I just announced my first blog giveaway a few days ago, so it was a pleasant surprise to run into Miss Delly Singah who originally was meant to feature under the Style Diary segment. But as I delved deeper, I found out Delly was more than a fashion enthusiast. She was the CEO of her very own charity organisation. Talk about giving back! There is nothing more touching than a style enthusiast who will put others before herself. So in the spirit of giveaways and philanthropy, I’d like to introduce you to Miss Delly Singah.
So who really is Delly Singah?
My name is Delphine Anon Singah a.k.a Delly Singah. I was born on the 2nd of December in Banso, North West Region, Cameroon. Second of three girls and a boy and was brought up in a middle class environment. I attended Presbyterian Primary School Ntamulung, Government Bilingual High School Bamenda before heading to the University of Yaoundé II where I had a Bsc in Economics and Maitrise in Management. She also obtained a diploma in IT at the Computer Education Trust-Yaoundé. I then moved to London for further Studies in the University of Wales institute Cardiff where she obtained a Masters in Business Administration-Banking and Finance. I am currently the founder and CEO of the Delly Singah Foundation.
What made you start a charity organisation? What was your inspiration?  
Horrified by the poverty level children live in; in Cameroon and even worse is the exploitation of children as young as 0-10years old, it wasn’t difficult for me to decide that something needed to be done. Furthermore, haven lived the better part of my life as an orphan and a destitute; I was in a better position of understanding their needs, plight and wants, thus felt like my shoulder could be offered for them to lean on.
I aspire lending a hand to every orphan/destitute out there within my reach; in Africa and the world at large, making them live their dreams.

Have you always wanted to do this? 

Yes I have! It’s been my desire since childhood and f I can remember clearly I had the burden at 15 years old. That to most people seemed like a myth or mere fantasy but like you know, when you discover your purpose in life, nothing, no one, nor any amount of discouragement can stop you.
Any Challenges, difficulties faced in managing this organization?
 Of course no pain, no gain. There are loads of challenges I face ranging from limited sponsorship, inadequate resources at my disposal, distances between the kids and I (as some of these kids live in rural areas with limited or no network for easy communication), competition in fundraising from other charities, the lack of a stable home for all the kids, a lack of volunteers in upcoming projects and the increased pace of orphan hood nowadays.
What are the prospects for these kids in your charity? 
Well,  like I said earlier, the  Delly Singah Foundation gives hope to the poorest children in Cameroon; those of whom are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable – by enabling them to grow up within the love of a family and the security of a home, so that they can fulfill their potentials. This is done through providing them with Education, basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and medication etc. As for Adoption, I am still working on the processes of qualifying an individual to adopt a child thus I prefer to withhold that information for now.

How hard is it to find sponsor? How do you promote or create awareness for this organisation?

Finding sponsors has not been easy but at the same time God has been faithful and has opened me doors with a few. Art Becomes you I must say is one of them, Royal City Mission UK, Fab-Afrique Magazine too and individuals whose names I prefer to withhold for now, have really made my work easier. I am more than grateful. Talking about awareness, DSF has a website with all there is to know about it. www.wwwdellysingahfoundation.org

 Any other interests or is it your full time passion?

Well, of course I’ve got other interests such as modelling, fashion designing, cookery and football ( lol) but that notwithstanding, taking care of these children is my number one; my dream, my big moment. The rest can come in any order.

A word to your fans?

