I had the idea to write this post because I recently saw a near decent pic of Lady Gaga and went, so she can actually dress (or act) normal for once? There are times when I look at a picture Lady Gaga and go, okay this woman and I are so not from the same planet. Other times I just heave a sigh and think why does she have to go through all and struggle to make an otherwise simple outfit look so outlandish…?

Then it occurred to me that what made her outfits so outrageous or gagalicious were probably (in fact, definitely) the overtly assertive accessories, the ridiculous make-up, the inexplicable hair colours (of which some colours are yet to be named) coupled with the incomprehensible claw-like hand gestures. When it comes down to the outfits themselves, some of them are actually normal, wearable pieces that have just been ‘Be-Gaga’ed’ (okay I made that word up but you get my drift).

Here are 10 wearable Gaga pieces* that I managed to find. ( I say wearable pieces because there was hardly a single WHOLE ensemble that was wearable, well at least for me. But if you take apart the individual pieces you realize most of them are very wearable).



1.I was blown away when I saw this dress. Being a lover of all things leopard print, I would readily wear this piece ( well given that it would be less revealing). I would not need the bridal tail as well, so the dress could use a little less fabric. Also the red pumps are very wearable. I love them actually. They are a refreshing change from her stilts. I wouldn’t wear the gloves with this outfit though. With another outfit maybe…



2. While we do not want to match our hairstyles and colour with each outfit we don, we have to admit this is a beautiful print dress. I love how the detail looks simple at the top then becomes more complex at the skirt. Beautiful pattern altogether.

3. Gosh, I am so in love with this dress. Love how the blue colour just pops. There is actually nothing wrong with this ensemble. Love the hair colour, love the bag, nude pumps and even the dark shades are normal. This was when Lady Gaga had just been introduced to ‘Fame’ and was still searching for ways to blow our minds. Now she’s on ‘The Edge of Glory’ and I think she might just have found the perfect way to keep everyone guessing each time she’s about to step out.

4. Another pretty classy dress by Lady Gaga. Though I would ditch the make up and the tea cup and saucer (by the way weird accessory. why oh why would I even carry that around?) Other than that, I think she’s good to go. Nice heels and bag as well. Nice hat but worn at the wrong place and wrong time.

5. Am in love with nude colours. That’s why I picked this latex skirt and nude pumps. Though I cannot forgive Gaga for not pairing that beautiful pencil skirt with a more deserving top. Like say a sheer blouse.

6. I can easily see myself in this long dress (without those sleeves of course). It is simply wearable.

7. When she’s not wearing stilts, Lady Gaga wears some beautiful pumps that I would readily buy (at a bargain) if she was having a clear out or something. The blue skirt suit looks lovely as well though it could do with less boob and cleavage detail…As for those sun shades, thanks but no thanks.

8. Hot blazer alert! Take away the pink hair, put on some pants and you’re good to go:)

9. Okay, at least here’s one thing lady Gaga and I have in common: we both love Louboutins!  Those Christian Louboutin pumps are hotter than hell. And that colour…totally speaks for itself. The coat is also to die for. If only she could drop that ridiculous claw-like wave…


10. This is an absolutely classy look (for Lady Gaga). Strangely, this suit is in no way revealing and is totally wearable.  Again, I want those Louboutins. I would not mind the Louis Vuitton case as well but I’d certainly discard of that headpiece.

Despite finding these 10 wearable pieces by Gaga, I also came across quite a handful of some that were totally beyond a makeover. No matter how many time you have to dissemble these pieces, there is just not one of them that will make sense (at least to me).

So here they are, The Atrocious, The Outlandish and The Utter Inexplicable.

The meat dress

Parachute or Gaga?

Who leaves their houses dressed in a shell, or an egg or a cubicle...or whatever that is??

You just CAN’T TOUCH THIS, can you? Yeah, me neither. There are some things in life that are better left unexplained. Like some of Gaga’s fashion choices…But then again that’s why she’s Gaga.

Would you wear any of the ‘wearable’ pieces?  Which Gaga fashion statement would you rock?

Speak your mind!






