuned for my OOTD coming up next.

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The bad good thing about launching one OOTD is that it gets you on a roll. I am currently on an OOTD high. I literally dream about putting outfits together these days. The other day I saw myself casually tossing a Birkin bag around while I sprinted on the grass as the photographer tried to capture the beautiful moment where my flowy Stella McCartney skirt and wavy hair were in symmetry. Of course in this vision I didn’t need heels because my olive-coloured legs went on for days… My beeping phone, right on cue woke me out of this reverie. Shaking my head I stepped out of my bed and…OUCH!!!!! I had stepped on a pin which I had left lying about from my ‘Pimp My Bag,’ session the night before. And just like that in one pin prick, my Birkin/McCartney bubble was burst. Thank you very much, old and ungrateful bag which I am trying to pimp!
My gosh! How much digression can I do? More like how much digression can YOU take? Back to my OOTD.
Before you read view my OOTD, there are a few things you should know:
-I have  never tried to match my outfits by colours. In fact I hate to match colours. But just for a change, I decided to summon all things mint from my closet today. Tried them on and…voila! 
-I swear i spent hours  (okay half an hour, but still…)  straightening and adding shine to my hair. Making sure every strand was in place. But then I stepped out the front door and hello WIND.
-Again, you will come across me making some weird faces but that is because I was holding in laughter. Some curious truck driver decided to stop by and just watch. Well he was making weird faces and everyone knows nobody wants to get into a ‘How Many Facial Expressions Can You Make Competition’ with a truck driver. Those guys have it in the bag when it comes to that battle.
Without much hoobaloo, here’s my many Shades of Mint.

*Outfit: Top-Next, Trousers-H&M, Belt-Vintage, Purse-River Island, Shoes-Schuh.
How do you wear mint? Send your pics to I’m in love with this colour. Thanks for stopping by. Rate , Like and Subscribe!!
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