I love these style diaries because each character is so unique and different from the last. Yet still stylish in every sense of the word. Today’s style diary is Stella. Stella definitely knows how to keep things very elegant and classy while still looking very expensive and sexy I must add. In other words, she’s got style for days. Read on for yourselves.
First off, who is Stella? My name is Stella and I am originally from Nigeria and reside in Maryland. I am a fashion blogger and aspiring stylist. I am currently working on my Masters in Business and Finance. I love fashion, styling, and shoes. I also love traveling, reading and soccer.

Your style is very on point. How would you describe it? My style is always evolving, but generally, I will say my style is edgy, classy, and fun. I love to take risk with styling and I enjoy mixing color and patterns. Many things from my culture, the street style, arts, and architectures influence my style.

All time favourite shops/clothing brands.I don’t have one favorite store at the moment, but I shop at Zara, Topshop, Asos, J.Crew, Mango, H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-A-Porter and any other place the fits my style.

Ankara wedges are to die for!

Zara is one winner for me as well:) Any beauty secrets? My beauty secret is: I drink a lot of water and I religiously wash my face every night with Cetaphil of Neutrogena face wash.

Favourite make-up brands: I use MAC products and I tend to try different brands like YSL, Make Up Forever.

What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you make it work for you? I have to say my legs and shoulders even though I don’t accentuate it that much. I try to wear things that reflect those parts when appropriate.

 Your favourite music track would be…This one it tough…nothing comes to mind at this time.

If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? I have always thought my life reflects  the title: ‘A Journey to the Horizon’ because my life journey has been an a learning experience and so much accomplishment through it all. I will love Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry or Audrey Hephurn (love her) or anyone substantial.

Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? Now that’s tough…Can I take all of my shoes please or most of it including my Christian Louboutins 🙂

Your all time fashion icon is…Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Carrie Bradshaw.

Legends right there. Any quotes that you live by?  “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

Do you have any blog, video links or website where we can continue this style adventure with you?
My blog is www.jadore-fashion.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jadorefashionblog

Thank you so much Stella for sharing your amazingness with us. We do adore you:)
Come back and share with us anytime again soon.
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Peace and Love.

Spring is here which means lots of colour, youth and fun-fresh style. Which is why Style Diary is proud to take a peek into the colourful life of our very own Emmanuella K.

So who is she?  I’m Emmanuella a 18 year old girl from and living in West Africa. I’m studying Business management in an *English* school in my country (Cote d’Ivoire). Apart from school I found myself enjoying blogging and discovering new things all around the world. I like spending time with my loved ones (family, boyfriend etc), reading, watching movies, listenning to good music and doing crazy things with my baby sister and my boyfriend.

 What is your dressing style?  My style is influenced by almost everything. I’m a real geek, I spend much time on my computer checking out blogs, fashion show and other stuff showing off everything related to fashion. I’ve also been influenced lately by African print that I start to incorporate more and more in my closet. My style is pretty eclectic, most of the time I dress according to my mood and I like to try new things. But one thing that does not often miss is colour, accessories and I always manage to be comfortable in what I wear, that’s my style motto. I love floral, leopard, stripes and tribal print, colorful and lace stuff. I like wearing clothes that highight my curves sometimes and I’m not afraid of showing some skin but I never fall into the vulgar.

All time favourite shops/clothing brands. I love Atmosphere, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Topshop, Forever 21, Zara etc. But here in Ivory Coast we don’t have those brands shops, only stores where you can find a variety of items and if you’re lucky enough find some of the brands I named.
 My beauty secret is? I take much care of my skin tone especially my face, apart from that maybe eyeliner.
Favourite make-up brands. I don’t use much makeup in my life, I rarely wear make up but when I do it’s only Mac and Sonya products.
What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it? According to the people I value a lot, I have beautiful smile and eyes. I think my eyes are kinda beautiful so I put eyeliner to highlight my sight. As for the smile let’s say I brush my teeth very well lol!

