Cold Sunday day. Two friends back home ย from a cool Christmas feast. What to do with the rest of your day when you’ve got a camera, lights and pink shoes? Have a sneak peek into my Black & Pink Sunday.
Pictures by Miss Cindy Bessem.
Heart my Vans
What could feel more Rock n Roll? Hehe

Wellie mode.

Pink Sneakers by Vans
Fluorescent Pink Wellies by Miss Selfridge.
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Today’s trend star is New York blogger Opal. Her style is 100% elegance and class. With a high preference for monochrome and nude colour palettes, Opal still knows how to work the occasional colourful look. Watch and learn!

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Do you own several sleeveless tops but never wear them out because you are afraid they’ll expose your dark pits? Or do your armpits make you feel insecure because they appear darker than the rest of your skin? Well, you are NOT alone. Up to 7 out of 10 women are suffering from dark underarms or are very self-conscious when it comes to their armpits. But do not fret. There are ways to make the dark pits go away. To get rid of dark armpits you have to first of all know what is causing them and then then you’ll figure the solution.

1. Build up of dead skin cells. The skin is constantly growing and renewing itself. That is why we exfoliate and use body scrubs to buff the dead cells away. Most people neglect their underarms when exfoliating the rest of their body. Which is wrong because the armpit is one of ย the most vulnerable body parts for the build up of dead cells (other parts include the knees and bum area) that is why it is usually darker than the rest of the body. To get rid of the dead skin cells, exfoliate, scrub and buff your underarms as often as you buff the rest of your body. Do this regularly and you will see a huge difference.

2. The Razor is your armpits number one enemy. The most common cause of dark underarms is shaving. Razors do not completely shave off the hairs under the armpits.Shaving cuts the hairs at the surface of the skin. If you have hair that is darker than your skin color, the stubble will show up as a dark stain.ย Also, razors irritate the delicate armpit skin (sometimes cutting it) this causes scarring and skin irritation which results in the dark appearance.ย Instead of shaving skin, consider waxing or tweezing the hairs. These procedures remove hair below the skin’s surface and reduce the visibility of the hairs. You can also try using a mild hair removal cream which will smooth and moisturize your pits.

3. The use of deodorants can also cause the pits to appear darker. The component of some deodorants are not compatible with the delicate underarm area. This will irritate it and cause it to darken. To avoid this you can try switching deodorants or using antiperspirants. Antiperspirants are a better option but must be used correctly. Most people applyย theirย antiperspirant sprays directly on the armpit which is wrong. The right way is to hold the can about 15cm away from the underarm and spray. This is explained on most cans. Dove are also introducing a new deodorant which they call the Piticure. It is a three-step journey to perfect pits. They claimย the treatment cares for the delicate area by removing dead skin and impurities through exfoliation, thus preventing unwanted irritation from shaving, sweating and contact with fabrics. Are they for real or is this just another marketing antic? ย I can’t say because I haven’t tried it before. But sure does sound promising.

4. Excessive sweating and odour-causing bacteria can result in dark underarms. The perfect remedy for this is a homemade recipe of baking soda and lemon juice. Baking soda is the perfect cure for sweaty underarms while lemons will act act as a skin lightener. Mix the baking soda and lemon juice and use it to wash your pits daily (apply it under your arms and let it sit for about 10 minutes). Some people use the mixture as a deodorant after the shower but it’s entirely up to you. You can also slice the lemon in two halves and rub it directly under your arms for about 5-10 minutes before you shower. You should notice aย differenceย after regular use. Some people would suggest a skin lightening soap or cream for the underarms. This usually works but it is best to consult your dermatologist before choosing one as some of them might be harsh and couldย insteadย irritate your underarm area.
Hope you found this post helpful. ย I will add more remedies for dark underarms if I come across new ones. But for now,ย Free that sleeveless dress that has been sitting in that closet waiting for this moment to come!
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Are you one to always go for modest (almost unnoticeable) ear jewellery? Well here’s a new trend for you to try. Why not try statement earrings. This time let your ears do the talking! Here are a few ear candy shots ย that might just change your mind.
Me! Ear candy from River Island


yep, that's me

Bianca Golden


Keri Hilson
Eva Marcille

Cassie Ventura
Eva Marcille
Eva Marcille

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Today’s style for the day is Soraya. A 23 year old student from Nottingham. Her look is very classy, elegant and bold. She plays with colour and textures in an amazing way. Go through her lookbook. Am sure we all can pick up a thing or two.