Oh my fans… there can never be a Delly Singah without you guys. Thank you all for the support, encouragement and love you’ve shown me from the time I first created a DSF group page on Facebook to this moment where my dreams are becoming a reality. Coming from my heart, I won’t betray the trust and confidence you have in me. One thing I can promise is being a role model to these kids in every way possible. May God in his plenty immensely bless you all. One love
For more information, please visit http://www.wwwdellysingahfoundation.org/
or contact Delly Singah through her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/delly.singah
Peace n Love 🙂

Hey guys! Hope you’re having the best Friday ever!  TGIF right??!
So Art Becomes You, my virtual baby, turns one on June 22nd 2012. Which is the day I published my first blog post under this domain name. Can’t believe my blog is going to be a year old soon.
So much has gone into it all this, but a blog is NOTHING without its readers. Am glad to have all of you supporting my blog. Thanks a gazillion!
For this reason am inviting all my readers far and wide to celebrate with me.
And what better way to celebrate than a GIVEAWAY? Giving is the best stress-reliever in the world. It will work wonders for your soul:)
Now I know I have readers from Europe, America and Africa so coming up with a gift that anyone can access was tricky. But no distance is long enough for a good giveaway! This is what I have come up with.
Stakes:  A whooping £10 Gift Voucher at ASOS! (For any readers in the Americas or Europe or any country where you can shop ASOS online).
  £10 worth of airtime credit (For users in Africa who use the Orange or MTN mobile networks).
I think that about covers everyone. But if you do not fall in this category, drop me an email and I’ll add different options.
Now, how do we win that gift?
Simple. Since my blog is for the most part about fashion, I want to see all my fierce readers put their best pics forward.  Anyone can submit only ONE picture of themselves. No portraits (as this is not a beauty contest). We must see at least your torso (up to waist area). Full head-to-toe pictures tend to have an advantage. You will email all pictures to artbecomesyou@yahoo.com or attach it as a file and email me on the Art Becomes You Facebook page.
Need I say no nude pictures?
Submissions have begun as of now and will end midnight on June 19th. I will upload the pictures on Facebook On the 20th of June and voting will close at noon on 22 June 2012 (the actual birthday) and the winner shall be announced! Pictures will be uploaded at the same time so no pictures get any advantage.
The picture with the most likes takes the loot home. Simple as that.
So get your friends, family, enemies, classmates, exes and neighbours to LIKE our picture if you have submitted one!
They have to Like the Art Becomes You facebook page first before liking your picture. Their votes WILL NOT count if they do not like the page. So make sure you specify that the LIKE my page. (Obviously, the person going in for the competition must like my page as well).
Guys, this is NOT A BEAUTY CONTEST, it’s all about SWAG. So if you got it, post it!
Below are examples of pictures that are acceptable:
Portraits or head shots are NOT ACCEPTED.
Pictures that show up to your torso or waist area will be ACCEPTED.
Upside down pictures will be ACCEPTED. As long as the voters know what they are looking at!
ACCEPTED! You can pose however you want.
ACCEPTED. Full body shots will elicit more votes generally as people like to see your full outfit.
Hope I have covered everything. If there are any adjustments to be made, I will state them asap. But as of now, good luck to all my fierce fashionistas and let the submissions begin!
For any questions text: +447835476378
or email: artbecomesyou@yahoo.com
visit Art Becomes You to get inspiration.
Peace n Love 🙂

Unless you are in her shoes, you will never understand how hard and frustrating shopping can be for a plus size lady. That is why I have gone through all the trouble to research the best Plus size stores and online shops out there. From casual to club wear to office gear.  Of course, I could not have have found every single one of them, so if you have any names that I might have left please drop a link below. Meanwhile, am hoping this post makes shopping more fun for some curvy sisters out there. After all, girls just wanna have fun.
Please note that the pros and cons I have included are only my opinion. And the looks featured are just a few out of many. To get the best picture, click on the links to visit the site and give us your own review.
Click on each shop title to visit their website. Opens in a new page.

1. Monif. C 

About: Monif C. is an unapologetic stand for high fashion style for plus size women. Designed by mother/daughter team, Monif Clarke and Elaine Clarke, Monif C. was conceived to reaffirm every woman’s desire for an inspired life, luxury, and unadulterated sex appeal. Price range falls between £80 – £200 approximately. They have been awarded Best Plus Size Designer by Full Figured Fashion Week.
Pros: Very on-trend and colourful. For bold and sexy ladies who are not afraid to put some curves on display. Wide range of designs which include swimwear and jumpsuits and more.
Cons: Some people might find it pricey. Limited stock as well so early bird gets the worm!