Any insecurities? I used to be insecure about my body but I can tell you I feel good now. Something I still don’t like is my shoulders (I practiced swimming during a long period) and also my belly (not that big but well I’m a girl and we’re always looking for perfection). How I managed with that? Well I wear bustier and off shoulder clothes so you understand that I don’t even try to hide them because I learned to accept myself. As for the belly I’m still managing lol.

Your favourite music track would be…? So hard to choose, I can’t really. But there’s a song that has a huge sentimental value for me it’s All my Life by Kci & Jojo 🙂

Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’ As for me I don’t like pretentious and cocky people. Don’t waste time flaunting instead of enjoying it while you don’t know when it might disappear. I correct the sentence in my way: “If you got it, enjoy the fullest but humbly”. I think it’s okay to highlight what we got because it means that we’re confident and aware of it, but as long as it does not become pretense and bragging it’s okay for me.

If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you?  It would be called, “We were born to shine “ and I’d play my role haha but if you mean a celebrity maybe Scarlett Johansson or Hilary Duff (I can see them in this role).

Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? I have a box with many memories it will probably be this and also my laptop ( I know I said 2 lol).
Your all time fashion icon is…I fell  in love with many people styles recently but if I had to choose one I’ll say Louise Roe.

Your favourite quote is…Never let someone steal your happiness, it was never theirs to take.

Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at?
Of course!! Many ones :
Myblog: http://nuellasource.blogspot.com/
My tumblr where you’ll get to know me and what’s is on my mind: http://nuellasource.tumblr.com/
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/FckYeahImABimbo
My Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/emmanuellak/
What’s your advice to young people?  I’m still a young girl but for the small experience I got I would say that life will put sticks in your way and people will do everything to make you feel irrelevant. But you know what? You deserve happiness and don’t ever let someone walk all over you, when it’s your time to shine, when it’s your time to live happiness cherish every moment but if things are going bad don’t forget to pray the God, keep faith and remember that there’s no rainbow without rain, nothing was meant to be easy. You’re beautiful the way you are, as soon as you’ll understand it, your life will be easier.
Much love
Emmanuella K.

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Peace n Love.

Are you missing those days when you had baby hairs for days? When you weren’t worried about having your hair in a bun because because your hairline line was in tact and every hair was in place? Wondering what happened to all that healthy hairline of your? If you are are, know first of all that you are not alone and secondly this post is for you. Some months ago, the beautiful supermodel Naomi Campbell was on the set of a photo shoot when an unfortunate draft of wind blew her long silky weave over her shoulder and revealed a quite shocking hairline. As usual, paparazzi were ready and capture this drastic photo of Miss Naomi looking near bald.
Naomi Campbell
The question is what causes this? Alopecia or years of  wearing weaves, tight braids, over processing hair, using glue or colour? Alopecia areata is a medical condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually the scalp. This a medical condition which some people suffer from and has nothing to do with whether they over process their hair or wear their weaves too tight. This should be treated by a specialist. If your hair loss is not medical but as a result of years of you treating your hair poorly. Then these solutions might help you get back some of that lost hairline. Just because the economy of the world’s leading country is in recession does not mean your hair should be in recession as well:D So how do we rescue that hairline?   First of all, know your problem. What is keeping the tide at bay? Why are  your hair and hairline not in good terms? The most common cause of a receding hairline is poor treatment. And by poor treatment here, I am including weave abuse (yes, when the only time you see your own real hair is at the hairdresser’s on the day she’s getting your weave re installed, then that is weave abuse), over processing, hair dye, tight braids, hair glue, misuse of relaxers, neglecting moisturizing treatments and so many other little routines that kill the hairline. If you are guilty of any of these then you might find the following tips quite helpful.
#1. Go Natural A good way to preserve the hair in general and the hairline in particular is go natural. Sparing your hair all the chemicals and processing that come with relaxers help to thin out hair especially those fragile ones at the hairline. Fans expressed shock when Angela Simmons posted a pic of her natural hair on Twitter. Who would have thought she was natural under all that mane of luxurious curls? When asked why she was keeping her natural, Angela responded, ‘I’ve been natural for 3 years. I was wearing weaves and keeping my hair braided underneath and I was like, why am I still relaxing if I’m keeping it braided anyway?! I figured I didn’t need the chemicals and plus it burned. So I guess you can say I transitioned. I never cut it, or got a major cut. I just stopped getting perms. I was experiencing major breakage from the perm and old color so I grew out the damage with the help of my stylist. My hair grows super fast underneath the weaves.’Like Angela said, what’s the point relaxing your hair all the time if you’re still gonna cover it up with a weave. It’s best to spar your hair all that trouble and take special time to tend to your natural locks. Now, keeping and maintaining natural hair is no easy job. You have to be patient with your hair and take time to learn which products are best for your hair texture. Not just Angela, but a bunch of other celebrities have switched to the natural look.