I am loving her coats and bags! How would you rate her style?
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All Black Everything, it’s that look that many people are scared to try because they’re scared they’ll end up looking too drab or looking like they’re headed to a funeral. But here are quick tips on how to do an all black look and pull it off!
Mix textures. Mixing Textures like cotton and leather, PU and silk, lace and leather, usually cuts off an otherwise strong all black look. It brings dimension into your outfit.
Bright Touch Ups. Bright and obvious make up will transform any all black look in a minute. Try red or orange on the lips. Or a brighter pallette for your eyes. Stand out eyes are a must-do with an all black look.
Outstanding Accessories-Accessorize an all black look with bright accessories. Cinch your waist with a colourful belt, treat your feet to some special noticeable shoes, go for bright nail colours. You can also add a scarf, huge earrings or a bowling hat. Go with your gut really as long as another pair of eyes which are not yours can confirm that you do not look crazy.
Black + Attitude= SWAG!. Be it your hair, your sunglasses, your piercings; always remember it doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into an outfit. If you do not have the attitude to carry it, and make others envy it, then you might be getting unwarranted thumbs down.
Mixing textures breaks up this look.
It's all about accessorizing.


Rihanna mixes cotton with PU leather pants
Kerry Washington
Showing off skin can help break all black ensembles. But beware how much skin is on display!

Positive attitude
Eva Marcille personalizes this outfit with her accessoirizing

Chanel Iman
Serena Williams
Rihanna. What a way to stylize an all black ensemble.

Again, mixing textures always works

Rihanna Vogue UK November shoot


Angela Simmons
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December is usually is usually that time of the year when we usually have the most parties and functions to attend. Sometimes it’s hard and takes hours to think up a single ensemble for just one night out not to talk of thinking up several outfits for all the times you’ll have to be stepping out to some amazing party. So if you’re stumped for ideas why not try this going for a beaded (sequined) piece. They are classy, they stand out and very few people will be wearing your dress! Going for the beaded look might be very daunting especially if you are one who is used to hiding in the background with all those neutral colours. But sequins, and beads and glitter and shimmer are ,in my opinion, for the brave and the beautiful. If you dare to stand out then this is the look you absolutely have to go for. Also, some sequined dresses and other clothing items are quite pricey (depending on how much bedazzling has been done on it) that’s why they are for that special night to remember. Because of this, I think they should be worn sparingly. Invest in one lovely sequined number, and when you are ready, take it out for a night you will never forget. So here is my beaded/sequined lookbook to give you an idea on how to blow those minds off with your shining hotness. ย An added bonus (which is also a tip for how to wear sequins) is that you do NOT need jewellery when wearing sequins because the whole look already has enough sparkle.
A sequined dress will work wonders if you are looking for a grande entrance.
Kerry Washington

Jennifer Lopez
Flaviana Matata. Miss Universe 2007 from Tanzania rocks a minimalist look but the sequins make all the difference she needs.
Michelle Williams
Zoe Saldana makes a statement in this striking green beaded dress

Pair your dress with stylish tights for an eclectic look.


Look cool and cosy in your dress even while rocking your favourite pair of flats.
Simply stunning.
Amber Heard
Olivia Wilde looks like a dream in this.

Play it up with a colourful number
ย You can also add a little spark to your outfit by wearing a sequinedย top.
A sequined top will still pop out even when hidden under a jacket

Alexa Chung
Use your favourite sequined top to turn a casual look into effortless cool.
Mary-Kate Olsen
A sequined mini skirt never did anybody any harm.
A gold mini sequined skirt instantly pops

paired with sequined skirt, this casual t-shirt look turns glam

Got a classic t-shirt? Ditch the fancy jeans and try pairing it with a pair of sequined trousers.
Notice how the only the sequined trousers glam up her look.

those leggings are to die for.
pure class.

ย Add a jacket for effect.

Notice how most of these looks did not include any neck jewellery? That’s because the sequined garment is a jewel on its own. It’s entirely up to you though if you want to add some pieces to your ensemble. As long as you’re getting it right!
Have fun shopping for that sequined item. Or if you’ve got one already, have a night to remember in them!
Which look is your favourite of all these sequined looks? Get talkin’!
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How does this hot pink cropped blazer and washed coral shorts appeal to you? And how about a little ‘fro to go with the attitude?
This is today’s style inspiration. What do you think?
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