Happy customers


About: IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel is the premiere brand of contemporary collections designed to fulfill the lifestyle of the beautiful, voluptuous, and confident woman. Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel strives to provide women of curves with smart, stylish and sophisticated collections that accentuate and celebrate their bodies. Everybody is beautiful just the way they are.
Pros: A classy line of plus size clothing. Website has a Shapestylist feature which gives advice on how to shop for the right figure. Sizes range from 12 – 32. Includes quite a good collection of work wear and a rather affordable collection of wedding dresses worth checking out.
Cons: Depending on their style, some people may find IGIGI a bit safe and boring. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out. To each her own.


About: JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion conscious, curvy woman. The label is a perfect combination of high fashion chic and urban street sleek in sizes 14-24. JIBRI features a variation of punk innovation, classic construction and vintage inspiration.
Pros: Very chic and colourful.
Cons: I do not like some of the silhouettes.

4. Domino Dollhouse

About:  While the choices for sizes 14 and up are expanding, Domino Dollhouse strives to bring exciting, charming, and fun clothing and accessories to a market thirsty for more. While others give you water, we give you fruit punch!
Pros: Very unique and quirky pieces that have a burlesque edge to them. I love that they make sexy lingerie, corsets and girdles for curvy girls.
Cons: This burlesque  and torn-tights theme might not be for everyone.

5. Kiyonna

About: A leader in the plus-size clothing industry, KIYONNA™ has styled curvy women with its collection of contemporary plus size dresses and separates since 1996. This modern yet feminine label offers styles exclusively in sizes 0x-5x. These well-edited silhouettes can be found online and in specialty plus size clothing stores across the country and beyond. Specializing in silhouettes that are made to flatter a woman’s curves, the online boutique offers plus size evening wear including wedding dresses, to laid back tops and skirts with fashion forward sensibility. Essential to every woman’s wardrobe, Kiyonna also offers plus size body shapers by Spanx.
Pros: Very classy and sophisticated style. Offers body shapers by Spanx. Range includes wedding dresses.
Cons: Can’t think of any.

6. Rue 114

About: Rue 114 is inspired by and created for women who believe that every shape and size should be celebrated as beautiful. It is an homage to and celebration of the female form in all its sizes. They believe beauty is too mysterious to be confined to a size 6.
Pros: Amazing silhouettes and form-fitting styles. Love the prints and mix of colour and African prints.
Cons: Some customers might find items are overpriced.

7. Style 369.com

About: Launched in September 2010, Style369.com is the new online fashion destination for sizes 14-26. As part of the Arcadia Group (the same retailer that brought you Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge), you’re guaranteed security, customer satisfaction plus the latest fashion styles in your size. Dedicated entirely to fashion, Style369.com is an online-only fashion store, devoted to delivering the perfect fit for style-conscious size 14-26 girls.
Pros: Clothes are current, fun and a breath of fresh air. You will also find a range of shoes for wide fit and accessories. Style 369.com is relatively affordable. Huge discounts always available including 15% off for students.
Cons: No models on the website wearing their clothes which is something I always love. This usually gives you an idea of what the clothes will look like when put on. So that is one downside about the site. The only sample I could get was this one of a mo0del on the main page. You should visit the site though, worth the shot.


About: Eloquii celebrates your fashion sense and showcases your individuality by giving you well-made clothes that fit and look great. “We created eloquii to give full-figured women the fashionable clothes they long for. We listened to what women want (and don’t want), conducted extensive research into body shapes and sizes, and applied The Limited’s style and design savvy to the process. Then we kept at it until we got it right. We think you’ll love what we came up with.”
Pros: Eloquii screams elegance and class. Great outerwear, party and work wear collection. Affordable given that the clothes look classy. Bold and vibrant colours. I love the website. It’s easy and fun to browse. There are little widgets and apps that help you to figure out which body shape you fall into so you can dress it better. Sizes range fro 14-24.
Cons: None that I know of yet. Find out for yourselves and leave feedback when you do!