weave off
Solange Knowles
#2. Loosen up. Sometimes even going natural will not guarantee a healthy hairline if it is constantly under attack from extra tight braids and buns. An excellent way to give your hairline a break is to loosen up the braids and make sure if you’re going to have your hair in a bun, then don’t pull too hard on those fragile baby hairs. I have seen some people have Ghanaian braids in that were so tight they were actually bleeding. If your cornrows are so tight that they give you wounds, what will that result in? Obviously, your punctured hairline will not be able to grow any more hairs. at least not for a while.
#3. Wig it Out. As much as many people hate wigs, they are worth giving a try. At the end of the day, they are very versatile, you can still get a good night’s rest ( because you get to take them off at the end of the day), And what’s more? Wigs spare your hairline the unnecessary recession. How does that work out? Well, with a wig, you can still give your hair all the attention it needs while still rocking those long wavy strands. And by attention, I mean moisturizers, leave-in treatments and creams. We usually feel compelled to leave our natural strands under a wave-on for longer than required because it probably cost a fortune to install a weave in the first place and we wouldn’t just be bothered to take it off every now and then. As a consequence, the hair gets extra dry and thirsty. And we all know the math, dry ends + thirsty roots=breakage. A lot of celebs these days are rocking amazing wigs. Why do you think they can switch from short and curly to long and wavy in a second? The only tricky part about wigs is getting the perfect one and wearing it right. But that one tutorial for another post.
Amber Rose

Eva Marcille in long straight wig

#4. Read The Manufacturer’s Label.  Last month (February 2012) the Daily Mail reported the untimely death of 34 year old British national  Atasha Graham due to an allergic reaction to hair extension glue.   Graham collapsed after a night out. Authorities suspect the combination of latex glue she applied to her natural hair and working up a sweat dancing in the club caused Ms. Graham to go into anaphylactic shock and eventually die.  Many at times we go about using hair products without reading the manufacturer’s label or using products on ourselves that are meant for professional use only. It is very vital that before using ANY hair products, we read the manufacturer’s label for any properties that we might be allergic to and follow instructions as labelled. In this unfortunate case, Atasha Graham lost more than a hairline. She lost her life. This is a rare occurrence but it is worth being careful when applying products. Remember that these hair products especially colourants, relaxers and texturizers contain CHEMICALS in them so we must watch how we use them. Little things like applying petroleum jelly on the edges before applying a relaxer count for much if we want to save that hairline.
#5. Moisturize and Condition Last but absolutely not least, moisturize and condition your tresses. In fact this tip should have come first. matter of fact, it is a RULE, not a tip.If a leave-in treatments requires 45 minutes to set in, please for the love of your tresses, do not rush it. Sit it out while watching a movie or babbling on the phone. Trust me you won’t regret it.. Most of us apply leave-in treatments just when we’re in shower and leave it on for about 10 seconds…and expect our hair to turn out like Rapunzel’s…SMH. Good hair means patience and hard work sometimes. The hair is like every other part of the body. It lives, therefore it breathes and its growth depends on how healthy we keep it. Hair moisture is very vital and in no way means the same thing as damp or moist hair. Because hair, dehydrates quickly, moisturizers help strands to maintain that high level of shine and moisture and glow which keep the strands alive and looking healthy. You want to stay away from over heating especially with hot irons and curling tongs. They are more traditional and take a whole lot of time but hair rollers are better off for the preservation of moisture and health than the common hot iron. Hot irons have that drying effect that most people’s hair will not support. You also want to get more familiar with conditioners that contain shea oils, carrot oils and hair mayonnaise for added texture, shine and yes, moisture.
healthy looking relaxed hair. Can’t you just tell this hair has enough moisture?
The things that can happen when we take good care of our hair. I’m so jealous right now.
the perks of healthy hair.
If this post has helped you, am glad I could be of help. Send your suggestions to artbecomesyou@yahoo.com. If you have other tips on how you rescued that hairline of yours, or how it’s managed to stay in tact, please share with the rest of us. I am NOT a hair or beauty expert, these tips are purely what I come up with from life’s examples. So we could always use some from you as well.
Peace n Love.