Singer Rihanna was spotted down and out in Beverly Hill on July 29 2011. Interestingly she looked normal for once. Am guessing the singer ditched her hair and make up team for the day and decided to treat herself to a little shopping spree.

Rihanna at a shoe shop in Beverly Hills

Maybe Riri is one of those people who buys an item and changes into it immediately before leaving the store. I have done that quite a few times. Feels good actually 🙂

Fancy this look? GET IT!

Stripe Jumper from PEACOCKS, £16
Stripe Button Down Jumper, Yogo Ego, £18
Denim shorts by Twenty8Twelve at Outnet, £30
Ribbon Patched Denim Shorts, Bank, £28
Brown Peep toe lace up boots by Jane Aldridge at Urban Outfitters, £61 (approx)


Wide Hammered bangle, Topshop £15


Extra Long Mixed Metal Voila Pendant, ASOS, £6
Fendi - Zucca Jacquard Chef Boston Top Handle , £530

This Fendi bag is a splurge by the way. Thought I should add that.

Have fun shopping, but beware of impulses!!

On July 22 2011, former Destiny’s Child now gone independent, Kelly Rowland, released her first album titled Here I Am with Universal Motown,since leaving long time label Columbia Records. Here I Am is predominantly R&B and pop music.  So far the the album has been having a good audience. In fact, dare I say Kelly Rowland has been a breakout star ever since she parted ways with her former manager Matthew Knowles. We have already heard a few chart topping singles from the album like Commander Ft David Guetta, and the much talked about baby-making tune Motivation featuring rapper Lil Wayne. I must say, just listening to these released singles makes me assume that album is going to be full of tunes!! Here I Am is made up of ten tracks and features artists like Lil Wayne, Rico Love, David Guetta, Big Sean and Lil Playy.

Listen to ‘Motivation’ Ft Lil Wayne on here:


Kelly has spent the last few days promoting the launch of her album. With help and support from her friends and collaborators. Here are few pics from her album launch at the Moet Rose Lounge on July26 2011.

Kelly Rowland poses for a photo at the Moet Rose Lounge during the launch celebration for her new album "Here I Am" at the Top of The Standard Hotel on July 26, 2011 in New York City.
Kelly Rowland looking fab
Kelly and Michelle Williams
Kelly and new Gossip Girl Tika Sumpter
Estelle, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams
Tika Sumpters
Tika Sumpter
Beyonce Knowles
Model Jessica White and singer Maxwell
Jessica White and Adrienne Bailon
Tika Sumpter

 ALBUM STATS                                                                                                                                                                                    


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “I’m Dat Chick” Christopher Stewart, Ester Dean, Lamont Neuble C. “Tricky” Stewart 4:04
2. “Work It Man” (featuring Lil Playy) Rodney JerkinsPriscilla Renea HamiltonLaShawn DanielsKelly Rowland, Darrell Davidson Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins 4:10
3. Motivation” (featuring Lil Wayne) James Scheffer, Richard Butler, Jr., Daniel Morris, Dwayne Carter Jim Jonsin, Rico Love 4:03
4. Lay It on Me” (featuring Big Sean) Dean, Chauncey Hollis, Sean Anderson Hit-Boy 4:03
5. “Feelin Me Right Now” Love, Earl Hood, Eric Goudy II Rico Love, Earl & E 3:57
6. “Turn It Up” Jerkins, Hamilton, Thomas Lumpkins, John Conte, Jr. Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins 3:40
7. “All of the Night” (featuring Rico Love) Luther Campbell, David Hobbs, Mark Ross, Christopher Wongwon, Butler, Jr. , Jermaine Jackson, Andrew Harr, David Anderson II, Jon-David Anderson The Runners, Rico Love 3:51
8. “Keep It Between Us” J. J-Doe Smith, Joseph BerealAmber Streeter, Rowland, Christopher Umana Christopher “c4” Umana 4:10
9. Commander Rowland, Love, David Guetta,Sandy Wilhelm David Guetta, Sandy Vee 3:39
10. “Down for Whatever” (featuring The WAV.s) Nadir Khayat, Teddy Sky, Jimmy Joker, Bilal Hajji RedOne, Jimmy Joker, The WAV.s 3:55



Am loving the singles that have already been dropped from this album. But will I be going out to grab myself a copy? Don’t know yet. But I’ll definitely be keeping my ears on the ground for more singles that will drop before i eventually get one. 