9. Fashion To Figure 

About:  Bringing Fashion to Figures 12-26. FTF provides up-to-the-minute fashion trends at the best prices. FTF was founded by the great-grandsons of Lena Bryant, the fashion revolutionary and businesswoman who founded the special size market more than 100 years ago. It provides a trendy full-fashion shopping experience focused exclusively on women sizes 12-26.
Pros: Very affordable. Bring out the fun, flirty and colourful you. Lingerie and intimates also  available.
Cons: None yet. Give feedback if you have any please.

10. Ekineyo XL

About: E K I N E Y O is a Brooklyn based Indie clothing line, owned and designed by Nike Oyelami. The line was inspired by both color, and the beauty of minimalism.
Pros: Very colourful and playful.
Cons: Mostly club and party wear. If you do not like form-fitting clothes, you might not find your range here. Also only goes up to size 14.

11. ASOS Curve

About: Expertly designed to flatter the fuller figure, ASOS Curve brings forth a carefully considered collection of trend-led, plus size clothing. From dresses and jeans to tops, trousers and more, directional designs from our mainline range sit alongside gorgeous styles exclusive to the Curve collection, specifically designed by the London based, in-house ASOS design team for sizes 20 to 26.
Pros: Current, fun, flirty, trendy, affordable and value for money.
Cons: None yet.

12. Inspire by New Look

About: With nearly 300 garments available from the plus size clothing catalogue,the design team  at New Look take care to ensure plus size customers can look as fabulous as they feel. From jeans, trousers, jackets, coats and tops to blouses, shirts, knitwear and hoisery, New Look’s range of plus size clothing covers all the bases.
Pros: Affordable and covers a wide range.Sizes 18-24 Please visit site for pictures.
Cons:Not sure.

13. Size Appeal

About: SizeAppeal is dedicated to the proposition that, to shop is to live. Welcome to the Curvy Revolution-we are taking the fashion world by storm. “SizeAppeal carries sizes 12 through 26 or 1X through 5X. But what is really important is the fit and style of our clothing. We choose styles that have give and take. We know that all women come in different sizes and shapes. For example, some women can be an 18 on top and a 14 on bottom, curves can be anywhere and everywhere on your body. We also “wear test” all our products on a group of models of variety of shapes to ensure the best fit possible.”
Pros: Variety of styles. Fun, trendy and current.
Cons: Good value for money

14. Doncaster

About: Doncaster got its start in 1931 as the Doncaster Collar and Shirt Company in Rutherfordton, NC. The founder, S.B. (Bobo) Tanner Jr., the son of a wealthy Southern textile manufacturer, and his wife Millie, the daughter of a successful mid-Western farmer, named the company after the town of Doncaster, England, a favorite stop on their honeymoon tour. Doncaster remains true to the entrepreneurial spirit of those who sell Doncaster fashions and is dedicated to delivering beautiful, quality designs to customers. The level of service provided by a Doncaster consultant coupled with the quality, styling and fit of the clothes, allows the company to offer its clients a premier product and a highly personalized shopping experience.
Pros: As the slogan goes, only women of distinction wear Doncaster. Classy.
Cons: None yet.