I love this saying by Yves Saint Laurent which goes; Fashion fades, style is eternal. And by golly is he right! That is why all the people in this diary are not only fiercely fashion forward but each one has got a unique sense of STYLE. It comes naturally to them. Today we’ll be going down Audrey’s style lane. Audrey is the proud CEO of Uzuri Couture and most recent winner of the Music And Fashion Battle (MAFB). Style is the invisible middle name on her birth certificate. Seriously, like she was born to do this. Correct me if I am wrong but first read on.
Who are you? My name is Audrey Ngo Mbog , I’m 23 years old, Cameroonian and living in Holland. I’m a student in International Business and Languages with the drive and dream to become a fashion designer. Which is the profession I exercise next to being a student. I love chilling with friends and family, travelling and everything evolving around fashion.

What would you say  influences your style choices? My style is casual chic. With ethnic influences from time to time. But how I dress from day to day really depends on my mood and where I’m going to. I love dressing up, but doing it in a practical way.

All time favourite shops/clothing brands. Jeffrey Campbell heels, Tory Burch ballerina’s ,  Zara & H&M (for basics, not for statement pieces. Because I don’t like entering somewhere and everybody instantly knows  where I got my clothes from), River Island, Topshop, San Marina.Unlike certain people I don’t have an all-time favourite brand. I buy whatever looks good to my eyes and fits right on my body. Online shops: theoutnet, asos , topshop , nelly.


You had me at Zara, haha…Some really good brands there. Anyhoo, you are glowing! Any particular beauty secrets? I don’t have a beauty secret. I’m really not too much into make-up and crèmes and such. I don’t watch what I eat or put on my skin (is that a bad thing?), but since a few weeks my mom brought back dis cleansing lotion made out of lemon and aloe vera juice from Cameroon. I tried it out and it works REALLLLLLYYY GOOD! Better than all the things I’ve put on my face so far! So that is kind of part of my daily ritual now. It gives me a smooth, healthy, glowing skin. LOVE IT!

Googling it as we speak, LOL. What are your favourite make-up brands. I don’t really wear make-up. Especially not foundation/concealer and stuff. So when I buy my RED/PINK lipstick (because if I even put on make-up it’s mostly lipstick) I make sure to just find the PERFECT colour. I don’t look at the brand. But if I really had to choose one brand I’d say MAC. My cousin had their foundation at home and one time I tried their foundation. Thinking it wasn’t noticeable, coming out of the bathroom, my cousin asked me what I did with my skin. So  even though I only put a SMALLLL portion of it on my skin it really changed my skin tone and complexion. It was really complementing my skin. I didn’t go and buy it though. And I also love their other products, especially for the colours they have sometimes. But when it comes to make-up just give me crazy lipstick colours and I’m good.

What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it? Wauw, such a funny question to answer myself. I should ask my boyfriend or so haahaha. But personally I love my eyes and my lips. Like I said above I rarely wear make-up, so when I do it’s only to accentuate those two points. I do that with eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Two other things I like on me are my legs and my skin(soft and good complexion). So when I want to put my legs out there I wear short skirts, dresses or shorts.

Your favourite music track would be…?  Without doubt, Blick Bassy – Donalina. From the 1st time I heard it until this day it gives me an indescribable feeling!
Comment: ‘If you got it flaunt it.’ I agree! Although I think some people take that quote to the extreme!