How about you? Are you ‘Motivated’ enough to get a copy of this album for your listening pleasures?

Glamour Magazine  just released pictures for its September Mega Issue and guess who’s gracing its cover? The ‘Rated R’ sexy songbird Rihanna! The pictures look fab. If the look Glamour was going for was classy and/or vintage,  then I think they nailed it. As usual Riri’s trademark red locks and red lips spiced the shoot up. What do you think?

What is your take?

Keri Hilson was spotted on the rainy streets of NYC  on July 25 2011 as she did some shopping in a Diesel store. The ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ did what she does best by managing to still look hot in the rain.

Keri Hilson in NYC
Keri Hilson
Keri stops to wave for fans.

The pop singer sparked outrage from fans and the media when she tweeted an ‘ Amy Winehouse resurrection joke.’ Keri Hilson twitted a pic along with the  tweet, “*gasp* Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance).”

But no one seemed impressed by the Winehouse fan that Keri ran into at a party. Neither was anyone comforted by the resurrection joke. Being a strong believer in her lyrics, Keri Hilson ‘got back up after being knocked down’ by tweeting an apology;

“Bedtime,” Hilson wrote. “I apologize 2 anyone who might’ve taken it the wrong way. As a fan, I thought it was cool that she dressed up to honor Amy..I had no ill intent, but I understand how it appears insensitive…my bad twitterville. For real. Good night :)”

Keri Hilson and Amy Winehouse fan

Red-head sensation, Rihanna was seen arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The singer seems to have given up her signature heels for the cool and laid back Chuck Taylors and baseball caps. Hmm, wonder if fans will be thrilled to copy this trend? Allegedly, heels are a girl’s second best friend, but sometimes casual feels   is cool.

In the same casual spirit, singer Ciara looked cute in red relaxed top and denim shorts in Jersey Shore. The singer is glowing and looks happy as she prepares to perform (july 23 2011) at Bar Anticipation in Jersey Shore in support of her Radio Maliboom Boom Station Invasion Tour.

Just after her bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas, socialite Kim Kardashian returned to Los Angeles and got straight back to work. The E! reality bombshell headed over to a local studio to pose for a brand new fragrance photo shoot.

Kim at her new fragrance photoshoot in Los Angeles

Recently married Amerie and her husband Lenny Nicholson hit a club spot in Las Vegas looking so into each other. Amerie is practically glowing in these amazing snapshots of the pair.

Amerie and the DJ
Amerie and Lenny

Denise Richards has a hectic day complete with three wardrobe changes as she visits the Today Show, Fox Studios, The View and Jimmy Fallon’s show on July 26 2011 to promote her book  ‘The Real Girl Next Door’.

Which Denise look was the best of the three?


Shoe designer Stuart Wietzman once said, “Nothing has been invented yet that will do a better job than high heels at making a good pair of legs look great, or great ones look fabulous.” Admittedly, high heels are very trendy and do make a lady look quite sexy to be honest. Though that be almost impossible to achieve sometimes when it means you have to walk around in them all and endure endless foot aches…That’s where the wedges come in. They are perfect coz they still give you all the high heel effects (height, attitude, class and glamour) even though it feels like your on platform shoes. That is why our busy celebs who still want to maintain their glam even while running errands are rocking more and more wedge heels these days. A favourite amongst celebs these days is wedgemaster (as I would like to call him) Guiseppe Zanotti who makes some of the the lushest wedge heels out there in my opinion. Here are a few wedge looks to copy. It’s up to you to decide if you want to splurge or save on these cuties.

The Reds

Kelly Rowland looks dashing in this Zanotti wedges


Eva Marcille looking fab as she runs errands in her Guiseppe Zanotti red wedge
Guiseppe Zanotti red wedge heels
CARVELA Grass wedges red, £140 (Selfridges)

Black & Bold 

Ditch the colour. You can still rock and all black and not look drab. Gabriell Union glows as she shows off her black Zanotti wedges.