15. Big Girls United

About: Now, this is the kind of page that will make any curvy diva who stumbles upon it to nod, grin to themselves and say, ‘Now you’re talking.’
It was in 2002 that fashion designer; Tasha Hill decided to fulfill her desire to design clothing for plus size women. Some would argue why this tall and slender framed designer would have interests in plus designing? How could she possibly know what would appeal to women whose bodies types differed from hers and who often could not readily find pieces that reflected sex appeal and sophistication while accentuating the art of curves? The answer was simple: her older sister and the face of BGU, Jeannie Ferguson. Weighing in at over three hundred pounds at one time, Jeannie rallied for the same modern fashion trends for the average plus size woman.  It was their goal to eliminate the idea that the curvy women had to hide their shape behind dark colors. BGU made their designs in bold vibrant colors that spoke volumes to consumer’s expectations.
Pros: Every single diva on this page wears their curves and the designs with attitude that you can’t help but want to be part of their posse. They look fabulous. Trendy and contemporary. Ranges from sizes 12-28.
Cons: None yet.

16. Dominique Auxilly 

About: Contemporary, high-end, slay-worthy designs that has received a massive response from both the regular and plus-size community. Celebrities like Adriene Bailon and Ashanti have been spotted several times in D.Auxilly frocks.
Pros: High-end, club wear, bold, colourful and daring.
Cons: Might be considered pricey by some.

Adrienne Bailon in Dominique Auxilly

As you can see, Auxilly dresses are for the fearless.
There are a few more plus size online stores that come to mind, but because I am pressed for time, I will only leave links that will lead you to these stores. Hope this post has been helpful.
Once again, please note that any reviews given here are based solely on hat I have seen on the websites and also what I have heard form friends. I have not shopped from any of these sites because even though I will stand for all things plus-size and curvy anytime, unfortunately I am not a curvaceous diva. For that reason, I am not able to give you full deets on important aspects such as shipping, customer service and quality. That is why I have no ‘cons’ for some of the different shops. But I have female instincts and they tell me these are worth trying. Please come back with feedback so others can gain from your experience!
Click on the links to discover more curvy online finds. Opens in a new page.

-Forever 21 +

-Eddy and Bri

-Simply Be

-Queen Grace

-Damn You Alexis


-Stefanie Bezaire

-City Chic


Please do not hesitate to share your own favourite stores if they are not here. Thanks for stopping. Remember to check out my Facebook page for more glam street swag pics and Like the page!
Peace n Love 🙂

Style is something you’re born with, says yours truly. It is that inspiration that comes to us when we are not trying too hard to mimmick another person. Today’s Style Diary has got effortless swag for days. This post is about to prove that.
Meet her…My names are Tem Farlon Ewo. I am a simple, loving and friendly person who works so hard to get what she wants. I come from the North West region of Cameroon and I am presently a student in China. I love  shoes, travelling, working as a humanitarian and dancing though I am not a good dancer:)
How would you describe your style? My dressing style consists of anything I feel comfortable in regardless of what people think. I will just get up in the morning and try to pair up things and that’s my look for the day. I love colours too. Things in and about influence my style.
Your favourite brand?  I don’t really have a favourite shop or clothing brand. I shop anywhere in as much as I like what I see and think it looks good on me. Lately I fell in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes so I got myself some.
Beauty secrets? I don’t have a beauty secret but I believe in a good rest or a good sleep. I think you glow more when you take time off to rest.
Make-up tips? As for make brands…..Umm…I wish I knew how to do it but I am not great at it. I try to put on a bit of mascara once in a while, I love the Mac Mascara. I stick to Mary Kay  foundation for a clean, flawless look and red or orange lips both day and night.
I love a bold lip! What would you say is your best feature? I really dont know the most beautifull thing about me but I think it is my heart. lol……it could also be my long legs as most people tell me but I always think it is my heart.
Your favourite music track?  Don’t have a favourite music track. I am just always excited about any hit which is topping the charts at that moment!
If your life was a movie, what would be it’s title and who would play you?I have never thought of my life being a movie until now, but if it is a movie I would play me because I believe nobody knows you better than you.  And the tittle would be…………………, I can’t guess.
Your house is on fire!! What would you save from your closet? If my house was in flames I would save my Jeffrey Campbell mini boots. I love shoes and I never get tired of buying them, even if I don’t wear them I feel good seeing them in my closet. 
Style icon? My all time favourite icons are the Kardashian sisters but I kind of love Kourtney’s style more.
Favourite quote? My all time favourite quote is if you can make a girl laugh ,you can make her do anything by MARILYN MONROE.
Oh I love that one! Where can we follow or watch your style evolve? Any blogs or pages?  I don’t have any blog, or links or videos. I use Facebook and my account name is FALONE TEM, or you can follow me on twitter @fallydamondash🙂
Advice to young ones? My advice to young people is never give up on your dreams and I just personally feel that everyone’s style should be a way of expressing themselves and should be accepted just the way they are.
That was fun! Did you like Farlon’s style? Tell us what you think. Or even better, take her place! Make the next post yours. Email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com for details.
Peace n Love on your weekend 🙂