If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? Damn I love your questions! For real 😀 !! I’ve spoken so many times about this with my bestie. Because I go through the strangest things and people really have NO IDEA of who I am or do! And my bestie is the only one who knows 95% of what goes on in my life. Sometimes I think I should write a book!
Anyway to answer your question..  The title would be “The Undefinable ” 
I would have 3 women who would play me. To cover the 3 parts of my life: my childhood, my teenage years and the grown fine (young)woman that I am and growing into more and more. I don’t know who would play me as a child and teenager, but me as a young woman would be played by Jada Pinkett-Smith. Just love that woman and all the movies she has played in. And also important: she’s beautiful (to me) and petite (like me).

Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? Knowing me I’d just panic and run out of the house! I don’t care too much about material things, they can be replaced. Let me first get out of there SAFE!
Good answer…But don’t come begging me later when I rescue one of your Jeffrey Campbells…:) Who is your all time fashion icon? I would have to go for Grace Jones! I’m not as crazy or daring, but for me she has the IT-factor.
Your favourite quote. “If you want to fly get rid of the shit that weighs you down”.
I have been in a stage in life where I had people surrounding me that were not bringing me anywhere. They stayed on one spot whereas I wanted to fly! I got rid of them. Those so called friends, acquaintances or even people I just said hi to from time to time. I’m not giving them the opportunity anymore to get in my perimeter. I only want and need POSITIVE energy!


Word! Do you have any blog, video links or website we can follow you on? I don’t have a blog yet, it’s coming soon. I’m not the writer type, but I’ll do my best to make it interesting and bring something new to the table than just the usual blog. Same goes for the website.
The video links I have so far are of my fashion shows I did.

What’s your advice to young people? I’m young, but I am blessed to know what I want to do from this young age. If you want something don’t let go of your dreams. Even if everybody thinks you won’t make it, how would you know if you don’t try? Try your best to prove it to yourself that you are worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of doing what you love best. If you believe in God, praise him for everything he has done, is doing and will continue to do for you. Think of yourself, but don’t be egocentric. Be humble, give back to the ones that help(ed) you, appreciate everything, everyone and every day in life. But especially don’t forget who you are, where you come from and let that have an essential place in where you are going to.
Me and my models:) Go Uzuri!

Glamour chic.

Audrey is definitely the ish! Stay connected for updates on Uzuri Couture. And if you wanna be the next diary we’re flipping through, whether you’re a boy or girl, just email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com.
Peace n Love.


Afric’art as the name suggests is a segment on my blog which I want to use to show case art in any form by Africans or Black people in general. Many of us do come do come across new and innovative ideas that really impress us but we lack a forum to share these discoveries or new finds. The shameful truth is that, this is part of  the main reason why for budding designers, artists, singers etc of black descent find it particularly extra challenging to succeed in into whatever competitive business atmosphere they are trying to burst into.  Afric’art is the place where you’ll read about all my latest finds, cravings and crushes. And because one man’s tea is another man’s dishwater, you’ll also find the less impressive or just mere odd ones. So the best of everything really.
My first post in this segment is going to be the the elegant fashion line House of Farrah which was created by Nigerian Fatimu Aliyu Garba.
House of Farrah specializes in classic, timeless and elegant pieces. Those are three words every lady wants to be described as. Farrah epitomizes luxury and exclusivity and produces only a very limited quantity for each piece which gives the brand that ‘rare gem’ quality. I first noticed the House of  Farrah’s designs at the ARISE fashion week in Lagos a few days ago and I must say it was one of, if not the best, collections that showcased at the ARISE fashion week. I would describe the looks as very ready-to-wear and yet classy.
This particular collection had a Grecian air about it which just made me to fall head over six inch heels with it even more. I practically drooledsover some of the pieces.
My verdict: Hats off (in fact wigs off) to you Fatima. You have succeeded in making a woman look sexy without necessarily having to dress her in skimpy clothing :p The only downside is the models look a tad bit under-styled to me. Hence  8/10.
Do you think I’ve rated Farrah fairly? What would you give the House of Farrah?