Gabrielle Union in Guiseppe Zanotti black platform wedge
Guiseppe Zanotti high platform wedge £493.95 (ShopBop)
Bang lace up wedge, Miss Selfridge, £50
Guiseppe Zanotti zig zag print wedge


Go with one of these beautiful wedges beautifully and carefully woven for you with love.

Kim Kardadshian in monochrome Guiseppe Zanotti
Guiseppe Zanotti rafia platform wedges
Rafia platform wedges. Mr Shoes, £29.99

Animal Print 

Bring out you inner wild side with one of these daring wedges.

Kelly Rowland and Christine Centenera love them some Zanotti!
Guiseppe Zanotti sculpted leopard platform wedges
London Label Contrast Animal print wedge shoe, £40
Keri Hilson in stripes Guiseppe Zanotti wedge



Giuseppe Zanotti striped platform wedges


Red HerringBlack striped £35


Bring out the Barbie in you with a brightly coloured wedge heel like Nicki Minaj does.


Opening Ceremony Margot wedge sandal orange


Surface-to-air Luisaviaroma Wedges 90mm multi-buckle calfskin wedges, LUISAVIAROMA £281.11
NEMO Espadrille wedge Sandal, DUNE £37

 Criss Cross

Orlando Bloom’s baby mama, Miranda Kerr looks simple yet elegant in this criss cross wedge by Diane Von Furstenberg. Now, how she she got that body only six months after having her baby is not something I can talk about in one blog only…

Miranda Kerr in Diane von Furstenberg wedge heels.
Diane Von Furstenberg Opal Crisscross Wedge Sandals, £188.02
Lendell, £54.98 ALDO


Pretty girls go for bright hues like Keri Hilson.

Keri Hilson in Guiseppe Zanotti


Red or Dead Tegan wedge, £100, Schuh

SPLURGE on these fabulous wedges. I’m practically drooling right now.

Jimmy Choo Ellie wedges, £995
Chloe Naim Wedge Sandals, £395 (mytheresa)
Nine West Blue braxton8 high heel shoes, £55
Guiseppe Zanotti wedge shoes black orange stripe
KG by KURT GEIGER penny pink wedge , £79.99
KURT GEIGER blue wedge, £65



The 27 year old English female singer/songwriter famous for her sultry voice and beehive hairdo, Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her apartmanet in Central London on July 23rd 2011. Amy Jade Winehouse was born 14 September 1983 in southgate London to a Jewish family. She received extensive publicity over her substance abuse and mental health issues. Police have described the cause of her death as “unexplained”. 
“Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square shortly before 4:05 pm (1505 GMT) today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased,” a police statement said.
“On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.
“Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”
Winehouse became world famous with the release of her “Back To Black” album in 2006 and her hit single “Rehab” which won her five Grammy awards. Winehouse had on occassion been booed on stage because she appeared too drunk to sing. Several of her perfomances had been cancelled.  “Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances,” a statement from her representatives said.
“Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen.”
Am not saying this because she is dead, but personally I was am a HUGE Amy Winehouse fan. I especially loved her artistic side and her video concepts (especially ‘Valerie’ Ft Mark Ronson). My favourite songs are ‘My Tears Dry On Their Own‘ and ‘You Know I’m No Good.’ Deep lyrics, those are. Sadly another young talent taken down by drug abuse. Lesson learnt for the rest of us I guess.
We’ll miss your sexy soul and sultriness. R.I.P Amy Winehouse.
What are your favourite Amy Winehouse songs or videos?
Drop some love for Amy on your way out.

Performing in Serbia

Amy's wax figure

Fierce till the end.







On July 21 2011 Robyn Rihanna Fenty was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC. The sexy redhead was wearing a rather revealing black summer dress. She stopped to pose and smile for fans who were crowded  outside of her hotel. Now getting back to that black maxi number, buy it or burn it?



Rihanna in black revealing maxi


Rihanna smiles for fans as she leaves her hotel


Rihanna leaves her NYC hotel

Drop your comments below. If you need information on where to shop this look just let me know.