A woman’s beauty lies on the crown of her head, some have said. Some people disagree and say a woman is not defined by her hair. Whatever the case, we can all agree that a woman’s hair (be it short, long, natural, fried, dyed) is very important to her and she can’t talking about it. That is why just the mere topic of this post will get any girl exited. Yes girls, Real Hair by Clara is coming to town. Real Hair by Clara Ltd (RHBC) is the direct selling brand that specialises in luxury real hair extensions, products and accessories. To experience Real Hair by Clara in true style, come and see the launch of the widely anticipated Afro Curls range. Textures to match every type of natural curl pattern. You can now sport a real afro anytime you want.

The fantastic beauty show will feature luxury hair from India, Brazil and Peru.   The launch of the haute couture hair brand Real Hair by Clara is a highly anticipated event by fashion and beauty lovers. Not only is the RHBC team there to showcase their luxury collection, but they are also offering positions to passionate hair connoisseurs to join their network and earn a living as a noted hairdresser. With Free Drinks and canapés all night, guests will feel comfortable at the intimate setting of the luxurious Mal Maisons Hotel in Birmingham Mail box. 
So what is the price? Absolutely Nothing! The event is completely free of charge to attend. But a £10 fee is required when you book your ticket online. This is to maintain discipline and for the sake of good event planning. It shall be refunded to you upon attendance. So if you book online, make sure you turn up and collect your money.
Event date: June 3rd, 2012
Venue: Mal Maison Hotel (Mail Box) 1 Wharfside Street Birmingham B1 1RD
Schedule of Events:
3.30pm – Reception & Network
4:30pm – Entertainment
7:30-  Visit Stalls
9:30-  Close
For booking inquiry go to http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3378046829.
Visit the site for more information http://www.realhairbyclara.com/
See you there!

I saw this vacancy and even though I cannot sew to save my life. I thought I’d post it on here for interested designers. Even though it is unpaid, the experience and exposure makes it worth giving a shot. And your resume could always use the boost.

Vacancy Details:

Employer :  Black Exposure Live
Job title :   Fashion Designer
Closing date:  29/06/2012
Salary range:  Unpaid
Job description:
Black Exposure Live is giving four Students/Graduates the opportunity to showcase their clothing collection and designs at Black Exposure Live 2012 on Saturday August 4th 2012 alongside established designers. Ideally designers will have a minimum of four pieces within their collection.
The company: 
Black Exposure Live is an event being organised by the company Communities United to Serve Humanity (CUSH) which is a community organisation, each year we hold several events with the main purpose being to embrace, recognize, respect and represent the diversity that exists in this country today.
Black Exposure Live is a high profile event that will take place on Saturday 4th August 2012 at The New Bingley Hall Birmingham, celebrities such as Misha B will be present on the day to meet and greet visitors, breathtaking dance shows will keep you entertained and hair and fashion shows will give young people a platform to demonstrate their creative flair to a live audience.
Person requirements: 
* Passion for fashion
* Talented designer
* The ability to work as part of a team
* Reliable
* Hardworking
Location:  Birmingham
Working hours: Part-time
Contract: Permanent
How to apply:
To apply or for more information please send an email with the subject line stating “Fashion Designer Casting” to emma@blackexposurelive.co.uk along with:
* Some images of your collection
*A short paragraph about yourself
* What has influenced/inspired your collection?
Successful applicants will need to be available on Saturday 4th August 2012 between 10am – 5pm. This is unpaid work experience that will give you a platform to showcase your work at a live fashion, professional images will be sent to all designers.
Good Luck to all the talented designers out there who go on to apply. 
PS: Misha B will be there.
Peace n Love 🙂