Fatima Aliyu Garba

Style Diary brings you the the best of  both worlds. That is why today we’ll be peeking into the fashionable world of Amah Bertrand aka ‘LeBlondenoir.’ After all, it’s a man’s world. Isn’t it? Winks *

Introductions please. I am Amah Bertrand from Bamenda,Cameroon.I`m a Nigerian who has a very strong connection to my country of birth Cameroon.I`m a student and a business man. I love fashion.I Love every thing fashion! Fashion is my life, and I am very realistic in terms of what I wear and why I’m wearing it. I’m in my early twenties, full of life and fun.I love traveling,listening to music,reading my Bible,hanging out with friends and always seeking for wisdom and inspirations  [:)]

 What influences your style choices? I get inspired by a lot of things I see around me. I`m a vintage guy portraying a typical African style with a touch of western trends filled with much fun and glamor.I think so far I got my own visual style.My sense of style is always trying to be unique for myself and yet identifiable for others.I have always been inspired by the crave to always look good.I`m very adventurous in my sense of fashion and style.

Your beauty secret is…? And do not say guys don’t have beauty secrets…or routines, coz they do!  Awww, I don`t think I have a particular beauty secret . But generalizing it ,I`m always adventurous and daring .That has always been my little secret.

What do you love most about you? I think everything about me is great and beautiful. coz I`m wonderfully made by God almighty himself.But I think I love my height and shape most.I always do my best to wear clothing that blend it just perfect.

Your favorite music track would be…? That’s really tough to select out of the multitudes I so much adore.hahaha .Ok Making a choice I would go in for ‘LMFAO – I’m Sexy And I Know It.’ I love this Sound Track very much.
someone is sexy and they know it...
‘Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’ Fashion reflects a way of life. It is a response to many things.A feeling, an event, an action,an era.Fashion reflects the current, the now.To me it reflects many things. This is what makes it an ever changing and captivating facet of our life.The changes are a direct reflection of life styles.People change jobs, houses, spouses, hair coloring, makeup, facial features and cars. We live with change. If fashion reflects our life, then by virtue of changes in our way of life our clothing, too is going to change. To draw my conclusions fashions changes, but change is always the fashion.

Good answer! Now, if your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? If my life was a movie I think the title would be ‘UNPREDICTABLE’  [ [ [:)] So far I think I`m the only one that can best play me coz there is no two me.There are these 2 guys Wentworth Miller an American actor and Majid Michel a Ghanaian actor I so much adore .I think they can always play me .They are goodddddd!

Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? Hahahaha I would go right for my Louis Vouiton Duffle bag .Coz it always carries the best of my clothing,,jewelries and accessories .

Your all time fashion icon is…I really don`t have an all time fashion icon hahaha.. seriously like being specific about a particular person.I don`t .I`m very versatile with my sense of fashion and style.Like I said i`m a Vintage guy . I love it old school but in a more stylish and glamorous manner.

Your favorite quote. Style is the stain they can`t wash out of me.
Baam! Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch follow your trends? Well right now I don`t have any .But i`m seriously working on it.Sure by the end of March God bless I should be out with my own blog and videos so the world can get to see more of my styles and updates.

What’s your advice to young people? My advice to all my young brothers and sisters is go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.The only race you have to win is the race against yourself . There will always be someone faster and stronger but there will never be another you, so look within and push your own personal boundaries.And above all seek God first and everything would be added unto your life.
 God Bless,

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Peace n Love.

Remember the last time we had a blast at the launch of the first FabAfrique Magazine Launch? Well, prepare for double the fun the fun this time around. In fact, triple it! Anticipate all you want, because this time around FabAfrique is not leaving any stones unturned. That is why is called a Fabulous Show.  And you know what’s great about this?
It’s FREE! Yep, I can confirm that again. The show is completely free. The doors of fabulousity will open from 18h00 on March 29th 2012 at the Grosvenor Casinos in Birmingham  (find out more about the venue on the event page) and stay open till 22h00 to anyone and everyone over 18.