The Voice UK mentor Jessie J stepped out of the Club 100 where she dined with the other coaches in a Boy London sweatshirt and leggings ensemble. 

Boy leggings, £40
Jessie J is wearing the Boy Eagle Sweat below:
Boy Eagle Sweat, £55
Jessie J and Tom Jones
Jeffrey Campbell ‘Spike’ Lace-Up Bootie, £127.88, Nordstrom
Another number one fan of the Boy London brand is pop star Riri who has been seen lately parading in most of their BOY emblazoned clothing. Visit the online store Leave The Boy Alone  to shop or go to Selfridges to get the BOY look.
Peace n Love 🙂

Sometimes you do not have to look far for style. Our Style Diary fashionista today may live in Maryland but is much closer to home than we think. I have been Addicted to Etsy for a while now, little did I know that the brains behind this amazing blog was my very own home girl! You know me, I wasted no time in grueling her and getting her to spill it all out on our favourite Style Diary segment.  But before, we begin perusing her styles, I’d like to take a moment to say kudos to Cynthia for creating such an amazing blog. There is something for everyone no matter their taste. It is honestly worth checking out.



Meet her…Name is Cynthia. Born in Maryland, raised in Douala, Cameroon, returned to live in NYC about 15 years ago. I practice Law, so during the day its all serious,Nah my job is pretty laid back except when in the middle of litigation or court appearances. In my downtime, I love travelling, reading and baking. (gimme a beautiful cookbook any day).



ABY: What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices? I think fashion blogs have been great, especially in terms of translating high end to high street- they are definitely great inspiration. Mainly I’m not into labels for the most part- I can appreciate it, but I seldom shell out for that. I like what I like, and I’m glad that I’m finally better at figuring out what suits me. In terms of style aesthetic, I like it all. Some days you want clean and polished, others you want more bohemian or ethnic, even fun and sporty. It depends on the weather, the season or even where I am.





Loving the diversity. Do you have any favourite clothing brands though? Well, I generally look to Zara, H&M for everyday work clothes. I might swing by J.Crew. I recently fell in love with uber-affordable UniQlo skinny jeans- best fit ever. And in the summers, I shop at Forever 21 a lot. I do flea markets, Etsy and the like every now and then, especially for accessories, and this is NYC, so theres a bunch of little shops you run into and find something nice. 


ABY: What is the secret to your glow? Cleanse and moisturize. Thats about it. I use minimal makeup. Mostly concealer with some powder. I like a good mascara. After years of trying every which mascara possible and spending loads of moolah only to be disappointed, the mascara I use now that works best for me is BLack Radiance Lengthening. I purchase several at a time online  at 88cents a piece. I know, but it works.


ABY: Any brands you prefer when it comes to make-up? Black Opal – Surprisingly, their concealer and powder match my complexion perfectly. I tried others in past and I liked them best…If it ain’t broke, why fix it. I know most ladies swear by MAC, but I havent had any reason yet to move away from what’s working. I own only one lipstick and its the TARTE lip pencil in Fiery for special occasions), otherwise, all I use is Burt’s Bees.