Whether you are interested in the fashion shows, the musical talents from all over the world, the design showcasing, food and wine tasting, photo shoots or just purchasing a coveted copy of the much hyped second issue; you are welcome. All you have to do is to follow this link  to the event page on Facebook and confirm your attendance.  Bring as many friends as possible and dress to kill as paparazzi will be showering you with pictures. You’ll also need with you a picture id, that is anything in the form of identification. It could be an NUS card, student id, driving licence, passport, National identity (not necessarily UK) or just anything with your picture on it. You must be 18years or over to attend.

Please endeavor to be on time as there will free drinks on arrival. If you come after me and my clan, you no go meet shack, oh!
Free parking at the back of the Casino.

This is a Fashion and networking evening filled with live entertainment and exhibition. There’ll be show casing of Lacy lingeries, Office wears and spring/summer 2012 collections of some of the designers who are up and coming.

While we’re at it, if you are plus size and would love to model on the night please get in touch asap.
Contact:  editor@fabafriq.com 

-If you’ll like to have an exhibition table on the night
-if you’ll like to show case your brand
-if you’ll like to volunteer on this project.
– You can have a go at some of the games with fake dice…This is all about fun!

There is also going to be an introduction to the second Print and lots of giveaways.

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Let’s keep our glasses raised in celebration of the international day of the woman. Meet yet another stylish female out there. Welcome to Diane’s Style Diary. Enjoy this style journey and make sure to take a souvenir back with you:)
In a few words tell us who you are… My name is Diane Attienyo, I am from Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire and I’m a Junior in college majoring in Finance (I know nothing related to fashion haha). I’m kind of a simple person, I love reading, having fun with my friends and recently I found myself enjoying DIYing stuff =)

One of my DIY projects. The Before.
After... Do you like it? I love!


What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices? That is always the hardest question to answer for me because I don’t really have a name to define my style, I’m always trying different things, I’m not stuck on one style, but the things they all have in common is that it is definitely colorful~ I am a HUGE color lover, so I always make sure to include a color touch to my outfits!


All time favourite shops/clothing brands. I don’t really have one, but I really like to shop at H&M, Forever 21, etc.

My beauty secret is...I’m always keeping it simple, but I really like gloss eyeliner! They really highlight the eyes and even if you don’t like to wear a lot of make-up (like me) it really makes a huge difference!
What is the most beautiful thing about you and how do you accentuate it? It’s funny because it is directly related to the previous question! I like my eyes a lot, and I always put those gloss eyeliner because they highlight them even more!

Any insecurities? I used to be very insecure about my body, I am not saying I am totally feeling super duper confident but I learned to appreciate the way I look and to love myself! Because if you don’t love yourself first, who will? I also was very shy, and I still am even if it’s much less than before, I’m still working on it though 🙂
Your favourite music track would be… I listen to so many different kind of music that it’s really hard for me to choose one, but if I should choose I will round up to 2: the first will be “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay. I love Coldplay, they’re just so amazing to me! The second will be “Stranger in Moscow” by Michael Jackson. He is my idol, I love him!

Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’ …I agree and disagree at the same time. It’s important to be confident about yourself and if you have something you’re proud of you surely should embody it, but it must not transform into cockiness. One thing I hate is cocky people, so yeah for confidence and NO for cockiness.
If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? It would be “From Zero To Hero” lol because that is basically how I would characterize myself, and I would love Beyonce to play me, she’s another idol of mine, I love her!

Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? Probably my computer, but I’m not sure about that yet. It is kind of a hard decision :S
Your all time fashion icon is… I totally adore Blake Lively! First of all she’s gorgeous, and she’s so feminine and has a variety of style! She is totally an inspiration for me!

Your favourite quote. “Even if things don’t go out your way, never give up, there are better things ahead”.
Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch up with you? You can see more on:
• My Blog : dee-vineanonyme.com
• My Tumblr Blog: dee-vineanonyme.tumblr.com
• My Twitter: twitter.com/deeane_a
There are more links but you can check them on my blog =)

What’s your advice to young people? Life might throw rocks at you, but it’s not a reason to be a defeatist. You will fall many times, but the difference is whether you choose to stay on the ground or if you stand up. Never give up and always follow your dreams.

How much fun did you have reading this? Bucket loads I guess! If you have a style diary to share please email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com or 00447835476378.
Peace n Love.
Thanks guys:’p