What is the most beautiful thing about you? Oh wow, I would have to go slightly cheesy on you, but I would like to think that better than my hair, eyes etc,it’s my heart. it’s the one thing I have worked on the most.  I really do want the best for people, I can hardly bear seeing injustice or suffering. I think because I am shy and reserved, sometimes people don’t see it. But in my life I strive to be the kindest person possible, I try to remember to smile, to treat people well, to love wholly, to care and to be better. Staying clear of negativity always

ABY: That is one precious trait. We’ll make sure to be stealing that attitude as well, apart from the style that is! If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be and why?  First instinct, someone like Leymah Gbowee of Liberia– people who could be so strong, so selfless- even when not physically or financially strong, that is the most difficult thing to be. That’s more interesting to me than say an Oprah, Bill Gates or any of the more powerful or rich people. But thinking about it some more, I’ll have to say my mum, I would like to see myself through her eyes. I think it’ll be interesting to say the least.

ABY: Your favourite music track would be…?  ouch, that is an at the moment question, it changes everyday. So I’ll go with a standard on my playlist: Sam Cooke: “Bring it on home to me”. Oh and Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Make you feel my love” and …..I’ll stop. I could keep going and going and going…



ABY: What is the last book you read? The last book I finished was Mockingjay (last of hunger games trilogy) but I am currently reading Game of Thrones. For such a big book, its a really fast read, as the pace never lets up. 

ABY: I like how you said ‘finished’. We all start books and don’t finish them sometimes. What would I find in your handbag right now?  You want the full rundown? well, there’s Burts bees lip balm, 3 pens I picked up from who knows where, my Ipad, headphones, sunglasses and generally way too much crap. 

ABY: Haha! Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? See above, I don’t have any investment pieces or anything like that in my closet. If there’s a fire, I’m not running to my closet, instead I’ll be grabbing- all my tech (my Ipad, my phone, my Laptop and my hard drive). All my music, books, movies, pictures etc stored there. Oh and I have renters insurance- clothes I’ll replace. 


ABY: Your all time fashion icon is… I just adore Audrey Hepburn. I adore her gamine style, her eyebrows…its not my style, but I adore her and it worked so well on her.

ABY: Your favourite quote.  I just read this one and I love it. “Ever tried. Ever Failed. No matter. Try again. Fail Again. Fail Better.” by Samuel Beckett.

ABY: Where can we can catch you at?  Catch me at www.addicted2etsy.com 

What’s your advice to young people? Don’t ever sell yourself short. You’re better then you think, you’re smarter than you think, you’re capable of so much more than you think. 





Didn’t you just fall in love with Cyn? Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you have any questions or feedback, just drop them below or email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com. While I was completing this post, I couldn’t help but notice Cynthia’s full head of natural hair. Now, natural hair is a topic I love blogging about, so if you have any questions regarding that please drop them and I will have Cynthia give us her regime. 

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As I am sure, you have noticed the neon point courts that have been brightening the high streets lately. Summer is definitely a time to experiment colours. And what better way to express your love for all things bright and eye-catching if not shoes? And pointy ones at that? The most popular neon courts this season so far have been the Casadei cap toe neon pumps.
Rita Ora in green Casadei pumps

Kim Kardashian in pink Casadei pumps
Jennifer Lopez opts for pink Casadei pumps to complement her neon sheath dress.

Kourtney Kardashian
The good thing about these neon courts are that their electric colour complements every outfit.

Tyra Banks
Solange Knowles

Casadei pumps in neon colours

Casadei pointy pumps, £401.41, Luisaviaroma.com

You can join in the neon shoe trend without having to splurge on the Casadei pointy pumps. Check out these similar pumps at a bargain.
Carvela Assemble Bow Front High Court Shoes, £120, ASOS
ASOS STORM Point Court Shoe, £30
ASOS PARIS Point Court Shoes, £22
Here are 50+ styles below and get shopping. Add some neon to that shoe collection!
(Please click on the link to open the widget, if you cannot view the images.)
Peace n Love 🙂